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  • well this would be my firsy job so when it comes to experience i really have none. I tell them im very eager to work and im a quick learner. plus i had 131 hours of volunteering.
    lol the closet olive garden to me is BFE XD

    Ive been applying to a carp load of places and nothing...tomorrow im going to apply at target. But man im on the verge of just giving up =/
    Eh, Wolf Boards aren't completely dead, there are just not that many people who consistently post there now. There are only like 15, whereas on say, the Marth boards there are close to 30 or 35 people who consistently post.
    yeah its krystal lol, can u see it?

    but anyways. the odonnell clan needs ur conventionalism (srry i use big words alot >.>) again, its kinda dying T_T
    Yea, falco is pretty beasty. I dont have wi-fi, it sucks. I havent been updated with this site for a while. I just got done working at a summer camp. I'll check out the roster though.
    hey whats been going on? i havent seen u on the clan group page for some time now...
    hey man i noticed youre wolf. Im generally new to this site, but im a beast at brawl. if you wanna add me, let me know so we could brawl sometime :D
    Sup, what's with the friend request, not that there's anything wrong with it, I like... friends ... <_<
    Hi, were in the same group....i assume your in the uk aswell. Wanna brawl? if you do just let me know and we can add each other.
    ooohhh you don't have wireless router?? I was the same way, I just got it like 2 weeks ago. My boyfriend got a new one, so he gave me his old one. Not the greatest, but it does its job. haha
    come to think of it i have yet to be able to use his reflector as a counter well yet. i have to work on that lol
    well Wolf at least has some safety moves like shffl Nair auto cancels on landing giving you freedom to do plenty of things, its his equivalent of Fox's Dair. his Fsmash from the right angle can go through a shielded person so shield grab is prevented sometimes. plus Wolf does have some decent shield stun on his hits and surprising reach like his Dtilt. i think hes one of the few characters who i have less fear of approaching with lol.
    maybe its because other than ganon and JP all the other characters i play as can camp some way or another lol. and since its safer to camp in brawl than, rush in with most characters, most of the time i automatically camp if i can lol. apparently i've lost my courage to rush in and hit people :/
    oh i see. for me, if possible, i laser camp just to put on some extra damage. the nice thing about wolfs blaser hitting twice from close range means i can push people away if they jump in wrong lol. i mostly just annoy people with lazer shots, and Fsmash for a while before advancing on my own for the KO. i tend to short hop his Nair then utilt when i advance towards people. oh did you know that the last part of wolfs side B if you hit someone while they're standing on the ground shots them up really fast?
    i use all 3 too lol ,they make up the first part of my large seconday list lol. and no. that wasn't me who said i liked starwolfs theme, although i do i just didn't mention it there lol. well how often do you try to spike with Wolf? and how are you at recoving with him? since his side B doesn't always sweetspot the ledge and his ^B can sometimes slide over when charging, and his horizontal movement is kinda poor in the air. and do you camp with him alot or spend most of your time in close range? hope im not asking too much >.>
    hi again. :) i wanted to ask do you use all 3 space animals or just wolf exclusively? and to get some tips on using Wolf. lol
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