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  • Alright, how about around 5 o'clock EST? (2 hours from now, I don't know where you're at or I would have posted it in your timezone)
    OH. I read that as an acronym . . . . .

    I've played people in Germany with no lag in the past, I don't think it would be that problematic. (Though I can't play right now anyway)
    What is the EU?

    (BTW, those three have pretty much no shot, especially the last two, the only ones I can see being added are Hanenbow and Green Hill Zone.)
    Hey, some time later would you want to brawl on wifi? I'm just curious how you play on all the stages. (Walkoffs, Cave-of-lifes, neutrals, etc.)
    ahhh du bist the cadet! xD
    oh man bin ich dämlich,hätt ich auch von selbst kommen können :p
    schade man,hätt dich gern dort getroffen, aber wir berliner planen ja schon ein 2.BIB fürn winter also spätestens da ne? ;)
    hey, wie kommt es dass du in deutschland lebst und ich dich noch nie gesehen habe im gsb O.o?
    sag mal du warst nicht bei BIB oder?^^
    It's not weird at all; it's just two guys getting aroused by stages. ;P
    Mmmhmm, it was. <3

    Distant planet should have been made legal a long time ago, and Pictochat can easily be a competitive stage. I agree tht PTAD is debatable, and Norfair is absolutely ama-OH!
    I feel obligated to express my undying love for you that grew forth from your stance and posts in the Ground Zero mosque topics.

    (no homo?)
    ok, in the config it says "SD cheats "YES" "

    but it still says No Sd codes found...
    how would I check that?

    (i only have the bootelf from gecko on the SD card, as the instructions said...)
    Nice! Those are some great ideas dude. I really like the splitting up thing too. I could be he best X main here, but I could have no knowledge on what should make a stage competitive or not. It reminded me of the US Government, all the different divisions and such. I'd be willing to try it.
    followed the directions for the stack smash correctly, but when I get to the gecko screen, it says "No SD codes found", then the game restarts as if nothing happened o_O
    Nah, I didn't, but I'll have to see it later. I need to get off and study.

    Good luck at your first smashfest.
    BPC, you're a pretty good debater.

    It sucks that you're in such an isolated region for smash. I think you could be in the Back room (if you consider that a good thing) if you had some tournaments under your belt
    Think you could help me?

    I have a blank SD card available, but aside from downloading the files onto it, I dont know what to change in oder to get it all working...
    Oh, you found our matches, lol. No worries, I can upload some replays for you next time if you want.

    We should play again. I get next to no MK practice x.x

    I'll reply to your post when I get back home. I have to leave for quite a long while, so be patient! ;)
    I'm added, he did. I just stopped checking like a few weeks after the application (since I don't recall an admittance deadline, and waited for you guys to just contact me on Smashboards. I've already begun posting on older topics in the B-BR.
    I eventually stopped checking, lol. I figured I'd know when you guys opened it up. I'm already registered on Smashmods.
    Gentleman, your signature makes no sense.

    Brawl is a scrub game.

    SFIV isn't.

    Brawl bans a lot of things.

    SFIV bans nothing.

    Stages mean everything in Brawl.

    Stages mean nothing in SFIV.

    Yeah... no sense at all... Also it leads to a closed thread.
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