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  • god, I can't believe how much of a part of my life smashboards used to be, it's such a shame it's died since the acquisition over half a decade ago. Still remember my first day joining, I had just turned 13 and could finally make an account without my parent's permission cause BOOYAH teenager! and then I found the smashboards arena, and started making friends, I didn't have brawl back then though, so I was just talking a little, got it just a bit later and finally started playing, made more friends, and started really getting into internet culture. My parent's hated it, but whatever, I started getting into games more and more, got into league of legends, which I still play to this day, and started looking into other games like warframe or wings of thunder, eventually, though, the site went down and all us folks in the arena needed a new arena to work in; so I made one, the Skype arena, before discord existed, before teamspeak was popular, we had a place to go, but it too fell. I always wondered if it was that I'm not that good of a friend, or that I was bad at managing things and keeping order, but I realize nowadays that it was almost entirely the fact that time moves on, people change, and hobbies have to be left to the wayside in favor of our more adult plans, while we all may move apart and lose contact, I hope we all lost contact with nothing but good memories of our distant, now silent, friends.
    Join the skype arena, by searching Akenero, I'm the one with nasus as the profile picture.
    The Skype site isn't getting me anywhere it takes me to all these first step pages, I may have signed up but I didn't download it. Anyway I have to go now.
    k, try to download it. I have to leave too
    you have to download it to do anything. Once you do that
    you're in!!!
    Richard 89
    Richard 89
    I downloaded it last night, I seen your avatar on there last night, and added you.
    I'm on there but it keeps saying learn how to add contacts, download Skype and blah blah, this is not getting me anywhere though.
    Richard 89
    Richard 89
    is this the link to the chat? I always thought it starts as www.skype.com, can you give me the direct link to the chat ?
    that's the direct link
    but you have to accept my friend request first, lol
    lol. hi, do you want to join the arena? We can do it Right now
    Richard 89
    Richard 89
    The Skype arena? nah I like it here, also brawl's Wi-Fi has been shut off for a while now so I'm not able to play online. Im just waiting for Smash 4 now.
    Well still, you can catch up with xiroey, iotoa, jellybeanman
    Hey you were my first friend here and we brawled, haven't been on here in a while but it has definitely changed. Does the "Arena" even exist anymore?
    Ummm... I'm kinda new to Skype so could you help me out when you get the chance?
    Sure thing. I've almost got this one done.

    I'll email you the program I used to make it, along with the file attatchment so you can edit some parts yourself if you like.

    Just have to figure out what the heck I'm gonna do with this intro haha xD
    Omigosh man!

    Are you allright?
    I'm okay, it just hurts like a ***** lol
    Aaayyeeee..l know... >_<

    You've been to the doctor and gotten pain killers for it right?
    I don't meant o sound like a druggie or anything but...

    My gosh, painkillers help :l
    AAAAKKKEEE! <333


    *squeeze hugs* <333
    Good Gosh, I couldn't log on at all yesterday :l

    What do you mean btw? :confused:

    (Shall wait for you on Skype btw <3}

    Man that brings back memories...


    Allright, I'll be here. Gl, dude. Music helps the time fly, if you're ever needing to help a day go by fast.
    Ake, I'm really sorry. I've been a terrible friemd ;~;
    I'll make it up to you somehow.

    Sooo... just say when... I guess...
    That sadface... <\3

    I'm sorry Ake, when do you want to talk?
    Class tomorrow ends at 1:30 so I'm free anytime after that
    This is weird...I don't like this right now...AND WHY IS THERE A LIMIT FOR THIS NOW!!!!AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I havez no laptop yet.
    Still swamped by school fines n stuff, and still need some books.

    Sorry Ake, It may be a while~ </3
    I will. Already watched the full Vid, a.d saw an online mode.

    So def. Gettinv it xD
    Can you chat in dis game?

    It may take a while haha xD
    Really, it all depends. I have lotsa school loans to pay down for now, I'm afraid </3
    ...You know what Akenero. I think I may decide to base my next short story after you. :p

    Keep an eye oit!
    %'ll let ya know once work on it starts.
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