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  • lol. I'll tell you what I tell everyone tryna use wario. You basically just play rock paper scissors in the air. If you're in danger, retreat with your aerial momentum or airdodge. Space well with your aerials if your not in danger. Bite if their defensive(shielding)

    Waft is your best move. Don't miss and try to not let it get fully charged

    Your ground game is meh, but your grab range is pretty good

    BAIT EVERYTHING. He's good at it
    I get my beats form people who want to collab with me, i hate just taking beats from people so i either hit them up and ask or they come to me. Mostly from friends on soundcloud that iv met over the years.
    yeah yeah i know jay-o, i havent seen him in a while though. i know hes stil making music though. But yeah, i stay in ellicot city now but that isnt that far away. and neo lives like 10 min away from me so we all can make something.
    Yeah, for the most part, I'd much rather go metro

    Cheaper and quick
    Big reason I'm gonna take a train to get to DC

    The excuse I'm prob gonna go with is a trip with friends
    Doubtful they'd like me spending a weekend playing games :p

    Hope the whole car bit works out for ya
    Right now, I'm looking to get a better car
    I'm fed up with my 89' Toyota Celica
    I was an hour late for a church event I was supposed to be in charge

    There's this used car for $5000 that's only got a few thousand miles, body kit, air suspension and most everything new under the hood
    Sounds pretty legit imo
    That sounds pretty chill

    I got two months to raise money so it's just a matter of getting there and thinking of a legit excuse to tell my parents of where I'm spending my weekend :p

    Having your own car is awesome
    You get to drive wherever you pretty much want

    Outta curiosity, you said your friend lives in VA
    How's that work with MLG being in DC?
    Could you ask about that?

    The biggest issue ends up being housing since it's shaky if I'm able to raise the hotel fee
    Like, over $100 a night @__@

    Gettin' a good word from Nova can boost my chances for housing :p
    It's good b/c you can use Brain Golem (negates LIGHT monster effects) with it still being relevent to the deck.
    Iunno I might join one I just don't want to leave Brawl right now XD
    Nah don't find it I know a few.
    I just don't wanna play online except w/ people I know. If I played online I'd see all of the Lightsworn decks again >_<
    I guess your frogs are my Evil Heroes XD
    EHEROes never got me anywhere so I got Evil Heroes and now I'm winning AND having fun lol.
    I feel there are a lot of decks that weren't looked into that much. US Proxy'd a GBeast deck list and I beat it twice w/ Evil Heroes, and I beat his Necro/Counter faerie/Gadjiltron decks with no problem. The only time he beat me was once with his counter faerie.
    lol ditto.
    I hate all of the lightsworn decks tho it's like literally 49% of all tourney decks are Lightsworns. I doubt that's ever going to change.
    Do you still have some of those awesome decks?
    I made a Evil Hero deck that beat US' proxy GBeast deck and I wanna see if it can beat other pro decks.
    I figured I start looking into how I'd get to DC without driving all the way

    From Chambersburg, head to Frederick and get on a train there to Union Station and bing bang boom surprise
    I'm in DC

    I think
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