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  • Hey I heard you were looking for players in Springfield
    Always. Haven't been checking on here too much though. If you go to the GU Weeklies say hey. Big black dude, Bandana. Hard to miss me.
    Haha Yea i saw you my friend josh (x5786) played you 1st round. I didn't remember you used the name spiderJerusalem other wise I would have asked for a friendly
    Thursday would no doubt be better than today. I've got a big paper and an illustration assignment due tomorrow. No classes until Monday after that.
    I'd happily give you the controller I've been using once I get the new one I just ordered. There's hardly anything wrong with it; it's that sexy spice/transparent one. Also, are you playing Brawl+ now?
    aw ok. that sucks your controller broke >_< I think Shawn needs to get a new controller too. Just let us know when you wana play ^^!!!
    Yeah I expected so and if I had to choose a local tournament over one I would have to drive for I would definitely go for the closer one as well.

    I hope to see you at my next one, assuming I want to do more heh.
    Are you going to BATL Ace? Its fine if you do I just wanna know who's coming to mine so I can prepare better.

    Remember the sundering of the Jade Prison? Well, that was a byproduct of a deal between the Yozis and the Neverborn. The deal was simple: The Deathlords can have as many of the Solar Essences in the Jade prison as they want, so that their fancy Celestial Monstrances of Portion (designed by the Yozis and perfected by the Neverborn) can be put to good use----so long as the Yozis get fifty of the Solar Essences in exchange and nothing more. Well, as you know, **** went swimmingly: The Deathlords resurrected a behemoth that smashed the Jade Prison to pieces and managed to snag Solar Essences from it. Unfortunately for the Deathlords though, they inevitably got the shaft: They managed to nab about maybe a hundred or so of the Solar Essences, fifty of which went to the Yozis. The other hundred-odd Essences were scattered out into Creation.

    Those fifty Solar Essences...? Oh, the Yozis had an awesome plan. Why not create our own Exalted, in mockery of those gods that felled us beforehand. Oh, yes. A rich plan. Thus empowered, these corrupted Solars can go out and re-create Hell on Earth (Creation) so that the Yozis can break free.

    Ohhhhhh these guys are bad-***. If you want the book, I can send it to you. Edit: PDF file. Like through e-mail.
    Cash and Murder Games involves choosing two people---that includes him/herself---as a victim or a beneficiary. If the Sidereal chooses himself as the beneficiary, he can pretty much make the other target (the victim) prone to his whims. It can be sexual, egocentric, or just centering. It doesn't matter.

    10 motes and a willpower, you roll your Manipulate + Socialize against the Mental Defense Value of the target adding your Essence in automatic successes. If the roll succeeds, the victim is immediately under the thumb of the beneficiary (whoever the Sidereal chooses). They can burn Willpower to ignore it for a scene, but it persists until they spend enough Willpower equal to the number of threshold successes on the roll.

    More or less, you can become the Sidereal's ***** and there ain't a **** thing you can do about it (almost, but burning so much Willpower is gonna suck). Plus it's combo-able with other Social Charms.

    Edit: If there's anything you need to know or anything you want book-wise, I can give you the hook-up. I need people to talk to about this game. lol
    God, I wish you weren't up north. lol

    I'd grab your *** for this campaign I have coming up. >_> My PCs are gonna be going up against some Infernals.

    (Heh, heh, heh.)

    But that is true. Sidereals have seen a couple of nerfs here and there (****ing Cash and Murder Games though...couldn't they at least put it as the last Charm in its tree or at least made it a higher-cost?)

    And I can definitely see the appeal. I have nothing against the Sidereals themselves; I think their concept is really cool and they definitely have so much going on that there's a ton of actual roleplaying going on---not just daiklaves being swung around. Policing the destiny of Creation is a myriad thing...something as innocuous as keeping a potted plant from falling on somebody's head can prevent whole nations collapsing. I mean, some of the stuff sounds menial but it's so **** important...which gives it a sense of irony you wouldn't find anywhere else.

    >___> *hugs all of his books...owns every single one of the second edition books in print.*

    Need moar people.

    I don't usually allow people to play as Sidereals. I play in the company of people that break roleplaying games on a daily basis and Sidereals have a ton of **** that can shatter the balance of everything entirely. The worst part that is, as a Storyteller, I can't just outright ban some of the stuff because it's so integral to their character. So rather than a partial ban, I gotta ban them as PCs outright. I usually use them as antagonists or deus ex machina sorta characters.

    Well, it isn't unheard of for God-Blooded (Half-Caste in your case) to Exalt. I made a God-Blooded Dawn caste and he worked out just swimmingly (he was a super fun character). I would have never thought to allow a Beastman (which are the Lunar Half-Caste) to Exalt. It makes sense, tho'; all of the others can, so why not them?

    Yeah, but I love the game. Werewolf the Apocalypse and Exalted are my two favorites (with Exalted edging out). You got second edition? Holy crap, Lunars get some cool ****. They can shapeshift into plants now.
    Well I am obviously not gonna ditch Peachkid because we do well and we have a great understanding of eachothers characters. But there will of course be times when Peachkid is not available and if you still can't find a steady partner we could team. I personally don't think Diddy is a great teammate. I feel like in teams Zelda gets a serious boost, but Diddys usability declines.

    You should play....... someone who works well with zelda... Lucas. That way i can heal you lol. I have no idea!!!

    People that would team with you = Bloodcross, Almo, Scrub, Maybe Kool-Aid.
    lol, I can't even have my good friends sleep over most of the time. So housing you is sadly a no. But you can come down whenever you want to for practice and SFIV.
    I added your Brawl code to my Wii, we should play online sometime.

    Mine is 4468-6263-4927.
    haha. as in today...right now...the 21st.
    or tomorrow. (22nd)

    I know i posted it really late.
    Well if you want to come over tomorrow in the evening, that'd be cool.
    We are going to see an apartment at 10:30, then go take my car in to get looked at around 1PM...so maybe like 5PM or something?
    Depending on what they end up doing with my car, you could come over here or we could go to your house or something.
    Just let me know~~~
    lol don't worry. It was fun and good seeing you~
    So many people showed up...were they all from smashboards???
    I'm still wondering what is up with your job situation though o_0
    Oh and where will you post results?
    If you or Riot want to come over tonight and play doubles with Nuro, Cog, me, and maybe Dazwa, that would be sweet.
    Know anyone who's coming to the tourny and has a triwing screwdriver? If you do, PLEASE have them bring it!
    oh well >_<!!! Shawn's gettin' ready right now. We've been practicing a bit. It's nice not being in school. now I can spend all my time on what truly matters. videogames.
    but for sure I wana practice with you to get ready for the tourney. Or maybe i'll just have to **** loser's brackets again...hah -_-
    oh noes. I thought we were leaving on the 25th, but it turns out we are leaving on the 24th ;_; Not sure if we'll have enough time...just let us know what your doing on the 23rd.
    If your busy thats fine. We get back January 11th.
    nah, what happens is people I don't care to talk to end up talking to me, and vice versa I assume.

    Play videogames... I did that all day and it was not too bad.

    and do you spell match-up like that or this: Matchup or Match up?
    When I remember it and the password I will tell you, but The chances of finding me are like 13% a day.
    I don't think he will be able to go. And I am going, but if not I will call you at like 8. uhh... I usually bring a bag with my controller and some soda and a snack with me, I'll pack some for you too. Anything your particularly want? I think we have green tea ginger ale, coke, and orange soda, and water.
    Yah, I can do that. But you might need to wait till after the tournament that way I can brake the 20$ that cool?

    He hasn't talked to me yet, but if I don't here from him soon-ish I will give him a text. It was my idea, so its cool with me.
    I have no idea, but since doubles are first we would want to be there for 11.

    umm... Its like 2 hourse away? so I will be ready at 9:00.

    I will text you if something is horribly wrong. Because of the snow I might not be allowed to go if it looks really bad. But if no text that means we still cool.
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