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Dr Peepee
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May 25, 2017 at 1:39 PM
Sep 29, 2007
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Raleigh, North Carolina
EG baby

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Dr Peepee

Building Drive...., from Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr Peepee was last seen:
Viewing thread Falco Discussion Thread, May 25, 2017 at 1:39 PM
    1. CarrierPig
      Hi PP, I made this vid for you, your fans, and for future fans. It would be really awesome if you watched it, so i'll leave this here. Hope you get well soon man. https://youtu.be/9p3WPY9-x0I
    2. S l o X
      S l o X
      1. Kopaka and Dr Peepee like this.
    3. Waveless
      Hi PP, lately I've been attempting to learn new Marth tech. The latest tech I am working on are short hop double fairs. However, I'm not entirely sure about the usefulness of the technique. I have heard that it is an essential technique for Marths to learn, but I don't see a lot of Marths incorporating it often into their play. Could I get some advice on what situations it could be potentially use for? Thanks PP!
    4. FalcoSBM1990
      Hai Dr.Peepee, when will u come back?
    5. The Prince: SDJ
      The Prince: SDJ
      Mr Dr PeePee Senpai Sir, should I try to learn as much as I can when I practice or should I try to focus on specific portions of my game. I'm trying to figure out how best to balance time vs no one compared to time versus human players and I'm confused on how I can most efficiently use my time
    6. Reynoldo
      Hi PP,
      I am a Falco main and I've gotten into the habit of doing a dair off the edge and its made me predictable when recovering. I catch myself doing this and try to do any option other than dair, but my opponent always seems to expect that too. Any suggestions on what ledge options should be done more often than others? Also, do you think that ledge dashing is crucial with falco? Thanks and good luck this year!
    7. NeoGeneric
      Hey, Doc. I try to shield drop, but i can never get it right. Any tips?
    8. GibranSalazar
      So you going to Genesis 4 or nah
    9. TeddyRoseKidd
      Hey PPMD, Im making a melee-esque fighting game. I wanted to base a character off of you. He was to be named Dr. Krey. I just wanted to know if you were okay with that.
      1. TeddyRoseKidd
    10. Dralro
      It's good to see you back, I love you PPMD!!!
    11. PPMD's Medical Doctor
      PPMD's Medical Doctor
      What do Santa Claus, Bigfoot, and PPMD have in common? You never see them.
      1. FalcoSBM1990 likes this.
    12. Liam_Butler
      Hi PP, due to some things in my life, I currently cannot go to tournaments, but I still want to improve. I only have an hour a night to play, so I plan to focus on general tech, movement, and desyncs. During the day, I have time to study VODs of mid level ICs, and read (currently the art of learning). Is there anything else I haven't considered that I could be doing to improve without going to tournaments?
    13. Kopaka
      1. Dr Peepee
        Dec 8, 2016
    14. Mozser
    15. John147GHN
      Hi PP. I'd like to ask you a very short request. Last week I graduated from Med School and I'm searching the 5-gods' blessing for it... in video form hahaha. So far I've got Armada, M2K and Mango's congrats from their streams. So the request is if I could get a video shout-out as simple as it could be just saying congrats for graduating, thanks!
      1. Dr Peepee
        Dr Peepee
        yooo congrats on graduating man! keep it up!
        Dec 8, 2016
      2. John147GHN
        Thanks a lot =3 I just got Hbox's shoutout from his stream, so yours is the only one in text form I guess hahaha. I hope you get better and you know we (your fans) are always here for you =D I main Marth/Falco so you can have an idea who is my main inspiration for playing haha. Take care =)
        Dec 8, 2016
    16. PPMD's Medical Doctor
      PPMD's Medical Doctor
      After a year of study, I have found PPMD's medical issue. He is allergic to GameCube controllers, that is why he doesn't play often.
      1. FalcoSBM1990 and EaglePie like this.
      2. PPMD's Medical Doctor
        PPMD's Medical Doctor
        The cure is to play Brawl using a Wii mote to avoid the GameCube controller. Besides, there's as many Brawl tournaments as he shows up to for Melee.
        Nov 19, 2016
      3. -=Untamed-Beast=-
    17. Vista_
      Come back to the Falco board we need your expertise on the psychological effects of lasering that we're discussing
    18. FlapFlap
      Wow just found out you're into Kingdom Hearts, you were already my all time favorite melee player but now you're my favorite video game player ever, but on a more melee related note I'mm new to Smash Boards as a whole and i was wondering if you knew where i should go to find guides on playing Falco, I'm assuming that you have some guides as well since you are pretty damn good at the bird :)
    19. _____Andrew_____
      Is this the real PP?
      1. GibranSalazar
        Nov 16, 2016
    20. TheFadedWarrior
      yo you hyped for kingdom hearts 3? i feel like i might die if it doesn't come out within the next 12 months
    21. INB4W
      Hello, I am a Freshman in college and I recently have been given the opportunity to write a research paper on a specific sub culture. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity to talk about smash. One of the requirements is we have to conduct interviews with members of the sub culture. I was wondering if I might be able to interview you as part of the assignment.
      1. INB4W
        The interview would be a format of your choice, whether through a text-based question and answer or a video chat/call. The questions would revolve around your opinion and experience with the community and culture. I also may ask you about your personal connection to Smash and why you started playing competitively. Please message me if this seems like something you would be interested in doing!
        Nov 9, 2016
      2. INB4W
        Also, I hope your health improves soon. I can't wait to see you play again!
        Nov 9, 2016
    22. Strong Bad
    23. GibranSalazar
      We love you pp!
    24. Chicken_Fried_Ham
      Who is better, fox or gnw
    25. FirePhoenix55
      Hey pp, I have been asking you a lot of questions, and here is another one! How should I be playing neutral vs shiek as falco?
    26. Rektar_
      Really excited to see you play in the future
    27. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      keyblade master
    28. ElectricBlade
      Hello PP! I have a question that I think you would be good at answering. I was wondering how exactly do you break bad habits and reinforce good ones? This is something I have been struggling with. As well how do you develop good habits? I have a lot of ideas on paper that I have a hard time reinforcing into my play.
    29. Dralro
      Nobody plays like PPMD
    30. CommanderRed
      Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Kevin!!!!!!!!!!! Am I a Jellyspotter yet?
    31. Onoh
      Just wanted to send you some fan-mail. Really respect you as a person and player. You seem to communicate a lot more with other smashers than other top players which is super cool. I pray for the best for your health and hope you will return soon, but don't rush yourself. Also, coincidentally I play Marth and Falco as well!
    32. hardknuckles
      Ask a ppmd fan I would like to respectfully ask when is your next stream and can you make a video to update us about how you are ; also I would like to know whats happed with your health since you last make a video I hope your feeling better
    33. Minimu5e
      Hey PP, you got any advice for practicing the neutral game by yourself? I main fox and my laser game and spacing are non existent, all my combos start off with random hits or getting shield grabs. How do I know when to run in or to wait and how do I practice timing this? All I do now is practice punish game and movement but I have no clue how to go about learning neutral.
      1. Kyle Miller likes this.
    34. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      vgbc dr ppmd
    35. Weekend Warrior
      Weekend Warrior
      what are some ways you practice/prepare when there is no one around to practice against? also, when practicing mixups and mindgames, would you say those could also be practiced solo or that it's important to learn those things through experience?
      1. hardknuckles likes this.
      2. hardknuckles
        I have the same problem i can not find anyone to play with or against how do i work around this.
        Jul 19, 2016
    36. Eonn
      Also, how can I play confidently vs players I'm scared of (either they're much better, I'm scared of getting upset by them, or the match is on steam/important for other reasons)?
    37. Eonn
      Hi PP! Mentality question:

      The Inner Game of Tennis discourages positive thinking because it's important to remain objective while playing. However, I've heard how having a positive attitude can be very helpful for improvement. How do you balance the two?
    38. ElectricBlade
      Hey PPMD! I have been trying to develop a playstyle based on yours but in Smash 4 (with a character with a similar toolkit to Marth,) . So Ive been trying to apply the “ Ppmd rules” which are
      1) Less is more
      2 )Jump when they jump
      3 ) Throw them up and kill them

      What I do not understand is when is the right moment to actually GO for hits? Could you give examples as to when throwing a hitbox is a good idea?
      1. Eonn
        I'm not PP but I'd say you want to throw out a safe hitbox if they aren't respecting the space you control or if they are cornered and you can force them into shielding.
        Jul 9, 2016
    39. Arrogant Commander
      Arrogant Commander
      Hey PP! I've been playing for about a year now, yet I still do pretty bad at locals. My biggest problem is getting into my own head. I know I can do better, because when I went to EGLX in Toronto, I had a good attitude and did well. But I can't manage to find that mentality again at locals. Do you have any tips to avoid feeling frustrated or sad?
    40. Tylt
      Yo PP just heard of the Evo news. It's sad that you can't go, but health always comes first! Hope you get better soon dude!
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    Raleigh, North Carolina
    EG baby



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    kidd728 1:23 am
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