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  • Hello, getting this message means you have signed up for the tournament. Since we now have 64 people, the tournament will start as of today. Keep checking the social group "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)," for a draw will soon be posted on it. Once you know your opponent, arrange a time to play with him/her, and give me the results at the end of the match. Check the rules if you don't remember.

    P.S. (very important) Make sure you tell me the score of your win or loss for example, 3-0, 3-2, etc
    Starting October 24th (friday) to whenever it ends. I only can play on the weekends too haha So as long as you play on the days you can play, you won't be DQed :)
    Haha, well if you win, you get the title of the best in the group and probably one of the best in smashboards lol. Giving an individual prizes through like delivery through another state is just way too much trouble :p
    And no, there is no tourney link. All the information you'll need will be stated in the group. =D I'll add your name.
    There's no location. I just give you the fc of your opponent and you guys play each other online
    hey you seem to be a pretty serious user of fox.and it looks like you havent joined a social group.so whacha waitin for?join the o'donnel clan.were all about wolf and any other starfox characters.Wanna talk about the old games?strategy's? then this is the right place for you .sen me a mail soon.
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