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The Cape
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  • Hey, sorry to bother you, but could you either buff Kirby's f-smash in B+ or tell M2K you're not gonna, he keeps making threads in the Kirby boards asking us to make it better. Do I look like a modder to you? I would if I had the .pac files, but the download wasn't working, but more importantly, his pestering is getting on my nerves.
    Sure! I do indeed, and MSN (as of just recently). I'd tell ya my SN here, but I'm a bit tight-fisted about my contact info :p You'll find my contact info in the thread in the backroom. I'll be on AIM tonight -- I usually am late at night.
    slid off the road today cause my a****** chem teacher refused to cancel class despite the snow. So I'm gonna need to get my car looked at D:
    Come to Toledo or Northern Ohio so I can beat you and show you I'm not a casual. Or so someone can finally beat me in Smash, one or the other.

    P.S. Come back to the WBR and convince your buddies too. We wanted to do a new wave of apps so hopefully we could use that as a cleaning up period. I sent you a PM of what I wanted to help Brawl+ with next. (Hint: It has nothing to do with balance)
    Send me the changelist plz so I know what to look at when finals are done (after monday).
    This girl from anatomy and physiology keeps asking me out (at inconvenient times). She's clearly nuts, but also smart and f***ing bangin. Crazy girls... we're like magnets for them ;p
    Totally agreed with your exit post. 95% of the WBR is a bunch of meme-toting trolls who have zero competitive experience.

    but with all seriousness, great games. must do singles and me and glick demand a teams rematch. >:D
    Thanks! If a good Megaman X or Sigma could be made, I'd love to be the one to make 'em. Unfortunately I am totally unfamiliar with this Marina character. I'd love to Brawl sometime, but, fair warning, I don't actually play Brawl+.
    sweet man, not too incredibly close to my place but of course im down if you wanna head up here, probably about an hour for you, just let me know what your schedule looks like and we'll work somethin out dood, maybe we can get some hebrew nats on a fire, drink some beers and hit up some melee
    I learned so much from your Melee Mario waaay back in the day. That's disheartening to hear. But hopefully Brawl+ is the future.
    Edited an image from the PS2 Harvest Moon.

    OMG. The Cape wrote on my wall. *fanboy moment* I loved your Mario vids. Really inspirational stuff.
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