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  • Oh that's good to hear. Oh yea I heard of it, i was looking at the thread. Robfox gave me the link to go , and also to find active melee players in PA . I see that you still support it haha . I'm trying to get better, i still been playing since the last time we talked . I'm ready to get started on tourny's so I want to go but it's a bit far from Scranton
    Yea I can see that im talking to melon right now Javi lives really close to me but I hope i can get in touch with him someday to melee a bit

    Ill try my best to keep in touch with melon and slim

    Cant wait intill spring ;DDD

    Ill be really good by then ;]
    Well when will we be able to meet ;O, On the weekend you come down here?
    If so my friend would like to meet you too and Im just hoping to play with new smashers like i said ;] And Im chill :O but I just want to meet new ppl that play smash to play I dont think im any good yet to join crews or what not...and its cool about exams no need to rush ;] Im going to talk to slim and melon and a couple other ppl now :O
    Sorry for msging you so much But i would like to join the thread you made about Smashers in PA

    Just reply to give you my info ;]
    **** i wish i hadnt missed this message i would have definately gone, r there gunna be more soon? i was going to th triangle frat one but i had a makeup section when it was going on but im really looking for some more tournys so thank u for keeping me in the loop
    Left a message on your phone, but I'm not 100% that I copied your number down right. I'm free from now until the end of the weekend whenever you want to play. The earlier the better.
    Any of your guys / crew wanna come down to NY for a crazy smashfest? gonna be great hit me up on aim: allied1337 we can discuss how to get down here if you want to
    do you think youll make it to the reading tourney? plaink pm'ed me to team with him and im unsure of the answer.
    Hey, it's me again. One of my friends asked me if I knew anything about a tourney in Penn State coming up, and I thought I remembered you mentioning it. Could I get some more info on that? It would be great, thanks.
    Ya he ran a tournament here last year. Usually I get together with people either Thursday Friday or Saturday to play let me know if you would be interested. Also group plays in West Commons on Friday but haven't gone to that in long time.
    Tuesday is better for me. That way, I have time to build a team. Heheheh.

    Hmm... How's 4 on Tuesday sound? I think that'll be good for me.
    Hey hey, _umbra_! You're my opponent in the Shoddy Battle tourney!

    Anyways, what time is best for you? I can be on anytime between 4 PM and 9 PM EST, any day.
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