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  • bahaha yeah it was my cousins grad party last weekend so i went and took unknown522 (Ryan) and yeah from what i heard from him and other people I got ****ed up LOL but i didnt puke. LOL I was using the vc technique. Also are you sure about the eat before you drink thing? Imma try it soon LOL.
    Yeah. Also, I need your phone number again. I accidentally erased my messages before I took it down.
    So what do you need to know about genesis?
    Hey, spife. I'm contributing to, like, 4 combo videos, so I need to know if I can use your recording equipment. I'll bring a flash drive. Me and shadowball need to get a lot of stuff filmed, so we'll probably be hogging it most of the day
    All right. I'll remember that and punish those things until he learns his lesson ;p Thanks.
    Yeah. I'll see what I can pass on to him before the summer's over. And I'll see if I can get him into Boston for a day or two to play with a few people on the better end of the spectrum so he can see how far he has to go.

    If you know any mistakes he's making in particular that I should focus on pointing out and punishing as needed, let me know. I try to capitalize on those mistakes until they learn not to make them again XD Playing with Arc enough gets me to do that to others XP
    Oh, those are the people he met. He said he'd played a few people at Umass that made him realize how bad he was. Are these people really good, or is there really just a huge gap for him to fill?
    Hey, did you ever get to play Francis again? Just curious if you've seen any improvement since. Looking forward to playing him again once he gets back. We'll see if we can get some videos uploaded to youtube ;D
    school first -> yes
    ****** you second -> no
    AND I live on the other side of the state -> lame side of the state
    MA should organize smash fests. -> DEFINATELY YES.
    i live near boston. my boy whos trying to get good at smash would want to play you, and he gets back on the 20th. we should set something up that week or even earlier
    yo SPIFE im done with school for the summer so I'm living in MA again. lets play some ssbm sometime
    Hey, I was wondering what equipment/programs you use for recording SSB matches. CSS scrub's gonna get an Alienware soon, and we've been trying to figure out how we can record matches.
    Thanks. Hey, one more thing... could you PM me some directions to SMB 3? The directions I printed out for MM got me lost...
    I actually have TWO thumb drives... both of which I forgot to bring to MM... :ohwell:

    The 16GB one was mad expensive though...

    Until I can get my own laptop/gamebridge... but thanks. =D Will still credit you though. :p

    Is gamebridge the best one to get for recording btw? I dk... >.<
    =D thanks!

    *swears he will give you credit for them being recorded.*

    I'm Biollante86 btw... just in case... >.>
    Hey Spife... I must ask you something...

    If you record matches with me playing in them...

    Could you put them on my memory stick?

    See, I post vids of me playing characters besides Mewtwo on youtube right away (When I have stuff to post), and I save M2 matches for my video... which will be out before this year is over...

    I'll give you recording credit... :)
    link sux sheik rulez. im beating you next time spife, you should know that. even if i end up going fox or ganondorf
    look at my page LOL.

    i wont even bother with him.

    come to canada please. we have two tourneys in coming april
    Heh, you posted your response on your own profile.

    But it's good to know that Matt is a bit better than I thought he was. Arc said he went about even with Matt and when I beat him our first match I thought, "Really?" I also think Matt's a bit more defensive. I tend to play a lot better against defensive players, and I also tend to do really well the first match, and especially against defensive players. The way I see it is because I'm pressuring them so much, they tend not to be able to respond as well as they should the first few matches. But after that they tend to figure me out.

    But I'm glad Matt doesn't take the game too seriously. I don't either. I think that's one of the biggest thing that separates me and Francis. Because I don't take the game too seriously, I'll try doing the most ridiculous things (which is why you see me trying to edgeguard with Marth's forward air, facing the wrong direction--and succeeding. Or at MM14 edgeguarding Scar with Marth's f-tilt...also in the wrong direction). So in friendlies, we go even-ish because I do really strange things, but in the end it just gives me more material to work with.
    He told me people call him Franchize some times, which is where Chize comes from. He does snor wicked loud too haha

    Uh, I don't wanna rain on parades but I just feel I should say MattDotZeb is such a wierd smasher. Matt I hope you read this.

    In friendlies, he always tries to 4 stock me, he rarely takes games serious (iv'e never played him in tourny, I THINK) and uh once I made him frustrated on falco so he went fox. But this one mm he takes the place of some one who left early and takes out G$, I want to say alukard and atleast one other big name. He just pulled it out of his *** and roman and I were like "wtf Matt?" and then he started sucking one match vs g$ and we were like "that's the matt we know". I think Matt could be so much better if he took the game more serious but I think he has to much fun when he plays, which is good.
    So I haven't played matt in a legit set in a while. Wait I lied, we played at smb, he 3 stocked me with fox and then I played "Link" again and lost that match too. I feel more confident against his falco, I could beat his fox in enough sets. The thing is though is he doesn't take our games serious ever so when he fails at 4 stocking me he usually resets. That's what I remember the last time I played him.

    The people I played I was going kinda even with. I was tired, and hadn't played in a week (/johns) so I think I could have done better but friendlies are friendlies. I guess they have a friend who can beat kdj too (what ever that means, that's pretty subjective). So yeah I'm trying to get in contact with them and then all should be good.
    Yeah, I thought he knew not to fight against level 9's. And it's good to know the gap between us is more than 'a little'...kinda <.<;; I mean, it's good to know I've been making actual progress XD

    But I'm a -really weird- smasher. I had no problem playing against MattdotZeb. I probably won like 50-60% of our matches. And then for some reason I couldn't beat you XD The only time I had trouble against Matt was when he played Roy o_O;; Go figure. I probably just have a harder time against you because I don't play against Links ever.

    But he and I go even-ish probably because he knows how I play a lot. That and I am really predictable--at least in my approaches. Working on it, though. I'm finally learning that running in and SHFFLing won't always hit o_x;; hahah, I'm starting to realize why I'm so predictable.

    Hahahahah, oh my goodness. My roommate was asking if we could spend a little time reading the Bible together, and I said "Just a second, I'm replying to my friend Spife." After a few minutes he was getting impatient and said "Well, if you don't get done soon, I'm just gonna go read by myself, and when Tom (our friend) asks if we've been getting time to read together, I'll just tell him that Ryan thought it was more important to talk to his friend Spoof."

    I lol'd. XD

    Anyway, Francis just needs more people to play. And are there other people at UMass Amherst for him to play? And anyone good? I kinda wish he had someone at John's level to practice with consistently so he could still give me a run for my money when I play him over the summer. But we'll see.

    As for his name 'chize' I have no idea where that came from. It's sort of what he did when he didn't have a tag (same with me with Proverbs--I wanted to change to RedMage, but since everyone knows me as Proverbs I think I'll stick with it). I think his tag should be Snorlax, though. That kid snores like a beast. Apparently one night he was in between wake and sleep a little, and ended up waking himself up with his own snoring.

    It's ridiculous. When he sleeps over I just yell at him until he wakes up, and then I try to fall asleep before he starts snoring again. It's pretty funny.
    Well, it's good to see you're happy with her XD Hope you won't have to force her to marry you, hahah. And that post about your Link was too funny.

    Oh, and Francis told me you guys got to play recently. He's pretty good--isn't he? Considering he only has me to play with when we're both on vacation, and otherwise just practices on CPUs z_z;; He's a little worse than me--it's kind of weird. When we play friendlies he'll win just a few more matches than me, but when we're nearly done we'll do like a best 3 out of 5 or something, and I tend to just wreck him completely during those matches. It's kinda funny. I think it's just because I tend not to care about friendlies, but the last 3-5 matches seem more 'official' or whatever, so I try to end it on a good note and actually pay attention.

    I've also just gotten to play with a lot better people than he has. Besides me he's only played regularly with a few others--but aside from that he hasn't played anyone good, really (I mean, he's played with Elen, AOI, Trees, Leif, and KDJ--but that was only one day).

    He and I were going to do the team 1337 H4X if he went to Mass Madness--but he couldn't make it :(
    i see ur on! >:3 ummm come to ct for housing and smashing and us going to Newyork please :) (i must leave lol)
    add me on aim when u get a chance btw, i cant figure out how to do it off webpages.

    its ragan0rk (thats a zero btw not an O)
    Spife, Stephen says to let us know for sure if u are coming down to have sexy time with us before the Newyorkness and rides and such :'3 asappp plsssss i ****ing love u and i promise i wont ask anyones phone number at drive thrus again :'3 (promise not gaurenteed)
    nothing much.
    but i thought about something...
    if you can somehow not go to that tournament thing you're hosting or w/e saturday, i thought you can come down to my house say friday and leave for NY on saturday, if you still wanna go, of course.
    btwz, got aim?
    Ouch, that's not good. I've dated a lot of girls that had ideals that clashed with mine. It makes a relationship really difficult. That's part of why I don't date non-Christian girls (and I don't mean born into Christianity, but I mean those who take Christianity seriously). I've done it in the past and just ended up with a lot of problems. But the girl I'm currently 'pursuing' is probably the most spiritual girl I've met in my life. I made sure everything ideologically (or at least on the most important issues) fit together first. Because, before I became a Christian, I dated A LOT of girls. I don't even like mentioning the number. But there were always terrible problems in our relationships--some were ideological, and some were just emotional issues on my part. After becoming a Christian I've learned to sort through the emotional issues, and the ideological ones are dealt with by me being careful about who I date--but the thing is, I was always serious about every one of those girls. And I'm just sick of dating girls over and over and hoping that things work out. So I've basically decided that I'm going to treat the next relationship I get into as if she's going to be the girl I marry. So you can see that it takes a lot for me to be this interested in a girl at this point, because I think it's a definite possibility that I could marry her. Not saying that's going to happen or that I'm committed to seeing that happening right now, but it's definitely a realistic possibility.

    Which is kinda cool, considering when I'm with her, I might be looking at my future wife. Isn't that a crazy thought? She might be showing up at Emerson today, actually--but if we start dating I'll be sure to drag her to a tournament and introduce you two. And I wasn't at SMB, unfortunately. So I didn't get to see your girlfriend. Oh, and awesome name for the next SMB. Needs more spair. XD Can you link me to that guy's post? I totally want to see that.

    Nevermind, I found that post. It was hilarious.
    Ah. If I end up dating this girl I don't think I'll ever get her into smash. But, thankfully, although she thinks it's a waste of time, she understands why I play it and respects it. It's actually really cool--she's basically the kindest person you'll ever meet XD But if I can get her to play it sometime, I want to do what KevinM did and bring her to a tournament. He and Hailey were hilarious.
    You mean you took it out to put on the table at 10:30? If that's so then it could be it. That guy found it and showed it to us at 12. It was literally right before you tried to show me the sticker on your controller (And sorry about walking away, had to help Arc get the t.v. in the car).

    But I think that was the one, so the store should have it. Or Matt.

    Oh, and your girlfriend plays smash? o_O;; Hahah, the girl I'm interested in thinks it's a waste of time--but still bothered to ask me how the tournament went.
    Yeah, I think we're talking about the same memory card. Talk with Matt to see if you can get in touch with the store. They definitely announced the lost memory card when you were still there.

    If you want a description of the guy: He looked like he was in his early twenties or something, had short black hair, wore a blue t-shirt...and, I hate to say it, but wasn't the best smasher I've played. I had no problem destroying him while sandbagging...so yeah. And he played in the team that Kevin and Hailey beat the first round XD

    Don't know if any of that information helps. But I really think that was your memory card.
    In case you don't see it on the MM14 Results thread:

    Yeah, I saw a memory card like that. Except I thought it was a pokemon sticker. At least I saw Pikachu. Anyway, that guy playing under either the name 'Milf' or 'SB-S' had it at the end of the tournament, and asked me if it was mine. I said no, but told him to give it to the desk (since they had a microphone and could call it out). They did and no one came up. Not sure if that was yours.

    Don't want the thread to get flooded and for you to not see it.

    Edit: Arc was there with me, don't know if he could give you anymore information than I could, though.
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