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  • How did we meet again?
    Good question
    Probably Alus... Either way... if you don't remember me thats prolly a good thing. I need a fresh start.

    Well bye then.
    Yooo some actually pretty cool stuff has gone down in my life sense I last talked to you, and i'm really damn excited to tell you.
    Like yo.
    I remember you asking me something awhile back that I can answer differently now....We got some catching up to do man~

    Mmm yiss
    My skype finally ****ing works again. I feel like an idiot. My computer for whatever reason was treating skype updates like pop-ups and decided to block em. :T

    Although i'm pretty happy I get to see you again~
    but for the last month my skypes been glitchy as ****, and literally everyone of my contacts but 2 people have not been able to talk with me. I can get messages from everyone, but not send em out. All the messages I send to you keep coming up with that "loading" thing next to them.
    Wanna try to brawl again? Lol
    Sorry but I'm done for the night.

    Maybe some time tomorrow, just shoot me a message (preferably on Skype, might not get to it right away on swf)
    Ahhh none taken~

    Nah. Just feminine.
    I always hung out with woman, and had a thing for fashion growing up. As I got older my hand gestures and mannerisms just got more femenine and flashy~ It's what felt natural to me ya know~?

    I'm really flattered you noticed, Alex~ <3
    I take great pride in my style!
    Just joking then.

    So let's forget about that and talk about fire embleeeem~ :D
    I know probably nothing I say will be able to make it up to ya for that, but if it means anything i'm sorry.

    Sorry for not showing up to apex, but more so sorry for not telling ya I couldn't go sooner. =/ There was something family related I had to go to that I thought I could work around, but it didn't end up that way.

    I know that's an ass excuse, but yea. Anything I can do to make it up to ya Alex~?
    Would you like to donate to the "Smashboards new layout is dumb and wiped out Sunny's friends list" charity?

    I accept donations in the form of friends and hugs. <3
    Also money.
    Oh yeah, funny that we never thought of it.


    Mario Kart 7 is the only game I own that I can play online woo
    Oh? It musta been a qualifier or something.

    I never got my facts straight when I first started going to tourneys. First one I went to, I left once I was set to losers bracket thinking it was single elimination when it was double. .____.
    Huh? I wish. I dig there accents.
    Naaah I mean first Apex I was aware of took place in Colorado~! I think it was the one where M2K got bodied by an Oli.

    Kinda funny how I remember which Apex is which going off who M2K lost too. .w.

    I really couldn't say from the matches we played and knowing nothing about Sunny's playstyle, but I will say that I am only because I'm heavily biased.
    Hey now.
    When i'm not messing around i'm worth 20 trela's
    At the least!!

    I am Sunnysunny! Lucario character mentor and soon to be BBR panelist!
    ..But honestly I just b-reverse alot of ****, and play mega gay based on frames. If you ever played GOG before, we have really really similar playstyles. '3' Ehhh depends on what character i'm fighting. I wish I coulda seen what yours could do. .w.

    If you have any lucario related questions, i'll be glad to help you. From a technical aspect, your lucario was fun to watch. :>
    Mmm same actually. Ahhh, first apex was even in my state but I was to young at the time to go. ;~;

    Honestly I just wanna go to meet all the other cario's. I think carpool might be our only option. ._.
    Tight ***** right *****
    **** me all night *****
    Make u leave yo wife *****
    Cause dis what u like *****
    Slide down on ya pipe *****
    Ride ya like a bike *****
    It do whatever u ask it to, nice *****
    Top notch best *****
    I **** then I wet *****
    Louie gucci prada yea u know I got that fresh *****
    He love da way it feel *****
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