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  • way to go, you are learning to play characters who do half your work for you :p

    i have yedi in my friends i think, i'll ask him.

    the next tourny i can make it too is that moose thing i'm afraid :/

    you still have the same number? we can try to arrange something
    well that doesn't help lol -_-

    do you know who would have it?

    i've improved quite a bit and i'm itching to play him, esp since he was the first competitive player i ever played lol. life is also mad interested since he's currently the best fox down here (my fox has good days but is usually a derp lol)

    also we should set up for you to come down here sometime to **** some face lolmao
    hey tharrrrrr spife. Does roman still have the same number? There are more of us down here than there were and if he's really playing again he's got people to spar against now.

    i tried texting the number i have for him but it's probably old.

    also see you in marlborogh ;)
    Hey Spife, I need either two people to room with myself and Sol or us to room with two other people. It seems like I can't even book a room without the other people's info either. How many people do you have so far?
    *dismissive wave of hand* the world was supposed to end in 2000 too.

    then there'd have been no melee!!!! D=

    but hey they said they wouldn't **** it up like they did in '98. so yeah let's hope. =D
    Ok, so RIT I didn't realize was 6 hours away, but there's that thing in N. Attleboro, you're coming to that right?
    copy pasta'd :**** my house is a wreak. i'm giving flaco a call right about now... so maybe something can be arranged. or else i gotta clean the heck up

    EDIT: i just buzzed him and that's where i'll be. all day prob. so yeah give me a call. armegeddon is there too and there'll be enough people for teams in that case. so yeah drop me a line! =D
    Yo Spife... I know you're not a very early riser, but assuming worst comes to worst with Nate driving me to Marlborough and he backs out, how inclined would you be to waking up half an hour earlier and coming to Marlboro quick-like to go together to the tournament ^.^? I'd be more than willing to pay however much you'd like, and this of course is assuming Nate is a bum and goes to his big MtG thing.

    Would you be cool with that? I tried Iron Cheif because he's closer, but turns out he lives in Maine... the ******* :D, and if its not you and not Nate, there's no way for me to get there. :S.


    tell me about it holmes, we'll work something out. If you find yourself devoid of your friends problems sometime saturday holla' atcha boi and we'll figure something out if need be.
    hey man, you wanna coordinate something for flaco's gig? Kinda like we did last time?

    802-770-2883's the cell.
    Cool. If you want to, you can come over earlier on Friday, and we can get some practice in. I got surround sound and a subwoofer. If you wanted to do that. :3
    How's the housing thing?

    I'm pooling with you guys but need somewhere to crash. I play like **** when I'm tired and get really mean on top of it.

    Heya btw lol
    Okay, just so you know, there's me (duh), you, Huan (aka: Shadowball2), and Kyu Puff in my car. That's the number of people. If you want music, bring a radio, or something, my car has none, and stuff. I dunno where we're spending the weekend, but we'll leave to be there whenever or... bleh. Figure that out later, lol.
    Sure, but if you don't want to, you don't have to drive my ****box. :p

    Also, only if you agree to play a few matches with me. lololololol
    It's "Godzilla's terror theme" I think... I've got it on a CD you should get your hands on.

    "The best of Godzilla 1954-1975"

    There's also one for the second series.

    The video itself also represnts Toho's "preview" of the CGI Godzilla they're planning to use in the next film series. I would call the one in the vid the Beta version though...
    i'd host something but i have nowhere to do it =((

    my parents are anal like that

    ummm maybe talk to kyu puff to host something?
    yeah that'd be cool with me

    we should definitely have a smashfest before it though

    i haven't played in forever
    Hey, I found the Link boards! I know, I was surprised it was there, too. More surprising? More active than a some of the other boards. :D
    ahh, i ate before i drank.. but last time my friends and i ate pizza before we drank one of them puked sooo yeah.. maybe just eat a little bit?
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