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  • actually this manga is kinda old, like before or at the time of NES metroid's release.
    anyway is there a way you can update Brawl minus and run the code on the HBC without having to put your SD card in a computer becuase my SD card reader broke.
    you only get a real feel for the Series story line if you read the manga and play Fusion... even though Fusion is the last game in the story.
    Zero Mission is the first in the story, Zero mission was just a spiced up remake of the NES game, with a bonus to the ending, and was more expansive.
    you should, also I assume you have the homebrew channel so get VBA GX and get metroid Fusion and Zero Mission.
    Other M takes place before the event of Fusion and after the event of Super Metroid.
    I saw a gameplay vid of other M, the intro starts off from where Super Metroid Left off.
    oh those things.
    they weren't too bad come on.
    There's a sub-species of war wasp that shoots acid at you.
    which bugs in TP, the ones you need to get the tears of light from?

    yeah way more annoying, they're small, fight in packs, and buzz around you like a mofo.
    I've already 3 hearted Majora's mask, it was fun.
    I beat Galaxy 2 in 2 days, NSMBW the day I got it.
    sadly I lost my GC memory card so I can't do the no tank challenge on like the highest difficulty.
    I'll do corruption on hypermode tho. but it wont be a true no tank challenge because you need hypermode to complete the game and that takes up an energy tank to use.
    Well, I'm also doing a no energy tank run of the Metroid Prime series in preparation for Other M
    IDK maybe, a lot of days we were supposed to have off this year were changed to half days to make up for it.
    The reason we still have school is the seniors graduate the 25th and we need to keep the school open until they graduate, once they graduate the school year basically auto ends for us.
    I hate my horrible habit of late written responses

    From what I've seen, a hole in your muffler won't make it not work; it'll just make it super loud

    Heck, my car's speedometer isn't even working now >__>
    And we should probably move the Bowser/Ganon stuff in the back room so that it wont interfere with season 2.
    I wanted to say that but I felt they'd bash me for it lol
    From MD, about 20 min.
    From the venue, about an hour
    But like I said, it depends on my car's performance

    I only got the job 2 weeks ago which is the only reason I'd be able to go ($)

    I hear ROB + Japes is pretty annoying
    I think Japes is more of a camp problem than GGreens
    Blocks get in the way of lasers/projectiles, but not in Japes
    The huge roaming area makes it worse of a problem too

    It's a cool friendly's stage though
    It's a big might since I'll have to

    a) ask off from work

    b) possibly find a ride

    Asking for Sat. off shouldn't be much of a deal as a waiter
    Getting there is meh since I'm uncertain about my car's capabilities

    I never hear of many places allowing Japes in singles
    It's camping in the jungle
    It makes you coffee

    all the other things tho, they'll probably be apps for it.
    projection is kinda useless.
    phone is fake.
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