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  • Haha thats crazy...I actually beat OoT when I was like 11, but I used a guide for the majority of it and didn't get nearly any of the heart pieces, skulltullas, etc. so i'm trying to just beat this by myself....it's a lot easier than I remember it being lmao.

    Oh and you can do that in Chrono Trigger??? hahah broken.
    Oh snap I was gonna change it lol. I actually finished Chrono Trigger about a month ago. I beat it by going to the ship in 600 A.D. I think so I can't remember which ending I got though. Really good game though and I usually don't even like RPG's.

    Just beat Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow and now i'm gonna finally finish Ocarina of Time xD.
    Make it a $2 MM and sure.

    Galveston is like an hour and a half away from the tournament... I don't think anyone lives around there that is coming here though.
    Ahoy! I remember you from that ******** ruleset thread.
    Lol Harry Potter.

    So I see your in Texas and you may attend the tournament ^^?
    I'd love too but Im sure there are plenty of high level brawlers closer to you guys than I am. ^_^
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