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  • Well maybe I can make it to Apex2. We shall see tho. My car has alot of issues going on right now so ya :( but i'll save like crazy haha. Maybe i'll get lucky and Alex Strife will help me and my bro get out there haha. (Wishful thinking)
    Lol I will try. It's hard saving up for oos tourneys but I shall try really hard to make it :D
    I already saw your post in the Pound 5 thread a while ago, and I made a mental note to look for you :) You have no idea how much I love watching magic tricks lol. See ya in 2 weeks!
    That'd be cool. We are about a 12 hour drive from Vegas lol. But that place is a lot of fun :D
    Wow that's amazing. I only do 1 rope trick. It makes 2 ropes go through a ball, a small box, and the someones hand. The ball is in the box which is bing held in the hand and the ball has a hole going through it where you can put the ropes. I love that trick.
    My bro and I do some coin stuff. but I gotta agree on the card tricks being my favorite :)

    And you are welcome lol. We love helping people who are willing to learn. If you ever want ideas for new tricks be sure to ask me k bro :) I always have a handful of tricks I can teach someone easily. Especially if they are practicing card tricks like you are.
    Lol I am sure you are better than you think bro. And tell all the smashers that we sent you to rep us ;) then you can draw a crowd in and become more popular for magic than us. :)

    What types of tricks are you pulling off now?
    I'm not a huge fan of meeting people from the forums randomly. It's different if I see you at a tourney first, though.
    Dobs I have bad news... : [ I just got a call from Brother Luis (from the church) and said the 13th ain't good. I'm sooo fffffffffffff..... I posted up so much flyers and stuff for this day...

    But I'm just letting you know just as soon as I heard it, because I know you got the 13th off.

    Now I have to wait until 10:00 to talk to the Pastor and see what we can do (date will be moved, but I'm just worried about less hype or something)

    My apoligies dude. I will edit thread accordingly.
    That hat is the ****!!!!!!!! Lol for sure man. We are bringing our A Game there. We'll look for you or you can also just try to find the two guys who look alike hahaha <.< >.> <.< (that may be alot of people there thinking about it)
    when me and slim come to visit i'll have it for u it's already in my possesion so all i need to do is deliver it :)
    I should be free a little on Thursday after work.

    I have a family vacation down the Jersey shore next week.
    probably, but i am a very paranoid guy. if i went i'd probably team with Wife, we used to team most the time when i was real big into melee. trying to get back into it as much as i can noww
    I am trying to smash this week. What days are you free? I might be free this weekend too.
    I work like 20 minutes from West Chester. Do you go to College there?
    I am sure we could arrange something.
    Well that's really unfortunate, if only it were better you could show us how could you really are :) Alright till whenever buddy :)
    I'm your new opponent, hopefully we can work out a good time to play. When's good for you?
    lulz. Tomorrow afta 10? Works for me. In fact, I'll be online pretty much all of tomorrow, so I'm sure we can get this done. ^_^
    Whoops! Double post. ^_^

    Mah bad, but anywayz, when are you able to get the match done? I usually work from around 6:00pm - 10:00pm so before or after then would be great.
    Hey there dude. ^_^
    I'm ur opponent for that tournament thing now so I just wanted to say hi!
    BTW I've added your FC so hopefully I'll see ya online!

    \/\/\/ I see Reo has already informed you of most of this. ^.^
    Hey Dobs, AL2DAX, your opponent for the tournament, has dropped out and a replacement has come in. The dead line is this Sunday btw, his name is TheBlackLink. So arrange a time with him and play! Or one or both of you will be dqed O_O
    hey i have the wii RIGHT now...it's 3:26 EST. so PM me back when you are ready

    my aim is: philosopher954

    IM there
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