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  • Any ideas on how to edit GCT files? I want to implement the PAL codes for Brawl+ but strangely, its not working.
    make an account on smashmods.com and PM me once you have and ill get you set up
    Can you move your animation data to another area in memory, I need to use up a ton of lines to fix L-canceling (1048 byte count :-O )

    Free areas:
    901A0000 - 90340000
    93573000 - 935E0000
    Any progress? We gotta finish these codes before we get sc2 beta otherwise it'll never get done lol
    Realized I didn't leave much info on it. Download the 2-10 build. None of my codes should be in a region even remotely near your engine. Any idea what could be going wrong?
    your animation engine stopped working on me and I don't know why :(

    I tried disabling my new codes and even went to older builds, but its still not working :-0
    Almas, while light-shoulder-detection would be a nice touch for the project, I would really appreciate if you could take a stab at that code I mentioned earlier:

    If character X was previously in animation Y, and now animation Z, change their position up/down by +/- U units, possibly with a wild card function for animation.

    With this I can make character landing behavior more closely resemble melee, dramatically improving l-canceling feeling, wavelanding feeling, SH feel etc. Several of our testers have noticed this already and were hoping we could do something about it.

    Anyways, my AIM is syeldell7676, if you want to talk more about exactly how this would function or what you think is possible or listen to me make things up about forced oscillators, send me a PM and I'll let you know when I can get on to chat.
    Yep, Change Action with requirement checks commands trigger on every frame of a move. My new L-canceling code checks for presses on every frame as well.
    There are a huge number which are unused. Like you can just generally throw anytihng in the 100's and its available. Shouldn't be too hard. If you can set it and then clear it like a frame or 2 after, it'd be cake to work into l-canceling.
    Have you seen a way to read that a light shoulder press input has been made?

    I recently made a far more advanced L-canceling code and had a great idea. Using the code I gave you previously, you should be able to identify the memory region of PSA variables. Then instead of worrying how to "register" a button press "officially" by the game, you can set the bit to true or something whenever the input is detected. Then I can just check for the bit set in the code.

    Alright thanks, I'll keep you informed :) . Thanks, red name is always good lol. Ok hope to see you there :D
    Almas baby, I will more then likely be giving you a visit soon if thats ok? Also you heading to the London event on the 30th?
    I cannot test this code anymore at the moment. The code booted normally once and I could battle fine. I then restarted my Wii and something very odd happened. I would get a stack dump every time your code was involved. I then tried loading no SD codes from my Wii with a USB Gecko in Slot B. I got another stack dump with 5 seconds remaining until it boots the game. I found this to be very odd. I tried Gecko 1.9.2 this time and got another stack dump. I don't want people to worry about this code bricking Wiis because everything else works fine so far and I doubt that would happen (if it is even possible), however, this does not seem like normal behavior of a Wii and/or USB Gecko. Admittedly, I am bad at Wii hacking and don't know much about it, but I thought you might want to look into this. I am sorry if this offends you (and for the lack of details about what happened).

    I hope this helps and the notes below may be of some use.

    OLD NOTES (I was about to post this):

    If you only apply the 3 codes in 4:3 (have not tested widescreen) 480i (Not 480p resolution, this produces a black screen.) I can brawl fine.
    Yes, it seems everything else works fine. For some reason there's a disturbing lingering placebo effect of making the game seem to be slightly faster though. >_>

    And the Data Index looked intimidating but porting was dumbly easy.

    May I ask what the values second-to-last last two values are:

    4A? It seems to be default for everyone. Having extra variables means more options, and it'd be rude to waste options. =D

    I'll also wait impatiently for you to fix custom move gravity. Hopefully the gods will aid you before Friday where Shanus will release the next official build. =V
    Well I tried it all and it seems everything doesn't crash and all.

    I still don't quite understand how I would edit the Data Index if I wanted to though. =/

    Also, the code that I need doesn't seem to work (Custom Gravity Modifier).

    Tornado was able to fly very high up, IIRC exactly vB height, even though there are two snippets of code (a full line) with his character ID and what look to be Tornado gravity restraints.
    Should I only load those codes you specified?

    I took off:

    Momentum Capture v4.3
    Jump/Grav Modifier and Values
    Momentum Values

    then used everything else in B+ 5.0 and it froze when I was about to dash off the battlefield platform.
    Just try loading the Launch, Grav and Momentum codes that I provided instead of the ones currently in use. Then remove the Jump/Grav values and Momentum Values codes.
    Ah, so...

    1. Character-specific physic changes are stored in the Data Index?
    2. Action specific changes are stored in Custom Gravity Modifiers?

    So in the current B+ set, the Data Index isn't used for anything is it?

    So how would I go about porting all those physic changes to Data Index so I can use Move Specific Gravity changes? o_o

    I think if you answer all these questions I'll be all set. Sorry if I ask a lot from you.
    Or rather...it doesn't exist? o_o

    I'm so confused lol. Could it be that frame speed mods were eventually used to solve nerf tornado gravity and whatnot?
    Hmm. It seems the new gravity engine doesn't work correctly (no downward gravity unless forced externally; Falcon Kick, stall-then-falls, etc.).

    So...if I wanted to edit specific move gravity using the old engine code...it's not an easily edited value is it?
    Thank you very much. ^^

    Just wondering though, is there a reason why this code is no where to be found in the BrawlPlussery set? Then...how was Link's UpB height implemented into it? o_o

    Also for Z/B, the 16 floats are like 2 is .9, 1 is .85 right?

    So like Link's less gravity on UpB would look like this with this code:

    06580600 00000008
    02020114 00000000

    Sir Almas, I have a question:

    You changed Link's UpB gravity to .9. Say I wanted to edit Marth's UpB gravity, how would I go about placing it within the Jump/Grav Data? Convert the decimal to 32 bit hex...then?

    It seems no one else knows because you executed the change by yourself. =<
    Hey, im kinda tired/busy atm so what ill do is send you their emails in a pm when i get the chance. Then, you can ask whatever you want, just say that you're gonna go to imperial and that you play melee, and they will listen
    I hear that the logo for imperial's gaming society is a melee logo so maybe you guys are in luck lol
    Hey, you said you might be interested in the plane ticket to France - 22.50 if you still are, the dates for the flights are 7th August at 7.30 am at Gatwick, coming back on the 14th (the following Friday). Registration closes tomorrow, so this is pretty much your last chance if you want it
    Can the new official codeset be 4.0? I mean seriously, we went from a smooth, professional game to a choppy one with either WAY too much hitstun (I got attacked upwards at 70 % and couldnt get out of hitstun until I was below the stage) or too little hitstun.
    what right do you have to close my thread just because you wanted to protect me from harsh criticism alma? i'll be the judge of that, i don't mind the harsh criticism nor did you have to close my thread, i'm gonna try to get a super mod to restore it
    hey why'd you lock the thread almas i don't mind harsh feedback...plus i already listed the reasons above if you read the top of the thread why i wasn't spamming...the original threads were out of my own request to lock them...but obviously the people who posted troll responses didn't bother to read which is why i posted an entire long section urging people to read
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