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  • Wait, are you the real PPMD? Glad to see you! I wanted to ask, what do you think about Ultimate?
    Hey Kevin! Hope you are feeling good, sending some positive energy to you from a person who suffers depression like you! I hope you feel and see yourself as a great person, not for smash but just for anything you want to try in the world!
    Hey PP, I love you but that is beside the point. Do you have any thoughts on the newly shown Smash game? There seems to more movement options, ESPECIALlY dash dances, so that's stellar. All the best champ.
    Hey PP I just wanted to let you know that you've had a huge influence on my life and I really respect you for who you are. I love watching you compete and love your playstyle. I think its kewl that we live in the same state :P I really hope you get better soon and come back all fresh and ready to battle (: Thanks for all you do

    Hey Kevin! Just wanted to drop by to say that you are a big inspiration to me. You are the reason why I picked up Falco. And you also helped me out with personal reasons.... I wish to see my favorite smash player back!
    @EG_PPMD How do u justify how much to swing as marth in each matchup? for example vs shiek, puff, falcon, do you prefer to stay grounded in these different matchups or more aerial based?
    Yo I just wanted to let you know you're my favorite player of all time by far and your Falco is art in motion. I totally respect your decision to step away from tournaments to explore the inner eternalness of ones mind. Finding peace within ones self changes one selfs peace with reality. It's all perception my friend.
    You're my greatest inspiration in Smash and in depression, Keep om trucking PP!
    Hi PP i noticed it's been a year and almost 3 weeks since you uploaded your youtube video about falco's current place in the meta and where he stands as far as popularity and viability so where do you think our beloved bird stands in the current meta thanks to players like bombsoldier and dashizwiz advancing his meta to where it is today? do you think we'll make it to 20YY before 20XX?
    Hi PP, lately I've been attempting to learn new Marth tech. The latest tech I am working on are short hop double fairs. However, I'm not entirely sure about the usefulness of the technique. I have heard that it is an essential technique for Marths to learn, but I don't see a lot of Marths incorporating it often into their play. Could I get some advice on what situations it could be potentially use for? Thanks PP!
    Mr Dr PeePee Senpai Sir, should I try to learn as much as I can when I practice or should I try to focus on specific portions of my game. I'm trying to figure out how best to balance time vs no one compared to time versus human players and I'm confused on how I can most efficiently use my time
    Hi PP,
    I am a Falco main and I've gotten into the habit of doing a dair off the edge and its made me predictable when recovering. I catch myself doing this and try to do any option other than dair, but my opponent always seems to expect that too. Any suggestions on what ledge options should be done more often than others? Also, do you think that ledge dashing is crucial with falco? Thanks and good luck this year!
    Hi PP, due to some things in my life, I currently cannot go to tournaments, but I still want to improve. I only have an hour a night to play, so I plan to focus on general tech, movement, and desyncs. During the day, I have time to study VODs of mid level ICs, and read (currently the art of learning). Is there anything else I haven't considered that I could be doing to improve without going to tournaments?
    Hi PP. I'd like to ask you a very short request. Last week I graduated from Med School and I'm searching the 5-gods' blessing for it... in video form hahaha. So far I've got Armada, M2K and Mango's congrats from their streams. So the request is if I could get a video shout-out as simple as it could be just saying congrats for graduating, thanks!
    Dr Peepee
    Dr Peepee
    yooo congrats on graduating man! keep it up!
    Thanks a lot =3 I just got Hbox's shoutout from his stream, so yours is the only one in text form I guess hahaha. I hope you get better and you know we (your fans) are always here for you =D I main Marth/Falco so you can have an idea who is my main inspiration for playing haha. Take care =)
    Come back to the Falco board we need your expertise on the psychological effects of lasering that we're discussing
    Wow just found out you're into Kingdom Hearts, you were already my all time favorite melee player but now you're my favorite video game player ever, but on a more melee related note I'mm new to Smash Boards as a whole and i was wondering if you knew where i should go to find guides on playing Falco, I'm assuming that you have some guides as well since you are pretty damn good at the bird :)
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