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  • Hey dude just wanted to say that your play with and understanding DDD is what made me get dedicated to the character, hope we can play doubles sometime lmao
    dedede has some pretty bad anti-airs, . Up smash would be a go to, but it is slow. Up tilt seems ok, but compared to his ground zoning options is nothing... What do you think if it was changed to be similar to ice climbers up tilt? Dedede seems to be heavily reliant on zoning due to his superior range and poor oos options. This could help against spacies.
    hey ripple

    will you be playing ssb4 (or is it too early to say so)? just wondering

    if it's good, i'll likely get the console + game and return to the tournament scene, though i may actually travel a bit this time around

    (although if mewtwo is in it and actually decent/better than DK...i'd likely main mewtwo over DK lel)
    too early. haven't seen enough gameplay of people to really care yet. I also don't have a wii u so that's a big deterrent
    Quite possibly, I'm gonna wait to see who is all interested in teaming with me first. I'll get back to you, but send me another message if I don't in like a week or else I may forget lol
    I kept telling VietGeek I was going to post it but never got around to it. I should have it up in an hour or two. I'd just like to ask in if you guys could let me know the format for the changes to Kirby's f/b throw break out and DK/Samus losing their charge after getting hit out of the up B.
    I'll drop my tourney if SMYM gets confirmed by February or so. Looks like a lot of stuff is happening in March.
    Thanks so much man! I used to watch this as a kid but I forgot what it was called.

    Cheers ^_^
    I'v seen a show that is from your avatar but I don't remember the name :(

    I loved it, what was he from again?
    I just have to comment on that Avi of yours
    No one knows that series and its sad
    Cause Kikaider is ****ing amazing
    Yeeaah, there was some bad DI, but can't fix that unfortunately haha. Tried to keep it as honest as I could :)
    oh wow, man that's awesome!! haha, I heard you had a DK but have yet seen it, i'll have to check it out... <3 man that's awesome low tiers are so tight xD
    lol, I LOVE your comment.. strategy to roy.... Have Vman play him.. <3 you're awesome..

    I do hope you come back to roy one day.. ^^;
    already got a fix for that.

    but yeah, have fun with that, it's pretty damn cool :)

    maybe get two wavebird receivers and do a dance routine

    obv :048:
    I'll look into the interrupt timing on bury escape. If there's anything else that you want me to look into, let me know.
    I don't think either the delay or a damage/knockback threshold is possible in Melee. Sucks but yeah, that's how it is.

    Good luck on your papers~
    "For the frames of invincibility, you cannot make it 0 or FFFFFFFF. Both of those will give you infinite invincibility. The lowest you can make it is 1 frame of invincibility."
    standardtoaster is an amazing guy y'know.

    he found the numbers for dk's side-b stuff. Then i found those numbers in PlCo.dat (global mechanics file basically, use the one from your sd card)

    so to edit the formula to your liking in PlCo.dat:

    "Base Time = 0.7d + 104.1

    Every frame subtracts 1 from this amount.

    Each button press subtracts 9 from the amount.

    These two do not overlap."

    DK Side-B Mechanic
    A5E0 - 9.0 - Reduction per input
    A5EC - 0.7 - Multiplier for damage in bury formula
    A600 - 18 - Frames of invincibility on exit

    The former two are floats and they work the same way as Attributes editing. The last one (invincibility frames) is just a simple hexadecimal number.

    Let me know when you find a good configuration so we can include this stuff in the next build.
    For the bowser ones I used dolphin for that. I got the other ones using my USB Gecko. You'll have to use dolphin to get pics.
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