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  • When's next release?

    My potential tourney schedule is looking like June 5th and June 26th
    Well just for you I'll run Brawl- as a side event at all the tourneys (just like how hobo is consistent with low-tier side events).

    And no I won't run Brawl- as the main event. If I do, I won't get the turn-out. Only reason I'm doing BBrawl is because how similar it is to vBrawl.
    You underestimate how much work that is, because in every code every action you write has pointers to either your code location or fighter.pac locations, so if you need to port to a new memory location, you would have to rewrite every line which isn't hard, but is very annoying.
    I haven't honestly tried, but there may be more to it than that. For example, you are writing to an area in memory which I *know* is blank in NTSC to store the code. So yes, porting it to the fighter.pac offset difference is required, but more may be required if the area in memory you are writing too isn't blank for PAL as it is for NTSC
    Thats easy. In action 1D If - RA-Basic[1] > 0, that segment right there in the if statement is the powershield section
    while i do know how to modify PS and other stuff, it has implications on effecting the transition to action 1D (where PS and non-PS shieldstun are housed).

    What do you have in mind?
    I played brawl minus at a smashfest yesterday. I must say Im very impressed. I particularly enjoyed zelda's brokeness :). Much better than brawl +. Good job.
    On the note of Bowser, I just think some of the smaller hitters need a few moves that work 100%, and hed be fine. Whats on the note of Sonic, I think hes good now, but he could definetly use some Spin Dashing (and any move using his ball form) buffing, after all, thats easily Sonic's best and most powerful tool, not the Not so Giant Punch XD
    All right, cool. Well things have cooled down a little, so plenty of time and all that. If I may ask, whos getting changed (majorly). So far it seems like Charizard, Ivysaur, Olimar and Bowser seem to be the popular names for it, but who else...if you dont mind telling me anyway
    Essentially yes, the V2.0 basically, or are you guys just going to release it when its ready and enough time has passed?
    Hey BPC, will there be a Beta for the Minus changes anytime soon, or is it still being talked about? Just outta curiosity
    heya BPC, quick question:

    does Brawl- behave like BBrawl in terms of how you download it?

    (just slap it on a SD card, boot up the Custom Stage menu into gecko, ???, profit)
    Hey BPC, whenever you get back, get on the Brawl- skype chat! Kinda urgent! =O
    Hey BPC, Ive been working on a move set "improvement" (just suggestions sadly, if I had any hacking ability, Id love to make it myself...so maybe the whole point of doing this is pointless -_-) for Charizard to make him broken and more unique, currently I find that he is very...lacking and boring. Nothing's changed it seems, damage buffs and a better Flamethrower sure, but nothing crazy. The moveset Im going to suggest will make him truely worthwhile, right now I think he belongs in the "unplayable" catagory. Would it be all right to share my thoughts on it?
    I see, what can be edited is a good question. Blastzones seem like a given, but nothing else beyond that much, then again, it depends what you want to be done with it

    On a side note, would you ever care to Minus with myself BPC?
    Hey Budget, I was curious, is there any plans for stages -. I know + retooled a lot of stages, but is there a specific Minus set of stages planned out?
    I wish the SBR would announce something so I never have to look at that thread again.

    It's just ridiculous
    Hey can you send me a link for the pre alpha build. We may be doing a brawl- tourney tonight.
    i havent even begun to troll lolololololol trust me, its just my personality. in all reality aside from the occasional SEMI off topic post ive done barely any trolling. the smash community is really really sensitive i guess :/ and id rather not wait as i was in the middle of typing a long post when i noticed i was banned :L

    if i want to troll brawl minus it would take 2 hours or less to get permabanned from LEGITIMATE reasons. just tell them not to take the troll parts of my posts so seriously and to look at the more important part the posts

    the DISCO ROOM on swf, a room made of pure spam/flame/troll/etc was begging for me to be room banned day 1
    ban on B- forums.

    dude maybe you should look at the helpful posts i make consistently on these forums, before you get butt-hurt and ban over 1 or 2 other posts that you dont like

    i genuinely hate the tagline that b- banner currently has, at least brawl plus' "Screw that, I want funspeed ACTIVATE" makes sense.

    break the limits doesn't suit what you are trying to do with brawl minus it just doesnt make sense, sure it has break in it but limits doesnt really mean anything at all here. i really think we could have a MUCH better tagline, at least do me a favor and get people to vote on it no matter how lolz the full answers are on the poll

    and as with any character boards everything i say is true, i play with utahs top 5 brawlers on a regular basis in all brawl plus vbrawl and minus versions and we are the best state in our region by a LOOOONG shot aside from california alot of my concerning things like pikachus thunder bolt are from the mouths of utah smashers top 5 whom are too lazy to get b- themselves and make accounts on your forum.

    so with this i kindly ask that you lift the three day banned that was imposed upon me, regardless of wether or not you are the one who did so.
    Ah, okay. Thanks!

    Then what is the word for bringing in irrelevant topics just to win an argument o_O.
    What's a straw man? Is that when u bring in irrelevant topics that you know u will win at
    I don't use Skype at all...I guess there is no reason for me to not start using it however, since it seems to be pretty common.

    Aaaaand, I might as well sign up on the Brawl- forums. Will do that later.
    Honestly I don't mind testing for Brawl- at all, but I'm just limited in time. But since you asked, I will actually try to do testing.
    Sounds good.

    The whole project is a great idea, btw..... I was getting so so bored of Brawl, and even though this is something entirely different, it made the game fun again. Definitely gonna spread the word as much as I can!
    Yeah, QA is pretty ****ing great now. It's entirely possible that I'm just being selfish because I love my Pika so. =X

    I'll see if I can think of anything and get back to you. And I'll talk to some of the other Pikas.

    When do you think the final version'll be ready?
    Lemme try him again before I give a definite opinion. I guess it's not so much that he's not broken but that he lacks the complete lulz factor that characters like Luigi (tripping), Link (arrows), Bowser (walking super armor), and Ganon (.....practically everything) have.

    The new spikes are hella cool, though. So are the changes to QA. Maybe I just gotta get more fancy. =X
    Do you stick the folder 'Brawl Minus' in the root of your SD card? I'm trying to figure where to put it... <_<

    I played Brawl- yesterday and it's super cool.

    I'd like to give some ideas sometime if I think of any but I'm too lazy to look for a thread.

    Just thought I'd let you know.

    edit: even though there's a link in your signature.
    hey BPC, I'm gonna do the phase 5 group a favor and get hackmii on an sd card. Which version is the latest? and what do I need to do to run it?
    "Reminds me somehow of an idea I had. Brawl- likes to lampoon things. For example, we made fun of BBrawl not buffing sonic's kill power by... also not buffing sonic's kill power and instead buffing his damage output to 3x the size. My idea was make Metaknight obviously above the curve, refuse to tweak him to nerf him, then cause debates if he should be banned in Brawl-. :V" (can't BB code here, apparently...) That's... hilarious.

    I wish more people in SoCal played hacked versions of Brawl so I had people to play Brawl- against :(

    It's just too awesome

    Just thought I should say :p
    No doubt you've noticed we're planning on having a brawl- side tournament at Phase 5 on the 30th; any chance we could get the full alpha a day or so early so we have plenty of time to set it up? :)
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