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  • Olá! Sou novo nas boards e vi que havia uma Cena de Smash portuguesa! Mas não consegui entrar no Grupo através do post, como faço?
    yo, it's Limit. Are you still around? Just checking in on all of the old Bowser brethren.
    Hey, I'm sort of around. I haven't been playing much and I'm not really feeling Bowser in Smash 4 because of default klaw and lack of access to custom klaw online. I've been mostly messing around with the Koopalings and Charizard. If you need a hand or a voice to get a Bowser project off the ground I'd be glad to chip in though
    Boas Flayl! Estou à procura da Comunidade Portuguesa de Smash mas o Link de Facebook disponível não existe.
    Como faço?
    Boas, mandei o teu perfil ao admin do grupo, ele vai te adicionar
    Ola! Tenho estado á procura de uma comunidade portuguesa de smash e encontrei o grupo social aqui mas não está a funcionar, alguma ideia de onde procurar?
    Olá, mandei o link do teu perfil ao administrador do grupo, ele vai te adicionar!
    Ei, inscrevi-me recentemente e queria entrar na comunidade portuguesa. Encontrei-a e não consigo ver qualquer um dos tópicos. O que é preciso fazer?
    Boas, existe alguma comunidade portuguesa de Smash? Não tenho encontrado nada e o grupo de smashboards já não existe.
    I am reading your guide, don't worry. 8[
    Yoshq used Luigi and Mk. Idk how many times he used him, but I saw him use Luigi.

    Also Karamity didn't use Yoshi once.
    Thanks again for the GIFs--I was able to pull off Bowser Bombing Ike's Aether in a match the other day. :)
    Could you link me again to the video of Bowser gimping Ike with Bowser Bomb mid-Aether?
    My placement shouldn't be praised honestly, I just lucked out big time: Kasper didn't attend and neither did Doplghost. Neither Cong nor KillerJawz entered singles and Pafos quit. So the absence of Falco, 2 Olimar's, Samus and Diddy Kong meant I was bound to get a better placement than usual. There was a pretty big turnout this time and I was paired with a lot of easy randoms. JMiller screwed up late in the game and I beat his Luigi 2 - 1, hopefully the set is uploaded soon. I was fortunate enough to not get paired against Hoe4u, but I would have Pikachu mirrored him anyway had that happened because he doesn't lose to Bowser anymore.

    I lost to CloudRainZero twice. He knocked me into losers, and then knocked me out, all matches were on Battlefield and I didn't take a single game, the Fox MU is impossible. Had I won I'd have likely made grand finals since I'm sure I could have taken Calzorz' Marth (he went all Marth this time) without much trouble because it's very mediocre. Though I imagine he'd have switched to Snake if the pressure was on, then I'd have lost.

    I foresaw a placement of 6th - 4th the moment I saw those brackets. The only people posing any kind of threat there were JMiller, Hoe4u, CRZ, Calzorz and Anaky. Grand finals were pretty much out of the question as that's reserved for the latter two, and I expected to lose to at least two of the former three. I didn't expect to beat JMiller, I think I played well, I knew I had a chance against his Luigi at least because it's not the hardest MU out there. It was quite surprising though, I don't think any of us really expected it, I think he took it a bit hard since he's usually really comfortable against Bowser, no matter what character he chooses.

    This was a one-off, though, next local I'll get the usual low - bottom positions as the more bothersome players will likely enter.
    Can you brawl tommorow?

    Yeah you helped alot thanks, I have absolutely no experience against Bowsers. o.o The way you took my first stock on Brinstar made me lol.

    Fair enough :X

    Yeah, I saved two. The Sonic Boards tend not to critique wifi replays though. Can't blame them I guess :/

    Yeah, norfair is fairly good for MK. But better than RC/Brinstar? Not really.
    Since you asked about the stage list in a couple places, and not sure where you'd be more likely to see this, it goes here:
    Yes, MK has more potential CP that he is strong on. However, they're completely irrelevant. His 2(3?) strongest CPs have always been legal (Brinstar, RC (delfino)).
    Assume character A had a 90-10 MU vs every character on 2 stages. All of a sudden, 4 other stages where character A has a 70-30 MU vs every character. Do these new stages really help character A at all? No, not really. Why would he purposely chose a stage when he has a much better option.
    Now, every other character has a ton of new stages that they can choose from. Given that people are usually lazy (and the fact that MK already has his best 2-3 CP) MK mains PROBABLY aren't practicing the new stages all that much. On top of this, a ton of stages (probably) have little aspects of them that help certain characters. So, now every other character has more CPs because of the stage themselves or people's inexperience with them, characters not named MK, have suddenly gotten slightly "more viable."
    Is that something from Other M?
    I'm not that big into Metroid-lore, but I've never heard about something like that before.
    It's really is a shame. :/

    I'd like to do some rediscussion on some of our threads and clean up some older outdated stuff. Let's chat on AIM sometime about it.
    You should've told me it made you mad that you were the only Bowser posting in the tier list thread!

    I'm going to post in there more often and help out with discussions. :)
    Because I gave up. Mk is never going to be banned, and so there's no reason to even bother with it anymore. Now I'm just going to master the Meta Knight ditto with Lee and be done with it.
    Just a heads up, if u want accurate results for your LT project. u need ALL lt results. as far back as u can see.
    well if they're playing south korea they're getting the best practice they can get, lol.

    I'm not a fan of starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft II/III for me. I'm in the WoW Cataclysm beta right now :D
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