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Last Activity:
Aug 10, 2017
Apr 4, 2004
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Apr 15, 1989 (Age: 29)
Mahopac, NY

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Smash Champion, 29, from Mahopac, NY

phish-it was last seen:
Aug 10, 2017
    1. 1Flow
      I see that you main game and watch in PM too. Would you like to play with me this week?
      1. phish-it
        Ehh, I don't really live close to Long Island plus am very busy this week.
        Dec 21, 2014
      2. 1Flow
        i meant online but ok:)
        Dec 22, 2014
    2. Steelia
      pardon this request, but do you mind sharing the magic numbers you used to make your Bowser? I got him to perform the same animations... but he can't hit anything!

      Here's the code I'm using, if you want to take a look:

      00 00 00 00 00 00 0c 84 00 0b 5f 00 00 15 c9 00 00 57 14 00 00 00 05

      2c 02 08 09 09 60 00 00 00 00 00 00 87 19 01 53 14 0c 01 07

      Thx :)
    3. Ripple
      DK keeping his punch from up-b

      in main.dol:

      9004222C -> 60000000
    4. Ripple
      hey, how did you swap animations for samus and your own pichu?
    5. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      Mmm I see. I don't have a teammate yet, might not enter teams. I'll track you down one of the days for friendlies =P
    6. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      Do you have a teammate for ROM?
    7. VietGeek
      So I'm guessing that animation change guide is scrapped now huh? :P
    8. VietGeek
      Completely understandable. Best wishes towards your pursuits. :)
    9. Green Ranger
      Green Ranger
      Yoooo phish-it? Are you going to FC? If so, wanna team?
    10. VietGeek
      Hey phish-it, is the Ganon U-tilt ready yet? I'd like to include in this month's build.
    11. VietGeek
      All right, awesome. Can't wait to try this out.
    12. VietGeek
      Any chance you'd document just what offsets and what files you edited for that Ultimate Marlin Usmash? I'd like to tinker with it some myself (I'm a curious lad obv).

      Also any reason why you chose Zelda U-air graphic over the Samus d-tilt graphic? Or was it just one of those "whatever comes to mind first" moments? ^^
    13. VietGeek
      I don't unfortunately. You could ask standardtoaster though since he did a lot of work on Melee hitbox .gifs.
    14. VietGeek
      Ah, I see. Definitely the way I would go to if I chose to add invincibility.

      And yeah, I look forward to the animation guide. We could probably split the remaining characters between ourselves to finish most of the floats page too, if you want.

      Btw, you posted to yourself so I didn't see this until I was curious if you had been on for the last few days or not. People (myself included) tend to accidentally do this a lot, huh?
    15. phish-it
      I did actually sacrifice other commands to add the invincibility. Usually when I need space I replace subtle graphic effects or insignificant hitboxes to add commands. Like for example I added 2 frames of invincibility during the active frames of his grab. There are 3 hitboxes in his grab and I removed one and scaled the other 2 up and repositioned them to compensate. Sometimes there is extra space in the data to add commands also.

      I'll try post a guide about the animations tomorrow and update some floats.
    16. VietGeek
      I agree something is missing for Bowser; although I am curious: how did you add invincibility commands without sacrificing others?

      This animation swapping definitely sounds interesting. Could you direct me to how to do this?

      And yes, I do update floats page whenever I finish a character. And I definitely would love for you to share all the floats you have.
    17. VietGeek
      Progress so far seems to be great in my opinion (with the current tools available). The game is polished enough to get a closed build out to see some of the kinks that would otherwise be left unnoticed. I definitely am striving to make this patch "stand out" among the others, so I guess it is "official" in ambition. :P

      Right now I am the sole "coder" of this project, and while I taught Ripple how to edit files, as of now, you are correct that he gives feedback (and does some independent research of his own to recommend changes) and I code them or bench them for a later time (for the moment: this is if they concern themselves with "top tier" characters; basically anyone Peach or above).

      I definitely would love to have someone with your knowledge to help us out on the project, but I wonder if we will see eye-to-eye on some of the changes? In your Bowser example, I surmised that Bowser's jump and empty landing physics were kept the same and other areas were compensated, while in SDR, Bowser was leveled to Ganondorf while still maintaining his better run speed and wavedash friction.

      I would definitely appreciate another coder with whom to work, especially someone who knows how to research the B-move floating points (like you!) as that is probably the biggest untapped asset available to Melee hacking as-is.

      Let me know what you think. :)
    18. VietGeek
      phish-it, I seek you because coincidentally we've been doing the same thing for quite some time now (hacking the **** out of Melee obv :012: ). Although I guess in hindsight it was somewhat obv with the floating points and all...:079:

      Just wondering, have any mid/high level players played your hack? What did they say? What's your overall balance mentality? I don't know, I guess I'm just really excited/curious. :P
    19. MattDotZeb
      Wont be there, sorry!
      Would love to try teams with you at any of the circuit events though!
    20. MetalMusicMan
      Happy birthday, we have the same birthday :)
    21. Sol
      Murt has to step off the throne to wreck once more
    22. Landry
      Cool username.
    23. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      haha. Yeah for sure.
    24. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      aight. btw I did manage to do run off reverse punch charge cancel -> ledge grab. once. out of like 100 times. :urg: it isn't practical.
    25. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      Are you going to Genesis 2?
    26. Spife
      I only have one other (two total) but I'd like to split the gas more then that. The idea is to have 2 more come down (and then stay in the hotel as well). Is the deadline for the hotel still today?
    27. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      What if you can't get him to register? :o
    28. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      double DK for Pound 5?!
    29. NJzFinest
    30. DJRome
      should be the courtyard mang
    31. DJRome
      it's 706-A-DEAD-YL. but yeah, i think we'll get there around 10 so hopefully you can find another room to hang out in until then.
    32. TheManaLord
    33. DJRome
      yeah i have space
    34. DJRome
      gotcha boy :)
    35. DJRome
      derfleuer says ur good to stay with us dawg
    36. DJRome
      come on in dawg. we're good to take you in
    37. PK Webb
      PK Webb
      oh yea.......epic fail for a fat man like me lol.......kk friday sounds great then maybe????
    38. PK Webb
      PK Webb
      wanna play friday or thursday?????
    39. Just Sexed
      Just Sexed
      Phish it next no johns you should come and team with me
    40. Эикельманн [РУС]
      Эикельманн [РУС]
      get on AIM, you noob. we must discuss things.
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    Apr 15, 1989 (Age: 29)
    Mahopac, NY
    Smash 64 Main:
    Melee Main:
    Donkey Kong
    Brawl Main:
    Mr. Game & Watch
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    Mr. Game & Watch
    Smash Wii U Main:
    Wii Fit Trainer
    pigeons, falcons, canaries: the usual


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