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  • Hi tantalus this week at s@x I was apart of the torny but my smash boards account didn't receive the points towards the place I got in I put a claim in that it was me but it needs to be approved I guess so I'd like to no if you could approve this for me my name entered in the torny was reflex u will see my claim please and thank you for ur help if there's nothing u can do can u just let me no that as well
    hey, i dont know if you got the msg on fb, but i never got the $5 discount for my cube setup at xanadu pearl. idk if ill see you again tho so feel free to give the $5 to wenbo if you see him
    There's absolutely no way I can get you a ride to clearwater so you might have to arrange that yourself unfortunately. There are a few smashers from clearwater but I'm not sure if they'll be attending. You can try asking in the Facebook event if you want (I'd recommend introducing yourself as an OOSer etc etc).

    Here's a link to the tournament.

    If you wanna take Public transport, here's a mapquest for you.


    If you can drop me $5 for Gas money I can come pick you up from work and take you though. It's up to you, but if you want a ride or want help with the bus route, here's my number 817-929-8110. I can't pick up my phone till I get off at 5 but PnT isn't far from the airport at all so if you're having trouble just lemme know lol.
    Is it this weekend? I don't think I can get out the house this weekend due to no one to watch my father. *sadface*
    Garbage actually doesn't TO at all honestly. He just helped me get the venue, so its usually myself, dmbrandon, and RJ TOing. Even with all those TOs there is a good chance I may need some help so I may call upon you during the tourney to help out if you'd like :D
    That is exactly how it works. It takes awhile to get down but once you do its pretty handly. Why do ya wanna pick up samus btw? For low tier tournaments?
    Take BF for example. Now look at the ledge. See how it slants down? Now grab the ledge and then let go. As you double jump, hold towards the towards that ledge and then zair. I have a YouTube video showing how to do it on like 13 levels. Search "zair through stages" and my channel is xyro77
    All of them have bought their venue fee already(and im not in charge of that). The only person who hasnt is anti. Talk to him real quick and see if hes willing to accept.
    The only online reg i have is for the venue fee(badge) because the Anime Con wants it that way. Singles/Doubles/low tier....ect is all paid to me IN PERSON IN CASH.
    Hey I used these characters in this order of most used to least

    King DDD, Mr. G&W, and Falco if you could change that for me that'd be great!
    Also Table was only MK.
    Oh and I wanted to thank you again for doing such a good job staying on top of brawl, i didnt have to worry one bit all weekend and u handled everything very very well. I am impressed, thank you so much again!!
    Hey Tant, what time do I have to be at the venue today for round 2 singles pools? The schedule in the OP doesn't seem reliable.
    do you think you could PM Kain (and, I guess me, since I forgot to save that IM lol) on AiB step-by-step instructions on how to partition hard drives for both wii games and files without losing said files?

    I'm setting him up with the usb loader
    Hey Tant. I haven't talked to you in a long time. I've been very inactive on the Brawl seen. Partly because it's very inconvenient on my family and I have a lot school work now that I'm older. The main reason though is because I've lost interest in Brawl and am honing my melee skills. I think melee is a lot more interseting and a lot more fun. I'm not very good yet but if I enter any Brawl tournaments it would be to practice my melee skills and advanced techniques. I hope you had a good Christmas. I got a stuffed llama. :)
    Our rankings should be ending the week of VC9 which will include VC9. We haven't discussed when rankings are supposed to end but since we should be following a 12 week per ranking period it should be ending that day.
    Hello, I have a question regarding the BBR Ruleset commitee if you have time. AZ seems way too busy with ..everything to reply anytime soon lol.
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