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  • You should def check it out
    In just two days, it went to 100 pages filled with flaming

    The Smash community is so darn conservative it hurts
    Nobody wants to bother to learn a stage
    Yeah, I'm really gonna have to start saving my money

    Save $50 a week and I should have more than enough to get there
    Gotta get me that Paypal set up and sign up the moment reg opens up :p

    Gettin'.US there would be crazy
    A big ol' TDB get together

    Did you see the new ruleset?
    I'm loving no LGL and stages
    But all them haters be hatin'
    LGL just screw over Pits and GaymanWatches
    They strong on the ledge
    If MK's silly restrictions are limiting other characters, then he should be banned

    Anyways, I thought Union Station was in DC
    I remember taking it when I was there for a week :p
    Ima try to go
    I got a job which means I can afford it
    Can't imagine meeting Nova IRL though :p
    That'd be mad legit

    Mad gay

    I might be able to go
    Not a 100% sure since I gotta find out if I'll be able to raise enough money for DC

    Outta curiosity, where's the Union station you mentioned?
    I've def. heard of it

    Straight two set loss?

    D3 vs ROB is kinda expected, but to a Ganon O__o
    Were you using those lasers and gyros like there was no tomorrow?
    A friend of mine played against a Ganon in tourney with a Falco
    He was being dumb by approaching instead of short hop lasers
    Projectiles screw Ganon

    Crazy Vex
    He went D3 is what's crazier

    I've actually been considering Pit as a 2nd
    Great ledge game, glide, camper

    Did you hear MLG is gonna be in DC?
    I wanna go so bad
    maybe later (around 9:00)
    are there any tournaments before august the 12th?
    are you coming to mlg raleigh and dc?

    I should've at least gotten into the 13th placings

    My match against Coney was a given loss, but I shoulda beaten Juno
    Last time I don't play Brawl a week before a tourney :/

    I used to play wifi, but I'm considering going back to it
    Playing Coney made me realize just how much better he's gotten in a year while I've made considerably less advancement in that time

    I'll be sure to make it to your tourney lol
    *reserves day off*
    You going to any aside from Omni's?

    good stuff with the anniversary
    I don't see many couples lasting a year lol
    Can't blame ya for that john lol

    I doubt I can go next week since I work on weekends and moneys kinda tight

    I'll have to check for yours in Sept.

    And here I was thinkin' I'd finally meet the guy behind the saiyan lol
    All right, friday night sounds good for dubs. gotta snatch a partner from HOR xD.

    tonight sounds good for more brawls, looking forward to it. :D
    Woops, I was making an uber long post in the debate hall, sorry for the late response. x.x

    Yeah, I second TL too. Not many people know that. :p I had testing out him and Peach for a while and finally decided on him. xD

    ICs have a little more than that. IBL and such lol. I could hobble R.O.B. it's a lot easier to do that on wifi, but lag can still mess it up lol. I'm always up for some brawls! :D I do play teams, but I never use ICs in teams, either TL,Sonic or Peach. x.x
    I almost never use my ICs on wifi, they're way worse than when I play them offline for the mere fact that I can't chaingrab online. (Any small little lag spikes ruin it and my visual cues are thrown off.) and some desyncs that I can normally do offline, become ten times harder to do online.
    I tend to use TL and Sonic (my secondaries) more online.

    I do intend to start using them more online so that I can get some basic MU experience without CGs and just to work my basics. I would actually prefer to fight R.O.B. as ICs at the moment especially on stages that are bad for ICs (brinstar, norfair etc) it'd help me find a lot of holes in my play style.

    I posted way more than I thought. x.x sorry.
    lol it was from seriousness to Captain Falcon dittos in two seconds. x.x lmao

    GGs, your R.O.B. is some srs bsns. :D I got *****. xD
    Good Games bro, better than i expected, nice pivot grabs.
    Shoulda went ROB and wrecked me :c
    Yeahs, I'm 95% sure I'll be going to ATHF or w/e

    Given how long I stay at a party on Friday
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