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Mr. Escalator
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  • Need help hosting and advertising NH tourneys? I would come to any tourneys that had brawl.
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    NH Cody
    I got an okay to host at Black Moon Games in Lebanon a while back, but too few people on other sites showed interest for me to schedule a date. If you wanted to do a Smash 4/Brawl combined tourney closer to Nashua I could help with that too. I could do advertising on the reddit subforum and nintendodojo.com. I mostly care about brawl but would be fine if you wanted it to be a "side event"
    Mr. Escalator
    Mr. Escalator
    I didn't mean to say we'd relegate it to a side event, I just meant for my own series (Smashua @ the Boys & Girls Club in Nashua) that Brawl could be a cool side event.
    A Smash 4/Brawl combined event would be rad! I'm pretty spread thin atm, but I would love to coordinate something on that front with you.
    NH Cody
    okay, so when is the next event?
    So... Esc... buddy. Imma need you to be an amazing contributor to the G&W boards like you were in Brawl. You got me?
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    Mr. Escalator
    Mr. Escalator
    I feel like you somehow sensed I started picking up G&W as a secondary and used this moment of weakness to get me.

    It worked. You have my pan.

    That said, I'm not sure what I can contribute - G&W is very similar to Brawl G&W, and a lot has been looked into!
    Ha! I knew there was something behind my sudden urge to write you.

    He IS capable of the old tricks, but data has been tweaked to invalidate his Brawl style. Less of a glass cannon, more of a punisher hard - then reset.

    Ceiling on dthrow is high. Fastest grab of the cast... etc. Yet we've only scratched the surface of his kit because we don't have the types who are willing to research.
    Hey, do you know when the sets from the Tournament are going up if they are? Thanks :)
    Mr. Escalator
    Mr. Escalator
    I'll probably process them in the next week and get them uploaded to Youtube (hopefully in the earlier part of that estimate. Just keep a look out for a results thread, and I should bump that.
    Cool, thanks.
    Yeah though, what do you think of the new games? I've not played them myself.
    Mr. Escalator
    Mr. Escalator
    The game is rad, dude. I highly recommend getting it so I can teach you the true meaning of pain.

    Back pain.

    Back pain, because you'll be SWOONING so hard from my sIcK sKiLlZ
    Me. I'm up. I'm cool.

    Also this buzzkill thing is going over my buzz-cut head (I look fabulous btw).
    I know this is random and minor, but the frame data topic for G&W has a minor error that contradicts with the information that I'm using in my guide to G&W's D-throw. Jab is active not frames 4-5, but frames 4-6, which allows us to buffer Jab on characters like DDD who we have an 11 frame advantage on for them teching in place (teching in place is total 26 frames, invulnerable 1-20).

    At any rate please check out my thread on G&W's D-throw. I think you'll enjoy it. http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=298130
    John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden

    Big Amerikan tts
    Does it matter whom I get my answers from the BBR from? He's a part of the BBR, I could have easily answered any other member. But he originally asked me to contact my issues through him. My issues turned into debate, and I had asked him twice to present my post to the BBR. What was his response?
    They'd debate a bit, then laugh at it.
    That shows our BBR for ya. He's the PR and states the BBR would laugh over a very serious flaw in their criteria and standards.
    The private arguments were essentially the entire point. For him to state he suddenly is speaking for himself, not the BBR (did you read how his posts were formed?) is very strange. It's more of he was trying to get me to not cause anything than it was him trying to give me his opinion.
    I left his responses quoted so that people may interpret them how they wish. Rude to him? Yes. More truthful to the community? YES.
    It was my radical idea, that could get ME LAUGHED AT.

    Pierce only responded to my points, didn't really make any of his own. I see nothing I did wrong.

    Paraphrasing him would not have given the argument the judgement it deserves.
    I'll need to make sure, on Sunday, if the sausage incident was just an outlier.

    I will preach a solid G&W sermon if it turns out to be consistent.
    hahaha, I haven't done much work on it lately. Too busy spazzing out about Black and White. :p
    I'll be sure to get in some time on it tomorrow, though, since I don't have class.
    Platina is so SUGOI kawaii~desu ne with her neko-tama missile barrage :3.

    It's k though. I was all on that Project M sheezy for a long time now. Then I quit that because of silly choices like removing buffer option and reverting ledge occupancy to Melee-style. Choices that make sense considering the game, but choices that pander to nostalgia over good gameplay.

    And now I'm 100% BalancedBlazBlue :).
    I probably would have kept coming on to #smash if I didn't have you added as a Steam friend and couldn't contact HG via SWF, actually.

    Preaching IKE POWER got pretty old. I'll probably start visiting SWF much less often once the school year starts. Speaking of school, how goes the quest for the GED?
    I felt like I was spending waaay too much time there and since I lack self control I just decided to stop going there permanently.

    It didn't help that every time I went there I ended up staying for like 3 hours.
    All the time.

    I heard Zakiyama died in a car accident though. He was like my Hazama bro :(. Now all I have to look up to is Buppa.
    "I like to put Pineapples on my Pizza"
    "Blasphamy! That is not food!"
    "What would you do if Litchi made that kind of food for you?"
    "I would eat it, and then commit seppuku to preserve my honor!"
    also we need to brawl sometime, I just figured out that I can play MK without using my right hand thumb (not peach though :[)

    I wonder if that beta stuff is just sensationalizing... though the missing characters in Vesperia is pretty iffy.

    Either way imma laugh when I'm playing my buggy-*** translated wii version while no one can play the better ps3 one because no localization + no ps3 homebrew bwehehehelkenf;o is cklvnvsd
    The HMS Nirvana is a fishing boat which specializes in the catching of tuna. Is there something wrong with that? :D
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