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  • Shanus in project M. For Lucario would you guys ever consider for the next patch/update (whenever that is going to be) to revert his Airthrow back to what it was before 2.5/2.5b. but keep everything else the same of how it currently is. I really like the character and is by far one of my favorites. Again keep up the awesome work with Project M. I love this game.
    ok, in nov im free most fridays...and random q: do you go to Anime Boston ever?
    hah, dude we could totally hang out sometime and try out PM :p

    I havent played competitive melee, but I learn / adapt quick enough
    too many projects to sticky. old rule was any active mod received a sticky, so it was changed with the recent codesets. not fair to drown out any other good topics either.
    Quick question. Is there any way that I can get a beta for Project M ? I would love to upload some Project M Beta matches between me and Armada on my channel :).
    Hey! Will from Directional Influence here! Directional Influence is the latest smash dedicated podcast that covers upcoming tournaments, upsets, and developments in the smash community. Rapture, Punishment Divine, and I were wondering if you would join us for our latest installment. Would you be free to talk about Project M with us tonight at 10:00pm EST via skype?
    I still actually haven't got Project M. I made an application some time ago asking if I could get the Beta, but I got no response ;P
    i am interested in doing project m large scale at pound 5 with a guaranteed pot of 500 dollars or so :) how would u feel about that? you should come to pound 5 as well and promote!!!
    Diden't think it was feedback... Just trying to keep the PM thread on track by contributing to the conversation. My voice doesn't hold any weight in the PMBR... So I'm conversing with the other common folk.

    I will leave actual build related statements and questions on smash mods from now on.
    That is unfortunate. Is that true of all defensive collisions? I know there are at least two kinds of reflects, and one of them seemed easier to reflect with than the other.

    Also unfortunate to hear about the items...

    I would suggest that maybe you could make the character initially intangible on a powershield, so the projectile goes forward enough to hit the reflection, but it would probably just strike the shield and stop.
    By the way, how did you figure the defensive collisions don't work properly with all the characters? I'd be interesting in knowing the info you've gained about defensive collisions in general.
    : (

    Unfortunately it seems like you've tried everything I would've tried. I can't really guess where you'd find what you need. Honestly you might be more likely to find a useful command by looking at the Franklin Badge's code; maybe you could find a PSA equivalent for what it does?

    Yeah, I don't have any good ideas, really :/
    Ach, unfortunately I haven't been able to find it. I think I deleted it from my notes after I posted it on the old P:M forums... : (
    yeah, I created an account, but when I try to send you a PM it says: "oops, this link appears to be broken".

    I'm about to try again right now.
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