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  • "I could really explain how MJ, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga....especially Lady Gaga....got to the top. But you probably wouldn't believe me even if I explained how."
    I believe you ;)
    You should just ducktape your muffler

    As for how fast I'm going, I have no clue :p
    I just follow the other cars
    Only problem is how it can't go over 60 so I have no clue how fast to go on a highway x___x

    Hrrr, I gotta get into texture hacking
    I still haven't looked into it, but I hope it doesn't require heavy tech knowledge >__<

    I owe you one for the pranks, lol
    Yeah. I'm hoping a new way to install HB on 4.3 is made, which I'm not thinking will take too long. But my question WHAT is Brawl Minus?
    Oh yeah, duh. What is B-, exactly? Also, seeing as I didn't have an SD card and my parents aren't letting me one and I didn't know it disabled HB, I upgraded to 4.3 >_>
    Ouch, that bites. I've got 100% on SMG2 ^^ You'll probably **** me on wifi though because I'm so rusty you could get tetanus playing me -rimshot-
    like any disk? or just brawl? because if it was just brawl the problem is obv. :012: I had that happen to me too.
    Not much, Got out of school like two weeks ago. Just went on wifi (Tampa/St.Pete brawl scene in nonexistant) for the first time, extremely excited for some reason that part of my SSBB FC is 0009. Sadly enough, I can still remember my old wii code from heart xD
    Yo. I'm settled in for the night. So whenever you come online and want to brawl just hit me up. :)
    I know nothing about other characters in Brawl- / Brawl+ / BBrawl either lol. I just read how they nerfed (or dare I say buffed) Sonic in their version of hacked Brawl.

    vBrawl all the way though. Brawl- for fun'sies.

    Wow, teammte just bailed on you huh. Gutted Dx

    Just power through Subspace and get those characters back! Oh I see, I hardly play any other Wii games apart from Sonic and SSBB lol.

    Meh, it shouldn't be too long of a wait. I wanna play Brawl- >.< No PAL version :| Sonic's mad broken in B-

    Lol Sonic community too good :D

    Lol cool, how'd you do? I've been to none. Scotland is just deeeeaaaad. It has a very small Melee scene (no more than 10 people) but no Brawl scene whatsoever. /sadface

    Wow what? o.O You sure it's the Wii's problem? And did you try and post in the Smash Workshop for help or perhaps get a replacement SSBB disk?

    Black Wii's pretty cool. My iPod's black. Lul.

    Reinstalling HB shouldn't be that bad, but... A new system 4.3 update just happened a few days ago if you haven't heard :| Just gonna have to wait till they figure out how to safely install HB on that too.

    You shave? o.o
    I've never had to shave....ever... x.x I haz teh peach fuzz.
    Lul, shaving off that extra two bucks at Furrs xD

    I would need to see some evidence... *goes to demand pics from Kupo*
    There are a few occasions where I actually get decent connections with people, we'll see :o

    And what happened to your old Wii? Bricked?

    I can't hold more than 1 RSBE code or else Gecko OS wont run.
    I have vBrawl with Textures and extras.
    Lol not really xD

    We'll probably lag quite a bit (distance issues), Marthage would be a better choice. We can friendly sometime though and see?

    And I still need to reply to our DBZ vs Sonic WoT debate >.<

    I've never played on Frigate as sonic. x.x

    I don't play on frigate a lot at all lmao. And you played Shado?
    *is jealous*
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