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  • Hey, just wanted to say that I'm still enjoying playing Zero and Wisp after all these years, so... thanks for your fantastic PSA hacks!
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    Thanks! I'm glad it's still worth it to have made 'em : )
    Defensive collisions come in a set size. So like, when I used them for Powershield reflect, some characters have a much easier time than others. DK for example, can only powershield reflect from his ***.

    Regarding items: They don't show off their "item-like" properties in common3.pac, that shows more of their moveset lifetime kinda things. Like how much damage when thrown, how long they last for, etc. Sadly there was no information there.
    do you know how to generate an item not in a characters hand. We are taking a new slightly ghetto approach to Powershield reflect (defensive collisions come at a set size it seems) and franklin badges scale with characters. However, using Generate Item places it in the characters hand and cannot be used (only can be thrown or dropped) and that seems to make the items lifetime be set to 0 when generates in hand.

    I tried lots of variations but havent had any success yet.

    Overall flow was like:

    Generate Item in Hand
    Consume Item or Drop Item
    IF dropped, pick up item, etc
    Set item invisibility

    then a separate code to make the items duration last 1 (or 2) frames
    hey eldiran, do you have that list still somewhere of offsets that dantarion made of characters ledgegrab ranges?
    Hmm... that's a shame. Hopefully there can be a way of making an enhancement of simply Wario with Warioman's statistics... except for the invulnerability.
    May I ask you something? If a killable Giga Bowser is possible, would a killable Warioman be possible? Just curious...
    fyi, you can use RA-Bit[2] (enable fastfall) as a method to do at least vertical momentum kills during/post hitstun
    well its not even that. Its actions subsequent to hitstun. For instance, say you up the gravity to link. Then try putting an add momentum to his upB because he doesnt rise far enough anymore due to grav. It will work in normal scenarios, but if you upB out of tumble fairly early, the command is ignored (I believe its programmed this way so that in brawl, aerials such as G&W dair, sonic dair, etc don't allow you to cancel momentum all the time when your hit hard)

    However, it will still effect things such as your ROB Airdash, and some bug I'm trying to fix with crouch canceling. I didn't know if you knew of any bit set or clear that might have applied to this behaivor
    do you know any methods to get around momentum additions or sets not working during histun? It seems like all 0E commands get ignored following hitstun
    thanks i will try doing that i made nesses yoyo into toon links hook shot so it should be easy enough to do.
    Hello eldiran I had a question how did you make zeros z-buster appear in every animation because I am working on a megaman Psa for ness and it would help to know how I can make his megabuster apear In every animation.
    Hi, do you know if there is an app on the HBC that can convert mp3 or aac to brtsm? If so, could you send me a link to download the app? If not, do you know anyone that could?
    No problem! I'm glad to be of assistance. Let me know if you have any more questions.
    Btw. Thank you so much for your help. Thanks to you my two psas (safeguard sheik and gundam marth) have entered the late beta stage.
    I'm afraid I don't. To my knowledge, it will be found either in FitZelda.pac, FitZeldaMotionEtc.pac, or FitZelda##.pac/.pcs.
    hey do you know where zelda stores the graphic effects for her down b? trying to replace them with a missle
    yeah... sigh.. it seems like it's hardcoded into either the animation or the article itself though I'm having a very hard time finding any mention of it in the file (even when using a hex editor)
    I was already at that offset and I no-oped everything there. in fact, I no-oped all functions in the sheik.txt file
    Wait, my bad. You're working with the needles before they are thrown, not after. I actually don't see anything involving pre-throw needles in FitSheik.txt.
    I searched through the FitShiek.pac file very extensively and I just couldn't seem to find where the needle is generated or where the needle's animation data is even called. I'm gonna keep searching though
    That'll probably be either hardcoded, or something you can find and edit in PSA by plugging in offsets from the sheik.txt.
    I'm just trying to figure out how to stop sheik's needles from firing whenever I remove the article
    I'm not sure exactly what you refer to by animation data -- if the animation isn't there in BrawlBox, there probably isn't one.

    I can, however, refer you to this:

    It is a text dump of article information for each character in the game. If you open Sheik.txt, you'll notice the offset I gave you (1E798) is right under Article 2. Article 2 is the chain, and 1E798 is the chain's offset. Basically, these text files will give you a lot of offsets you can putter around in. The ones that are attached to PSA code you can even enter in PSA and edit directly (so, for example, you could change the needles' offensive collisions).
    Just edited sheik's article 1 (have needles in hand) I'm currently working on editing her article 0. do you by chance know where the animation data for her article 0 is stored?
    Thank you so much ( i do have a hex editor btw. years of haxing and reverse engineering) I'm about to try it and i'll update you if it works
    Oh, that sounds pretty normal. Especially considering her chain is probably normally attached to her wrist. If you want to change it, you'll need a hex editor. When you have one (I recommend Hex Workshop), use it to load FitSheik.pac. In there, you'll want to go to offset 1E798 and about +80 from there will be a line 0000001E. 1E is 30 in hex, and 30 is the bone Sheik's chain article is attached to; you want to replace 1E with the bone you'd rather have it attached to. If you want to just be attached to the ground, replace 1E with 00.
    It causes the model to load on as if tethered to sheik's wrist. it's really weird. I copied the code from her taunt perfectly (the main and the other) but for some weird reason the model is loaded onto her wrist instead of being loaded on the ground
    Wait, changing the animation causes the model to load improperly? How do you mean exactly? That is a very odd situation.
    Well the purpose of this character is to be able to summon creatures for team attacks. (attacks where a friend jumps in and cascades) I want to make it so that the object loads normally. As a side note, during sheik's taunt the model loads perfectly as it should but when I put the taunt animation for the attack I want to double team with the model doesn't load correctly. Any ideas?

    Yep, it's definitely possible. You can change the bones that articles are attached to through a (possibly) complex process. Or, you could change the orientation of the object itself to look right with the bone it's on. The latter is probably easier.
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