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Beren Zaiga
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  • Don't be too hard on yourself... I was being overly blunt. I went ahead and responded on KC-MM.
    Well I'll deal with that when I get there. Til then I guess It's on to more posting...
    I get the stems, but I mean somethign as intricate as our system for example. Because guest is going to say that they need a circulatory system when they don't.
    No problem man. Quick question though, just for clairaifcation:
    Plants don't require a circulatory system correct?
    US and I say they don't but Guest insists that they do.
    I'm wondering if I should call my trainer Obama, and my rival McCain.
    that'd be hilarious.
    what question?
    and what residual damage? with wonderguard sableye shouldn't be getting hit anyway because it has no weaknesses.
    wait, how does a sableye with wonderguard die from fire fang?
    did platinum just purposely **** me over?
    I read the convo with highfive.
    I use an intel mac. of course you can't run .exe files unless you get a certain software that can make it a .app (but that's pointless right now)
    code manager makes .gct files
    just use textedit to write up your .txt files
    Guess you either have to
    A) Get a friend who has a Windows comp to get it for you
    b) boot camp for Mac? Not sure if that's viable though. Or safe.
    It looks like your using a useless step. Simply copy and paste Phantom Wing's code (without the lines saying that he made it) directly in to code manager and then save it. I'll get you a picture.
    If you want to use Brawl+ then yes. If you just want textures and infinite replays then no.
    I don't see why you would want to do that. It's much more simple to copy and paste the code from the thread rather than create a .txt file, insert it in to code manager then turn it in to a .gct file.

    Some brawl related apps won't work on Macs I believe, don't quote me on that.
    Why would you want to turn it in to .txt? that won't work at all. It's supposed to be .gct
    you don't have to use it (i never did)
    because there is an HBC app called cheatmanager which creates a .gct file from your .txt file.
    you can find that on wiibrew. also, I assume you already have geckoOS and the codes so create a "txtcodes" folder in the root of your SD card and put the .txt for your .gct in there and cheatmanager should read it. you have to save the file in like ASCII format?
    I think...
    what, hey where'd you go?
    btw I saw the other M teaser and the voice acting wasn't completely cheezy, maybe because I didn't have high expectations, but srsly what'd you expect?
    Yeah, well, I would rather keep my Wii hack-free as possible unfortunately. Not to be a purist but I would rather that my Wii not be bricked by one of Nintendo's random updates, even if Homebrew can provide it.
    Well I have B+ and all you need is Homebrew and a SD card. That will allow B+ but you can still play Brawl w/o it tho.
    I agree. I would like to see Capt. Falcon v. Capt. Commando for ex. But at this rate man, idk...arguments seem to become less and less credible and more proof has 2 be made for things...we'll get thru eventually.
    But if u need help in Brawl I'm willing to help. I'm not tht good IMO but I get by lol.
    No prob. REL didn't get a chance to try a rebuttal against that though, would've have been interesting to see how she would've tried to debunk the Square-cube law and fail since the part where we scaled them up is fact.
    Ok. Now I understand point 2. And point 4 is bound to say, "If they climb mountains, why would they have that kind of mallet?" And for # 7, don' forget cracking his helmet of crushing his pack of life support. And Oli would run too if he knows he cannot win (once Pikmin are destroyed). Either way, we can't lose this one.
    Not likely, but once the Pikmin swarm, they are vulnerable to the domino effect tatic, make one fall over and send others over with it. They can then proceed to whack, stomp and crush the Pikmin. Once done, Olimar is facing very large long odds.
    mhm, but can multiple be taken out at once?

    as in, with only 1-2 sweeps can all the 5 pikmin per climber be taken out?
    while all true, theres one last thing I wanna see mentioned before i make my judgement:

    can the ICs handle 5 Pikmin on them each at a time, while watching out for Olimar?

    The Pikmin are about half their size, but out number each 5 to 1...
    Is the whole "except for REL" thing a running gag? Anyhow.

    Facts I would like to point out.

    1. Cleats are sharp spikes, not dull ones. Exerting their weight on Olimar and the Pikmin with these can crush/ puncture and kill them.

    2. The Brute Knuckles do no have a visual of the knuckle area, but the raised ends that are iconic of brass knuckles are absent, without these, the Brute "Knuckles" cannot function as brass knuckles at all, they are merely armored gloves that will act like regular gloves....except heavier...and made of metal. >__>;

    3. Bark-like skin for the Pikmin would make them rigid and sitff. Go outside and pick the park from a tree if you can, then try bending it. While pliable, it is very rigid. Human skin is largely pliable and flexible, tree bark is pliable but rigid. As such, they would be slowed down by such a skin type.

    4. REL fails to perceive that the Ice Climbers (Its amazing we call them that since they no longer climb mountains according to him) food source at the base of the mountain would be limited, baby seals would eventually become scares. The ICs would soon need to scout for more food.

    They would need to look for bigger game to kill or more to another part of the mountain to obtain food. Ergo, they would need to know the terrain, and thus would need to explore it.

    4. The ICs Mallets are heavy enough to have enough force exert upon them to kill, the mallets make the ICs out range Olimar, Olimar is screwed by over a foot's worth of a reach advantage. They knock him over, the cleats finish him off, the Pikmin disperse if they are not dead.

    5. The Pikmin are weak, their fingers are weak, their bodies are weak, they are weak. The ICs would have no trouble removing them from their parka's and then spin around and fling them. Ever tried pick up someone by the legs then spinning around, I have, and the Pikmin can be defeated this way as well.

    Olimar can throw his Pikmin this way, but it would be inaccurate and impractical anyhow so it is ruled out. The wind-up time also possibly make him vulnerable to the ICs and even if he gets one, the other can finish him off. He will be left dizzy and disoriented.

    the people i like usually lose tho...

    besides, i get a ton of *****ing from everyone and their mom if i end a MU when people have stuff to say...so i prolong when people ask....except for Rel :p
    Since you posted on your wall, I didn't know you wanted me to read your txzt and use the color idea lol.

    1.Valid point. That would justify a lot of things, including them running from the polar bear, climbing the mountain, and rest from degeration.

    2. Another point I never thought of. However I don't quite see the relevance of it though.

    3.This is what I tried to explain to REL. Taking the parkas is an option, but they can get used to fighting groups of enemies.

    4. Good find, but you know REL is going to dismiss that claim.

    5. They look fragile in the body. I suggested squishing and stomping but hey beating them to death works as well.

    6. I think REL gave up the degeration arguement.

    7. True indeed.
    I just posted a WoT, thanks for the idea of coloring the text and numbering it to organize.

    Read it plz?
    Hmm...You're right. You would have to whistle, then command them, but if they lack the brain capacity or thought process to do so, they are useless. The light won't help because all that would do is attract them to Olimar.
    close, remember it's a whistle.
    Olimar commands with a whistle, you can't whistle to command something to attack, you need to tell it to do so. and that's when the part you said comes in.
    The light isn't going to help either because even if pikmin do respond to light frequencies that would be an assumption that goes against the series itself.
    doing good.
    things to hold on to incase he brings them up:
    strength (which he obviously will)
    parents (if they're orphans guess where they'd be? not on a mountain)
    predictability (I'll let you work on that one)
    oh and question the ability for pikmin to understand human speech. I bet you can come to the conclusion I'm at.
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