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Budget Player Cadet_
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  • Budget Player you are such a gangster. Remember that where ever you are in life you crusty german f*ck.
    Budget simple question?

    Do you believe there's a god out there?
    Budget Player Cadet_
    Budget Player Cadet_
    Define "god".
    A mystery person who has mysteries power. That can control his own creation.
    Budget Player Cadet_
    Budget Player Cadet_
    Given that definition, I see as of yet no reason to believe that a god exists unless someone can provide evidence of that being's existence.
    Curious since I don't think I've seen you write on them recently, what are your thoughts on Mario Circuit 8, Luigi's Mansion, and Skyworld?
    Budget Player Cadet_
    Budget Player Cadet_
    Mario Circuit 8 belongs firmly in the "Why the **** is this not legal" category. Unique, interesting, non-broken, rewards intelligent play and stage knowledge, all around really really great. Have not played enough on Skyworld to form an opinion but I really do not like Cave of Life stages and Luigi's is just a huge stallfest.
    Makes sense, thanks for the insight.
    Looks like your friend targeted you specifically in the marijuana debate thread. Seriously, I know we can chop it up to him being a mere child who doesn't know any better, but I am seriously beginning to believe he has some deep-seated vendetta against you and I in the name of his misplaced sense of moral code.
    Claire Diviner
    Claire Diviner
    If you're going to respond, tread lightly. You don't want to fall for his game. Truth be told, you're better off reporting the post for trolling, but that's just me.
    Creator of Brawl Minus [more or less], right? Nice to see you're still around...

    Due to some stage redundancy concerns and some stage desires conflicting with those redundancy issues, one of the Brawl Minus stages will tied to Lavaville as an alternative stage in Minus 4.0 [a Norfair 3.3 if you're familiar with the stage]. Any thoughts?
    Budget Player Cadet_
    Budget Player Cadet_
    I think Lavaville is basically the perfect stage. I've never seen Norfair 3.3; I don't really have any input on it. You're the second guy to ask me and I don't really know what to say. Depends on the game, which I haven't seen in ages.
    My apologies, I've been quite busy.

    Also I found about a day ago, my chances of going are looking hella slim. No one is willing to drive now and I have some medical bils I gotta pay off. I can't afford to fly either. So at this point I gotta say I'm a "No". I've been PMing and calling peple left and right trying to make it happen and I wanted to see if I could find an answer before replying. Since you're at a deadline and I don't have an answer I'm gonna say I can't go :(

    I had no idea my ride would bail on me.
    Apologies for the late reply: After my huge tournament this upcoming weekend, I should know for sure if I can go or not.
    Good luck this weekend at your tournament. I've got one myself and its looking a little stacked...plus its Japanese ruleset. My partner and I are looking to take down Ally though. Hopefully I'll have more videos to show as well.
    Hey bro, do you have any videos to show me yet? Just wanna do some homework when I can an make teaming as smooth as possible.

    There's a post there with all the tournament footage from doubles and whatnot. Fortunately we were on the livestream most of the time. Ignore the ****ty commentating though. I will admit this was my partner's first time teaming with a competent Wario so the combos are there but not to an insane degree like when I am Dedede. We still did solid though for not teaming in months and me using Wario instead of D3. We took 2nd at this one losing only to MJG/Kain in WFs and GFs. Tbh, my D3 >>>> my Wario though especially with MK as my partner. I just wanted to get my Wario in shape as fast as I could. ;) I wish I had vids from some other tournaments we've teamed at because frankly we've done some disgusting stuff lol. Anyway these are very recent so its a good start.

    And yeah I started off going 100% Dedede in doubles. Then I realized that with double MK teams AND the stage list...I needed a secondary and Wario just kind of fit the bill. And now I use them interchangeably. Its such a strong combination of characters. Im so glad I picked up Wario lol. And my partner that I dominate doubles with in my state...he's a Snake main but he as a great MK he uses for doubles and certain MUs. So needless to say MK is my best and most reliable partner. So I think we could do some work. I'm very vocal as I believe communication is key and builds the path for synergy. And I like to have a gameplan going in.
    Ah I see. I haven't even thought about doubles yet since I've been so busy with this project I'm working on. I'm one the most defensive stock tanking support D3s around. My Wario has also proven pretty key in my most recent doubles events. And I've got overall great results in my state and good in my region. So if you need a good partner who's really doubles oriented, let's do it. Lemme know.
    Thanks for the offer man...but I have one person in mind. If that doesn't go through I'm just not going. I'll be cheering for u all on the live stream tho! :).
    I was just looking for the spell and trap staple cards I guess, the ones always used(Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, Book of Moon, torrential tribute, mirror force, Mind Control, Heavy storm, solem judgement, solem warning) lol and other interesting cards. MST and Call of the Haunted I want from what u just listed.

    Monsters I am interested in too like Gorz, the emissary of darkness, black luster solider - envoy of the beginning, kycoo the ghost destroyer.
    If you still find the time, don't forget to check on what Yugioh cards you have, really interested in foreign stuff (:
    I'd purchase some cards depending on what you have, I don't mind that. Perhaps u could list some of the more regularly used cards you have? Whenever u get a chance of course. I don't have a clue what u have lol
    any chance you play Yugioh? I'd love to trade for some foreign cards if you are coming to SKTAR
    Well I'd suggest you take it to Forum Support not because I can't be bothered to deal with it, but basically because I'm in no position to make a judgment about a game I know literally nothing about.

    And I'm not going to play through a game just to make a moderation call. :/

    So yeah the place you'll want to check out is Forum Support since all the admins and some Senators will be in there to deal with the problem and I guess one or two may know the game or at least know someone who does and can make a call on it.

    Sorry if it upset you but honestly you probably know how tight SWF runs its ship on stuff like this and quite frankly I'd rather not get the **** end of the stick for being a lackadaisical mod or something. :/
    Well geez I dunno it's the other staff that told me about it I have no clue I'm not exactly a hentai buff. ¬__¬
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