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  • Hey friend, I sent you a request a while back to add me to the Lucario skype group, I hope you got it.

    I'm making a Lucario guide and I wanted to use your aura damage increment chart as a reference and to expand the guide. Is that okay? I plan to give you credit for it, and it would help me tremendously.
    Hey are you free for some wifi lucario metagame testing. Assuming we have a good enough connection vs. each other it would be great to have a testing partner. The lucario Metagame is moving quite slow compared to some other characters and if I can be of assistance in speeding things up i'm all for it.
    Aw geez, I missed your message. My bad <-<

    I'd be down if you're still down :p
    Heeeyyy so you actually applied? Cool~

    Sorry if ya didn't wanna. I understand if ya don't, but I always enjoyed your brainstorm posts when yo pop by the social boards soooo ya know~ Thought it was worth a shot.

    Not many Lucario's even bother talking about him competitively anymore.

    we don't want it to be in like little incremently percents that people would need your charts to figure out

    but maybe we do for the 500 point categories hmmm
    dear mythtrainerinfinity

    I need your help in random trivia questions for lucario

    but not too precise

    send me a PM

    - Flamey

    I don't know. I feel even more sorry for you because you probably know alot more about your character and could be put to more use.
    in getting into the BBR? Thanks alot, you too!

    I was super happy to see that you applied!
    The BBR does not have the best rep nor are there a lot of people left who are dedicated enough to want to be in the BBR. Increases the odds of getting in though lol.
    I noticed you have applied for the BBR as well. I put my app a few days also. Needs more DDD mains ;) I hope you make it though, you've done a lot for your character board like I have and the BBR needs more people with that sort of initiative.

    Also when are you coming out of seclusion and entering a tournament? lol
    Hey man, feel free to pass this on.

    The general procedures for the match up chart was that there was to be a final panel which decided between any unresolved discrepancies between panels. It was a panel of five. When it came to marth v lucario, it was decided 3-2 favour for advantage rather than even.

    That procedure in itself had a deadline, as well as the match up chart being released. So yeah... we'll get to discussing the MU a bit more (my uni semester started this week) and if we can resolve it, all the better.
    I'm done going to the luc boards on my own for now, if you want me you can ask for me and I'll be here provided you give me a good reason, I'm still going to the lucario skype every week too.

    theres just nothing left to learn from you guys tbh.

    I'll be back once you guys actually get that complete aura/stale moves advantage/disadvantage data.

    tbh the person who pushed me over the edge of tolerance was browny, I don't think I can even talk to him now.
    its worth it trust me.

    when we talk its like the old lucario boards in terms of HOW PRODUCTIVE WE ARE.

    we get **** done, have fun, all in one.

    soooooo tight.
    Stop missing the luc skype :<

    its every sunday at 7 central, same time, same place.

    same D disciple hosting the call.
    Lol, why should I though? Im not in school so it shouldn't matter or anything. I can type good as you can see, but I dont want to take the time to. Besides i could care less what people think about me on the boards, I dont know any of them IRL and dont care if they think i have bad grammer when i type online. Like I said, this isn't school, so I shall type however I like.
    Okay, I just realized that it hadn't come across that you might want to use debug pause + frame advance to get a better tool in looking up technical stuff, which would probably help validate some of your things.

    Would you like me to give you the codes, and do you know how to add them/use frame advance?
    I haven't logged onto MSN in a while.

    I'll see if I can hit it up with you later some time.
    nm, didn't even know you had an swf account. I'm much more active here then I am at AiB.
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