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Col. Stauffenberg

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  • I guess I'm not really the insulting type, unless I get really mad. I've been put in that situation myself when one of the people in my "crew" of sorts was talking about how he trashed me one of the times we played, kinda ignoring how I beat him the last two times and in a recent money match.

    When I get put into a ego situation I kinda just ignore it and let people say what they want, since most of the time I don't care that much about boasting about anything.

    In the situation in the thread with Praxis if it were me I would have said it happened a year ago and left it at that, the rest felt...well unnecessary. As for the other thread...yeah I agree it's hypocrisy.
    I think it was with Praxis recently and in a thread where people were yelling at top level players for losing to San's Ike and Shacky's Ness.

    I think you said something of the lines, "I like how people who don't place or make something of themselves make claims like this."

    I might be wrong on this, but like the more recent example with Praxis, why talk about Praxis's placements/accomplishments since Genesis?
    Just something to ask.

    Do you need to list how people don't place in tourny's to get your point across? It seems like you do it a lot more when people start talking theory-craft or BS.
    Hey man grats on getting into the LBR.

    When you get a chance would you mind giving some numbers for the MU ratio things in the LBR? I'd like to add that to the totals if you get a chance.

    Thanks and have a nice day.
    "But w/e, I'm cool if you're cool."

    I totally am with you still....in all honesty. ^_^
    Imma ask that moderator if he can edit both the title to the thread and the post itself...into something random.
    K you may be right there, I'm a dumb***. So now I'm officially this bad guy... I guess I'll have to work my way up to indulge respect again.
    I was actually going to suggest you do that haha.
    Yep it's pretty much the same thing, lucario vs ddd, as ddd is vs mk.
    My bad though, really. I'm so bad at trolling that I'm apologizing for it. Seriously.
    Do you like being that way? No matter who it is like RJ, Kita, etc. you point out how people are being stupid and outright say it.

    It's like your our conscious or something.

    I'll send him a warning to tell him to at least contribute and defend his reasons instead of one-liners
    hmmm yeah. Bear was just crazy. Timbers on the other hand was Intelligent and just in his Soul crushing.

    Yeah... Timbers only ate you if you were stupid. Bear... just hated everyone lol.
    Excuse me.. are you the one who's going to take up bear's legacy of pessimism?

    if so, good. The post was starting to get rusty.... but seriously. Rampant bias and so much high and mighty stuff came out after bear and timbers left. they (the lucario boards) would hate to admit it. but they need a dream crusher :D
    Remember, Bear actually made RJ leave, you only made him say "I am leaving".
    As for Timbers, he's Timbers lol.
    K, because it sounded like it.
    Also, you noticed that Lucario's cooldown was pretty good, right? It's not compensating for grab range like at all, but it does make things like dash grabbing or dash -> shieldgrab more usable.
    It works because it's a punish and it has barely enough range to do for it's job.
    Gah, I don't want to get mad at anyone, especially if they contribute and play this game well.

    I wasn't intending to say that Lucario's grab is solid, but it gets used a ton from what I've seen.

    All I'm saying is that the ears thing was trivial and needed stuff, and that his grab is consistent enough where it isn't fail like Ganon, Link, ZSS, etc, and it's been used a lot.

    Good work on starting on something that was proving your point.

    You know who also started the "grab with ears" thing right?
    What is your take on Lucario? Do you think he's more of an offensive, or defensive character?
    Recently I've been playing around with his defensive capability, and it works pretty well if you know what to pull.
    Havok ***** me lol, but I finally got back into the tourney swing of things. :D
    Also, I'm no longer emo about snake.
    Okay principal, what is it this time?
    I swear I didn't take the kid's lunch money, he just called me out, we had a few jests, and I just "roughed him up a little"
    What's wrong with that?
    R u able to come to the luca boards more often? I've assembled/reinstated Rockettrainer, and working on getting others like Junebug to come more often to get a more competitively-oriented board, and it would be great to get another person like you with results.
    Well it's not like I saw streamed videos to see what exactly you did, but I saw that you at least got 4th in pools. That's something (I know a lot of players that were pretty good but didn't do well in pools or brackets (especially brackets lol)).
    Besides, I felt Genesis was over hyped in terms of Brawl, most of the really cool stuff was in the Melee.
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