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  • alright, i'll get the toon link psa and see what changes i can make. well for starters. only one attack should at least do 100 damage.I'll let you know when i'm done. :)
    Unfortunately not... the reason is that Warioman is unable to take damage. Since he can't take damage, I have no way to track if he has been hit or not.
    Thank you :3 I'm not that proud of Gardevoir though... The animations are so stiff, and the moveset just doesn't work well overall.
    I'm afraid I haven't heard of such a thing. I do know there are apps to do it on the computer, however I bet you already know that.
    Um, hi... I'm blaziken789. I like to use PSA characters in Brawl... that's about it to report... so um, yeah, if you have any good PSA, come see me.
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