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  • Be careful when leaving your wii on. My Wii's motor burned out, literally melting the plastic tray under it a little. I had to send it in for repairs :( . So now I unplug it when not playing. Anyway, GGs :)
    GGs :) . Good PT, especially Squirt. You can see my PT is very bellow my other characters :( . So I'll have to fix that ;) . Thanks for helping me learn PT, I was doing a little better later on from observing you.
    Can't do that today--Tournament. Also, please don't do that. I think that counts as advertising, since it's unwarranted.

    Either way, I'll try to drop in around that time another day.
    In every battle, theres a soldier doing the fighting, and commander telling him what to do. By working together as a team, they accomplish much more than either could on their own.

    Wise man once said,"Never pay full price for a late pizza."
    Oops. yeah, typo.

    I also use GIMP Version 2.6. It's really easy to use and does almost everything Photoshop does.
    Okay. I'll do it. So White costume PT, flipped to TNW style and _shiny Hunter_ on the lower right hand corner. I'll be done in a while.

    This is just a test sig. Just tell me what you want changed.

    without the slogan.
    sure. Anything else you want on it? A certain slogan, border color, text color, more characters? I also do alternate character colors too. Just check out my sig to see some alternate costumes.
    For your main: Everything you need to know is located here, and the social thread is located here.

    Here are some intro steps to maximize your time here on the site:

    There are two main rules on the site: Use the search button before making a thread & following the global rules. You can find the global rules here. Following that, I would recommend doing the following:

    In order to learn how to post, be sure to go to how to write a good thread.
    From there, you can head to the tutorial guide and watch some more vids on how to get acclimatized to the boards.
    Afterwards, read the beginner's handbook.
    From there, go to your respective region zone and introduce yourself there--you can also find out about tourneys going on in your area.
    You may notice that some people have their names in certain colors. Well, that is explained below:
    This color shows someone who is a Back Roomer. You can be one only by invite only.
    This color shows someone who is a Pokemon Researcher. If you have a large knowledge of Pokemon (perhaps you played it on a professional level for instance), this is the place for you. This group is invite only.
    This color shows a Back Roomer for Brawl. An invite only squad, these people help to contribute to many an aspect of Brawl.
    This color is the default color for regular Joe Schmos on the boards & also is for the Melee Back Roomers. It is the exact same as a Brawl Broomer, only with Melee
    This color shows you are a Smash Researcher. If you study frame rates the way Chris Collinsworth studies tape in the NFL, then you may have a shot to get in. This too is invite only.
    This color shows you are a tournament director. You can get into this group by successfully running a tournament.
    This color shows you are a smash debater. If you like to debate, this is for you. For information on how to become one, click here.
    This color shows you are a Premium Member on the site. For information on this, click here
    This color shows that you got pranked by a premium member. This can be applied to any member provided they are not a staff member.
    This color shows that you are a (competent) Smash Writer. For more information, click here here.
    This color shows that you are a Moderator, Super Moderator, and Senator. Mods look over a certain aspect of the site, Super Mods go a step further beyond that, and Senators are a step away from being the next category iirc...
    This color means you are a true brass of SWF: an Administrator. They are the ones in charge of keeping maintenace of the site and such. Don't even bother applying for this. .
    You can also play games, talk about games, talk about PCs, talk about the arts, or talk about anything really!

    If you want to play Brawl online, go here and follow the directions on the original post (OP). If you want to complain about wifi, go to Online discussion. If you want to complain about anyone or anything else, go to forum support (but use this sparingly though. )
    I haven't had the time to get on lately. If I'm off completely, like it says I'm not even a member, then I'm not sure. But I should still have an account on there.
    I meant "If I'm battling someone else on wifi, the reason I went on was to train". If I'm searching for other players, I'm trying to find a 1 on 1 or an FFA.
    I tend to only train in 1 vs 1s.
    I like both, but if you see me online in a 1 vs 1 that's probably all I'll do that day XD.
    Ah yes, school. That wont be a problem for me for 10 days. I wont be here very often then :/
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