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  • Well now tht I have a job again I'm trying to get back into brawl. It's just my car keeps me from doing anything nowadays since it keeps breakin down lol. How about u?
    guest decided to make a new xat, and he went crazy and banned everything that moved in the old xat...
    new one is xat.com/Tales_of_RPG
    holy **** it's been like a year.

    Been good, in school for game art/design and stuff, you?
    Online takes getting used to; I'm learning that now :/
    And I feel you with the tourney thing; I can't make it to anywhere too far cuz it's on its last leg. When is otakon?
    Wow...sounds like my record lol. I understand teh online thing though; i just got back on wifi and i gotta do AiB ladders all over again...it sucks when youre not that good. But hey if you ever wanna play online i'm game, pending i catch you online lol. Im hosting something next week as well.
    Yea i know. I see nuthins changed much. I'm still workin, school, girlfriend, ect.

    Losin interest in smash? No...I'm just starting to get better lol. Then again it's kinda all I really play, considering I'm waiting for MvC3 to come out. This mean you don't attend any more tournies?
    User Blogs eh? Well at least you have something.

    Looks like Holol is going for resurrecting TDB lol. Maybe there is hope yet! o.o
    What do you possibly entertain yourself with now that TDB is pwnt. Because now you no longer get to mess with my awesome shenanigans. :p
    I still think we can get a LITTLE activity if we asked to move it to the lighthouse...
    I think it died because nobody knows/cares about the new character we're using :urg:
    There's always going to be SOMEONE who knows what the fighter is if they move it there.
    I think I'm the only one trying to rez it, though.
    I don't blame anyone else for not trying since most of the debaters left (Toca, xeph, Adumb AFAIK, Payas...).

    Your old Suiseiseki avatars seemed to fit you better (even thought I never really talked to you XD).

    No problem lol XD I don't even know the series I just knew it was Suiseiseki because of all the DESU~ memes.
    It's a shame TDB had to die :urg:

    Is that your first non-Suiseiseki avatar?
    Also merry Christmas (uber late but w/e)
    (this is HOLOpaW btw)

    Dang...I understand though.

    Hopefully I can host another one in a few months. But I tried lol.
    From the looks of it sometime in March :/
    But I may try to have one at my friends place. His basement has space like NASA.
    If I do something there, It would probably be around Dec.
    I couldn't go up there today anyway. But yea I saw the finals; ADHD won. I;m starting to think he lost on purpose just to beat M2K in the losers finals then destroy RB in finals. Maybe next time though...
    Thats cool. I'l just chill then and order a pizza then head out.
    Inbox me your number so I can call you when I get there.
    And there's parking there right?
    I already know that, lol Mic gave him 100 points.
    but it's not like that's gonna stop me.
    I started a discussion in TDB vets.
    and at first he wasn't perma banned, even you know that.
    doesn'T work either... but it's called me voy isn'T it?

    i searched all youtube to find a working link xD
    MY debate skills?
    well uhh
    a picture is worth 1000 words.
    a frame is a picture
    so a video is worse.
    "the content you're trying to view is only available in certain areas" it says... ://

    but now i know what the title is, so i casn youtube it and maybe find another link :3

    btw, since when do you have premmie? :3
    Hey just giving you a heads up for next month.

    My cousin said that we can't stay there; his grandmother ain't flying for that. As far as my friend in VA, he said we should be ok there. The harbor is about 20 mins from his place which ain't bad at all. And I have another friend that lives roughly 8 mins from me and his dad may be gone for about 2 weeks in Oct. if it happens to be the weekend of MLG, then we could def. stay over there; he's cool but he's not too good at brawl. So all in all, it looks good, pending my folks allow me to stay somewhere for a weekend w/ the car. If not, I'll push for you to stay w/ my friend around my way and I can just pick you up and make it there. Have you paid for it yet?
    We should play sometime... I'm thinking of picking up Kirby.
    (it's HOLOpaW after 2 namechanges lol)

    wow....you reminded me that I need to talk to my cousin as well...smh...
    Sorry about the car. But if you really want something cheap maybe looking down south may help. I know its expensive up there, so it's a thought. In regards to my car I haven't heard back from my stepdad so IDK the status on that.

    Driving seems to be the way to go. I just don't know how much it is for parking. Can't be more than 10 I hope. And I understand being conservative with your money; I'll be penny pinching as well. I would say 150 is good; the most we shoudl have to pay for would be food and gas probably. But to be safe I'd advise a surplus as well. If we drive however we wouldnt need a metro pass.

    Yea...I had to put that as a profile pic for lolz. I made a demotivator with it as well.
    *waits for sum1 to post something dumb on TDB*
    okay so i spent tons of time editing and uploading this, lost about 20 bucks and litres of blood and sweat to get this thing done, so you better like it!! :mad088:

    oh man why do i always fail? xD
    okay first off
    why are you perma-pranked? xD

    my plan was bound to fail in the first place?
    all the 3 comps i used broke!! D:
    i'm pre desperate right now cuz im not gonna let this thing be wasted.
    i tried everythin i could think of...

    it makes me rage that i cant get things done

    imma try to split it in 3 smaller parts and upload them seperately then
    (though its just 3-4 minutes in total so i dunno why its not workin)
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