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  • BPC to answer a small fragment of you post in the MlP debate, I have the worst time telling when people are joking over the internet. Just PM/Ask Teran he can tell you all about my inability to tell when people are joking or not.
    BPC_, why do people keep saying stuff like FD and SB are unbalanced? Seriously, there's absolutely nothing random or game-changing on those stages, IMO. Care to explain?
    BPC, for seibrik's tournament we aren't playing on THE STAGE wario ware, we are playing THE GAME wario ware. Pictochat being banned isn't exactly..that surprising since he hates it.
    Hahahaha, really? I didn't know that. I saw the players/hosts list with some pretty competent people like Pierce, DMG, Chibo, AZ, etc. and I thought it was worth mentioning it to you lol. My bad, then.
    1) scroll to bottom of any forum page
    2) click forum jump drop-down list
    3) scroll to 'Brawl Back Room'
    4) look one title below
    5) ???
    6) Profit?
    but I'm usually a perfectionist, so while I thank you for that offer of help I prefer to do it myself
    btw I wish I could come around to the stage discussion more. my character dominance chart usually takes up all my time when I get on.

    you have no idea how taxing that is
    I wish I could post like you can! damn, man.

    I'm wondering if I should even apply because of my character dominance chart. If I get in they could say that's a BBR source of data and I wouldn't really agree with that.


    p.s. I screen capped your post for greatness
    Gotta tell you I loved the way you expressed yourself in the BBRAT. seriously, 98% of the people in SWF wouldn't have the balls to just post what the hell they think about BBR.
    I have to leave for school in about 1/2 hour, and then I have night school tonight.

    I can't playtest anything today until about 10:30-11 PM. It's 8:30 AM right now for me. Today's one of my busier days. I'm also caught up in doing school stuff tomorrow, though I should be able to test anything tomorrow after about 2 PM or so.
    I'm sending you messages =/ are you not getting them? Imma reset skype real quick
    Darknid I've dealt with before, he's not exactly a person who puts a point forward well. Orion kinda of does this as well but at least he puts points forward when he feels like it's needed.

    Falln...why is he a mod there? He seems to display poor behavior and talk when addressing points.
    I posted my thoughts and looked it over.

    Their just trying to use ad hominem on you instead of addressing you point most of the time, you clearly have the stronger argument.
    Yeah that's why I go and mod here and not there.

    When their admins are putting up the Chudat Chronicles which has stories of child molestation and using vegatable oil for"pleasure moments" something is wrong.

    Yeah I'll look at the arguments and make a post about my decision.
    It depends if the MK is good at avoiding the chain grab. If they are BF is better, if not FD is better.
    I've been off the PT chat for my winter break, since I decided to take my (IMO) well-deserved hiatus so I could finally have a month of pure relaxation.

    I wasn't able to log onto my main account via my phone either, since the amount of messages on the PT chat killed my skype every time lolz. I have plans coming, just need a little more time to develop it (should make us more efficient).
    i forgot the reasons a character should be banned. i remember one was that a character has to be alien to the entire cast

    what were the rest?
    It's a practical, but hopfully if it works, "realistic" joke. I"m doing it 'cause i want Ally to have no competition in the next year MLG circuit.
    I need your help to ban Diddy Kong. Please report members and join my guild.

    I was browsing the "Don't ask, Don't tell" thread, when I came across your sig.

    What did SuSa do?
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