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  • I don't know of anyone you could jump in with. Beef, Pav, and Bubbles are coming down but they're going to be staying here for three days + they probably wouldn't want to go pick you up. Try asking Javi, he said he might come down.
    Glad to hear . Oh I just looked at the thread, it seriously hyped me up . I still been playing since the last time we talked . It's in Penn State College right?
    It's a bit far , but i really want to go. I'm still in Scranton . I'm doing fine, just really want to take melee to the next lever and meet new active players around this area and get better to hit big tourny's
    Hey man, everyone's doing good here. We're practicing up for a big psu tournament in january. ^_^ How are you doing?
    Yea I can see that im talking to melon right now Javi lives really close to me but I hope i can get in touch with him someday to melee a bit

    Ill try my best to keep in touch with melon and slim

    Cant wait intill spring ;DDD
    I'll be back home all spring, when I come back I'm def up for some melee :)

    yeah, def talk to slim and melon, they might be able to play you before I get back... Javier also lives in scranton and is retardedly good, but he never goes on the boards so slim and melon are your best bet atm.
    hey, sry but I've been really busy lately, exams all week :(

    there aren't any local tournaments coming up soon as far as I know, unfortunately. Which thread do you mean? If you mean the GE crew thread we'll have to meet you and talk to you first before we can let you in, crew policy. We don't really care if you're good or not, as long as you're chill we'll let you in lol
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