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  • Hey, is there a High resolution version of some of the CSS pics? I want to get a T-Shirt made with your Ganon on it, and maybe a couple of other chars.
    *looks at pic above* lolz

    so, I was wondering what to expect on the stage/CSS side of the new release, as I have alot of hacked stages/etc...

    will stuff like Frozen Warioware be in the DL, etc?

    (also was Bowser's SA changed at all?)
    So uhh... Hey Kyle. You post on PT boards sometime and I just realized who you are. You are one of the admins for the wombo combo facebook page! That's weird.
    What's going on with you man? I haven't seen you in the Brawl- chat in a long time. You're one of the people running it, and it seems like, well, every one of them is gone, and only one of them really has an excuse. Hit me up, lemme know what's going on.
    You posted that Eminem vs. Yoshi remix on Kotaku and it's still stuck in my head.

    I tried pf>Menu2 once but later on in the thread he said it didn't work or something.
    Ehhh, I'll just mess around with it later and see what happens.
    Yeah, did all that and it didn't work. The only thing that happened was that the character spots changed and I had two Zelda slots and a separate Sheik spot. o__O

    Not really much to go on I know but it's pretty annoying. /:
    I merged the two posts together.
    The newest post just takes the date of the older one.
    Ahhhhhhh so all the stuff WAS in that common3 thing...yea I tried looking at it in a hex editor but gave up straight away because I can't read coding language...haven't studied it and sadly haven't the time atm

    So what are the mechanics behind what she pulls up? I hate to sound silly and reptitive but I still don't understand - each Turnip has a probability but how is the actual Turnip determined? Is it something like a RNG or is there an order? It just seems odd because the Turnip/Item seems to be determined before or once Peach has actually used her Down + B
    Just wanted to say super congratulations on finding out that stuff to do with Peach's Turnip coding - I tried (and failed miserably) to look for something similar when I had a look at her PSA thing xD

    Out of curiosity, how did you do it and where was the coding thing from?

    Since we now know the percentages of her pulling up specific items...is there any potential way to...oooh I don't know...abuse it? :p
    In a normal match that is, not a hacked version of Brawl

    Did you manage to find out what the mechanics were of it selecting a Turnip? All I got was 'Generate Article 2'. Did you find out anything about what kind of Turnip it chooses and why? Is there an order? A RNG?

    Sorry to post so much, its just I'm very very interested in this despite being utterly hopeless with computers ^^"
    Hey Xyless, I'm coming to Chicago on the 21st and I thought it would be cool to meet another Peach player. :)
    I see, yeah it was my fault I got timed out, lol. I was up 30% in the last minute, but I played dumb because I got nervous and thought I was going to take too much damage, so I approached TL to try for the win, but it didn't work out to well >_< It's all good though, now I know what I have to do differently.
    whats up man? I think I saw you @ the best of midwest, but you were in a tournament match. You were doing really good vs Quik! That Fair-f-smash tactic was working well vs tornado. You space well and seem to have a good understanding of Peach's properties. I was waiting behind you to finish, but the match was going so long(battlefield) I didn't have enough patience to wait and chat because I had a match coming up and I wanted to watch my friend play.
    Hey Xyless, I'll see what I can do, I haven't had a lot of chance to play with people lately. I hope to get some more replays tomorrow.
    I can make a dozen vs computers without trouble, but I prefer to send you human vs human
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