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  • Yoshi's don't abuse super armor enough. We can also go threw MKs tornado and smack him out of it with a N-air, but no one ever does it.

    So like, its possible, but were too busy complaining about how gay lucario is too practice the timing.

    I rather just pick dedede. =p
    but lucario has his everything. Those two moves ya mention'd are basically our whole repertoire against lucario.

    Egglays decent for slowly wracking up damage on lucario but at higher percents when we need to take lucario down we have no reliable option. He can put on the most pressure out of any character on our shields and theres nothing we can do about it. He out spaces us, out disjoints us, and shuts down our only reliable kill moves with D-air. We can't even throw eggs to get him to approach because you can aura sphere on reaction.

    Lucario doesn't completely wall characters, but in yoshis situation he does. Lucarios at his strongest when he doesn't have to approach, and yoshi's at his weakest when hes not getting any real reaction out of his opponent. Its just terrible. ;~; N-airs our "reliable" kill move in this MU. and by reliable I mean mash the A button while in the air and hope it makes contact with lucario at high percent.

    Our jabs pretty cool too.
    Oh nonono.
    Im laughing because theres no rating low enough to give the yoshi vs lucario MU. I still think its horrible when the character your fighting exploits all of your flaws. Yoshi's like, a completely joke if ya make contact with any of your moves. ;~; The momemntum is so hard to shift back in his favor. +4 lucario.
    So lucario vs yoshi is officially only plus 2 in lucarios favor now...


    Oh my gosh I feel so young. :>

    Dude gratz on college though man. :D What kinda career are ya hunting for? ,:3
    Be a little more specific. Give me a direct link to a post that I've made that includes what you want to see, as an example.
    No prob steamy goodness~! :D

    I still want you too train me in the arts of the aura. If its cool with my dad I can go too Mcfest next week~!!
    Nice lucario pose man. I took one like that under a waterfall, but you nailed the "content" look pretty damn spot on. :D
    Ohhh. Ok yea in a mcdonalds I kinda understand. .___.
    Juuuust in case a kids watching ya know? :< If ya play her there, i'd back ya up still man.

    Hehe. When I was little me and my sis use to play darkstalkers quite a bit. I use to main her. :> I've always thought fuzzy things were cute. =p
    Hype, is like a diesiese steamy.

    If ya wanna feel less, um...embarrassed when you play kitty girl, just have a small group of people cheer for you everytime you get a combo. THEN THE HYPE VIRUS WILL SPREAD AND INFECT ALL THAT WATCH!

    Just an idea. Weird, yes. Fun to try and ****ing awesome if it works? Double yes!
    Lol I'm sorry you were born in horrible state. I'm glad I was born as new yorker and remain to be that northern kid at school. People mock my yorker accent even though, when you think about it, southern accents sound stupid.

    /north is better than south rant
    Sorry, I don't think I do.

    I've been living in Florida my whole life. Can you tell me your name?
    ...oh whoop. Ya don't care do ya?
    No interest of talking? =/

    Aww....well alright, sorry for wasting your time dood.
    No prob man, i'm already planning to go to something since jesusran had cometh to save us from are marvel addiction.
    Juuuuust wanted to apologize, for not going before ya know? Was bugging me since, you were like, really sweet to me ya know? :3
    Er, well when I first came to the CO thread, you were so nice to me. I just wanted to apologize for not showing up too a tourney. It seemed disrespectful, since you were being so sweet ya know?
    Hey steamy n dreamy.
    I'm sorry I was a **** and didn't show when ya asked me when I met you. God I feel like an ***. ._. I'm really really sorry man. I promise i'll give ya big ol hug at the first tournament. Even if your not a riolu. C:

    Aww really though...I hope I didn't put myself on the bad terms list. Friendly friends yoomtah? :3
    da bes scrub eva ;D

    wth with the pig/ lucario avi XD

    I got a riolu bracelet, it's cute :3. I should show you on webcam sometime, a female smasher gave it to me ^_^
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