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  • I'll have to get back to you about the MLG thing
    Apparently, my crew has decided to go so I gotta see exactly how they're gonna go about it
    Sounds like commuting to and fro after each day

    Anyways, lol at your ban
    2 bucks it was cuz of the TDB image

    Ain't thinkin' straight :p

    Hit me up whenever you're not banned, then
    However long that is :p
    lmao well there some1 here already who took the name XLR8 anyways but bro u should came we were playing brawl- on my wii. And i can beat mata's pit, but were kinda even lulz
    Yeah, Marthage went through like, 5 name changes so far lol.

    I'd still be calling you Nova though :D

    Also, wut, banned. For real?
    See you when you get unbanned, I guess.

    Ahh okay.

    Was that at me? Or other people in general? lol
    I'll be back to SoniKupo when my premmy ends. Thought I'd get a name change since I wasn't really using much (or at all) of the 'benefits' from premmy. I don't use the new skins, I don't like the mushroom icon and I don't post in the DR lol. Haven't pranked anyone yet either.

    Larger inbox, profile pic, obnoxious green name and custom title is all I use lol.

    Ghost Nappa9000

    Loool my bad Nova! Internet is bad conveying sarcasm. Thought the :c would've indicated that. :laugh:

    Well I host online tournies occasionally. I just don't join them :3
    My connection is 'okay' for someone who lives at another continent. We can brawl and try if you want?

    But it was a serious thread! :c

    I was expecting you to be bashing the picture lol. Oh she does, SEGA not showing it. Being all kid friendly an all <.<

    They will, lol. I mean, even HE got the colour.

    If it doesn't work out (which I doubt), just host an online tourney! :D

    You guest right. :p

    Lol, all of your friends are getting colors. :3 QUICKLY You must beat REL and Holo. gogoogoogogo.
    under group memberships, you hit join group and link a tournament thread YOU made.

    alright, think about this, why did I emphasize you?
    I don't think you understand yet, I was trying NOT to get it to prove its possible not to get tourney director.

    I was wrong.
    JEEZ Nova. I just lost because of your profile pic.

    You rob boards and that avatar. x.x

    I completely forgot to get around to replying

    Anyways, seems like getting that car I was telling you about is a no-go
    Parents don't have the extra cash to invest in a new car, much less one of those street racer sorts

    As for driving to the place, it's cool with me
    I really just wanna be conservative with mah money so I don't end up paying more than I need to

    Outta curiosity, how much do you think would be a good amount to take for 3 days in DC?
    As in, including metro pass?

    Seems to me like $150 isn't too bad, but I'd just rather have surplus

    Hilarious profile pic, btw
    I actually like Calculus. Just the fact that I can say "I don't care about the value at 2 for f(x)" and the idea that dividing by zero became possible has just blown my mind. :cool:
    So you can run and tell THAT.
    Homeboy :mad088:

    EDIT: duuude you got 1335 posts. Make two more and keep it that way forever.
    Yeah i go to tournys rarely, i use to go all the time but iv been play 95% less ha. Il try to hit one up soon though.
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