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  • go to neo.

    I am contacting EVERYONE and we are going to revive it. I texted caitie and I'm working on ryan, Jesse, THA, etc.

    not trolling
    O-oh jeeze!
    Realization strikes!! I was once a player who would ask you if D3 can chaingrab, and now i'm in the BBR with you. ;~;

    Though I may be mentor for the character now, I shall always consider myself professor steamed-buns numbah one cario pupil!!
    Mm. Yea exactly!

    Lucario has options for every situation. Killing, spacing, avoiding the kill, "pressure strings." His options arn't the best, but they're definitely there and plentyful. I think if your confident in your own fundemental skills as a player it will reflect heavily on how good your cario is. I think the only character that nullifys alot of this is MK. Frame data wise, he should be able to punish our...everything. And it's hard to punish his anything without a FCAS. :V

    I'm so glad he's not legal here.

    I'd still like some cario ditto's with you. Even if they are dumb. <3 Are you going to Detta's smash tourney coming up~?
    Oh oh!
    Hold on I remember this, because I thought it was pretty rad of you.

    It was before I started going to tourneys. You were beasting it up in friendlies so much against Bee's that he posted about how much you were improving on the CO thread. You came on shortly after and said you had some kinda realization about Lucario not being as good as his tier spot suggest, and that realization made you better.

    I heard you mention it a few other times too~!

    I kinda have to agree though. Check him out on the japanese tier list! With there restricted stage list, Lucario should be doing better there assuming he has the same level players we do! But he doesn't~! It's like, I feel lucario is where he is, because of all the effort his players put into making him stand out! He reflects the fundamental skills of a player more then any other character.

    I dunno. Just something that stuck in my mind about you. I thought it was a neat way to think. C:

    Sorry, had to spiel about that. :>
    Also league.
    I never could get into league, but they must be do something right if so many people are playing it.

    I like it's character diversity. I'll give it that.
    I see you lurking those Lulu's boards steam.

    So like, I mentioned your "Lucario is not as good a character s people think" point of view to Red ryu before you were in the BBR. and he thought it was pretty neat.

    Just sayin. Incase you wanna throw a few browny points my way or something. <3
    Also Warwick is a favorite of mine as well. Season 3 is gunna see a spike of them I bet.

    Nasus was my first champion. I gotta at least pay homage to him before S3, then Wicky is goin on my piccy!
    Ha, weird. I was just gonna ask if you were going to apply for the BBR chart panel.

    Good luck mate.
    Enjoyed reading and agreed with your MK ban posts in the tier list thread. Ironic though, seeing as we played MK dittos in our tournament match when I was in CO.

    Heard CO was going to Get Hype II, wanted to chill with you and Bees again, but then you didn't go. At least I got to hang out with Dan. Make CO go to Vengeance next month.
    Really? I am in the Facebook group but I have been busy lately. I want to go to FoCo fest so I am going to try to go to that one.

    Where is the one that is this weekend? I didn't really see one about it. *Then again the activity in it is a lot to catch up on sometimes haha*
    Hey, you arein the CO area correct? At the next tournament could we get some Lucas/Lucario friendlies? Mekos' talking has gotten me to really want to play the MU again haha.
    Oh so I guess you still ~somewhat~ have a soul.

    somewhat~ >w>

    Oh uh, about icys too. My advice is don't ****ing throw auraspheres. Like ever. Lol. I learned that the hard way that you will get PS'ded and grabbed. Just float around, and reverse alot of AS charges. Its ok if you take normal hammer swings as long as its not actual grabs its all good.
    Snake? Oh do you share my hate for that MU too? I've went out of my way to fight every snake player I can find (Really not that hard) so i'm more comfortable with the MU. I guess its not the worst, but its dumb. Very very dumb for lucario. Having to dance around his frame looking for an opening in fear of getting hit by that u-tilt. So gross.

    You probably no what I mean. Theres this range snake can sit at at around mid range that keeps alot of your movement options aside from backing up in check. Very irritating.

    Honestly i'm kinda sad you switched over to the dark side, but whatever it takes to win I guess.

    Just promise me you'll go lucario against me. Lucario dittos are pretty dumb, but id feel more honored if you did. <3 Ya know?
    Aww its all good man.
    Thats basically like turning down "Hey, ya wanna NOT have a chance of winning and team with me? :D"

    I'm decent, but fishbait would probably **** way harder then I can.
    First tourney. Man i'm a ******* for not showing up to these things. Was hella fun.
    Only thing that would have made it better would be entering teams with steams~ :3

    You up for some double Cario action?

    Oh and feel free to decline btw. I'm terrible. :3 Lost to bees. Apparently you can't block b-airs with your face.
    Man, this tourney sure would be alot funner, if a certain buttface wasn't in another country.
    Oh, well yeah, some people are ********. I play like, everything in Solo Q though, and I carry balls out most of the time lol. I usually play with friends though, I dont do Solo Q too often.
    Support is just balls out awareness, it's not boring at all. I also have to be predicting like, every enemy move otherwise I cant shield, and I have to stay in positions where im safe, but reveal them, and am in range to help. I also have to watch for ganks, set up wards, etc, etc. Also, late game, knowing who to shield and when, who to disable, knowing how to make saves, etc. It's pretty in depth tbh.
    I use a ****load of characters, but I usually end up as the Support as everyone thinks im good at it, and no one else likes it.
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