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  • Go a week before the 28th.

    Whatever number that is. It turns out my biweekly gaming group is going to shift again, or something... I don't know. I'm just gunna make that week work. Get back to me about wether or not the venue is ours, sound good?
    omg HIGH TIRE WTF. for real though, are you gonna put those vids from the tourney up soon? I dont mind that much ive just been wondering.

    i hope youre not saying goodbye to link
    yo spife it looks like were 2-1 now. im gonna win next time you just had my number last time
    what about tomorrow ***** after 12 noon just call my cell bro
    here 14132972454
    I only put up matches against good, patient people. I haven't been on my laptop since last friday because my power cord is in quincy. If you want to spend $80 and drive me a power cord then be my guest and your matches will be uploaded when I get it (today?) instead of this weekend (wow 4 whole days earlier!).
    Learn to patience and being polite. I'm uploading yours last now.
    No major tournament hoster, just a bunch of well known smashers (The mages, MattDotZeb...I forget the rest lol)
    Nah I joined much to late (3 or 4 months before brawl) I want to go to a 200-300 person tourny though. Hopefully the '09 tourny will bring that many in
    Yeah, the city. Hopefully there will be a lot of tournaments because it's in a city. Have you been in any of the MLG/large tournament events? ._.
    Same here, I started smash last november, I had been playing off and on but that was the first time my friend and I started training for a tourny and kept going after that.
    NY, in the city? God you could take the subway to some one's house.
    NY, I have never been in an actual tournament of any kind. I watch some of the matches on youtube. I'm just hoping that Melee's competitive tournaments make a come back and be at least 75% as big as it was back then. I didn't even know about them until it's late years. D:
    Rarely, and the closest competitor is an hour away -_- I'm in MA though, but North Western MA. That's also why I don't play brawl, I can still play melee. Where are you and how's that scene?
    Meh, I guess it is an acceptable truth. :/ Are there still Melee tournaments at your area?
    I don't play brawl *anymore*. I was going to be a sonic main but play Link for the dark Link costume *drools*.

    I'm not good with other characters (as I've said) but I do play Link (lulz) but no seriously, Falco Falcon Marth Fox and Sheik...Skill is in about that order. I do not want to disprove tiers, I completely understand why characters are better than other and I accept Link sucks as a character but I can't not play him lol. I played about half the cast too (pre-competition) and I did play Y.Link but Link kills better so I stuck with him.
    Well I try to stick with Link, Young Link or both as my main (i'm still not sure which) even though it's loads easy using other characters. I mainly choose those two because i'm a Link fan and want to show the tiers are wrong just a bit (which you might have done already on your end, lol). And you are right about Link be a comfortable character to play as. Is your Link in Melee as great as in Brawl? ;]
    Yup. But more or less because all my high tiers suck, and I feel that the time wasted on training them could be better used improving my Link, and I'm more comfortable on Link.
    I think I know what you mean though, everyone has a Fox/Falco/Falcon/Marth/Sheik/icies/peach or jigs even for tounaments now and days. Who/what do you play?
    Edit: Oh yeah, I'm also a Link purest and go straight Link in tournies. Downside is I lose, up side is I'm probably the best/only Link purest in MA :D
    last time i checked the tier list it said that its for queers........and link is low tier
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