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    Jigglypuff rapes lucario
    Who doesn't?

    The internet has ***** my childhood. RAAAPED! :C
    Why do these random people suck at arguing? I miss the actual people who made sense in that thread.
    To see the list of people that posted in a thread, go to the board that contains the thread and click on the number of replies.

    It's also conveniently sorted by post count
    Aww I see.
    the way I see it theres only one requirment to being in brawl. Be someone people like. AKA don't be hated. (I guess that counts pit out)

    Hey speaking of pit, ya getting kid icarus up rising when it comes out? They actually make pit seem cool in it. Atleast his balls have dropped.
    Hey fuzzball!
    So I saw your post about lucario and mewtwo in the ssb4 discussion thing. I agree with you but...
    YOU AS A LUCARIO MAIN SHOULD KNOW THE MEWTWO FANBASE IS EXISTANT. Seriously, how many times have you heard someone *****ing about how there psychic kitten thing being replaced by lucario? :V

    I agree with your point, but ya can't go saying things like that or it will get your idea discredited. Actually thats all the SBB4 discussion thread is. People going
    "you're opinion is wrong."

    derp. Just saiyan.
    Hey steam. No whats stupider then lucario dittos?
    Lucario ditto's online!
    Steamy goodness.

    Am I buggin ya man? Your visitor message things full of samurai otters. :V
    Hey steamy goodness.

    Why are you so retardedly taller then me? :D Are you tall, or am I just a midget? Being homeschooled doesn't keep ya in the loop that much with these things. But from what i've seen i'm like an itty bitty monkey the circus guys walk around with compared to you. ;w;
    Insomnia is super neato btw. :V
    2 days away from visiting my grandparents back in AZ and I can't sleep. .-.
    Sorry for bugginya. :<
    I heard he can U-smash a few characters outta d-throw but I never tried it yet. man thats like a free kill.

    I love my characters BS. :3

    You should play him too, and we can have DDD dittos on bridge of eldin. :D
    I thought ganon had the best grab range though.

    Oh hey joking aside ddds now have a new advanced tecnique thats lets them grab even more during a chaingrab effectivly increasing the damage by 30%. Trying to learn it now since i've got nothing better to do. :D Its kinda tough...by DDD standards atleast. Like his only technique technique. :V

    I pretty much switched to DDD and G&W because there super easy. :3
    Steamed buns.
    hey why is ddd considered your worst anyways? As ddd it seems like any other match up. That and it seems like you can totally dance around DDD's shield without punish.

    Just wondering, don't mind me if I said something stupid.
    Wait no. do becaues then i'll never get responses from you and that would make me a sad panda. :<
    ...I have the urge to steal an avatar now that you mention. if my futachimaru one wasn't so awesome. >w>
    When I get some bucks I will! I'm saving up for a present for my bro. Gonna get him god of war 2. :D I already got a big floatzel plush (That doesn't have its floaty. Damnit ebay!) too cuddle. <3

    Heeey and I swear I didn't take you location! I put it up there when someone though I wasn't in colorado so I kiiiinda did so to troll a bit. Sorry steamy! I promise I didn't copy it though. Dans I totally stole though. :D
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