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  • Hey thanks man, you rocked crews, I wish I could've stayed, given one team an advantage, I'll definitely be looking to attend more tourneys from now on
    I'll also do some Fox/Falco/YL vs whatever if you like, but those should be like $1 or some sort of cool little crew battle'y thing. I'll leave it up to you to find me though! Texts are fine.

    (949) 290-1744
    responding to your shoutout:

    Don't worry about it, you did exactly what you should have done. You wanted to win, so you won ;) You deserved it, I have only a few johns about that tournament. I play poorly under pressure always have, the tournament mindset is one I need to work on. So, when I get on stream and I have spectators my mind is everywhere else than where it should be. You did great, congratulations on making bracket. Next time, play me in some friendlies in a chill environment I might surprise you :)
    perfect. I have someone who can house 3 for the weekend. and FYI, if the cap is reached in the next couple days, I'd still let you guys register, as long as you do it by the 25th.
    XXX is my **** and you are that ***** for being the only person I've ever met that listens to Danny Brown besides me.
    I would suggest trying to narrow down your characters to 2-3 for a while then.

    Its easier to excel when you consistently play only a few characters.

    When it comes to tournament it depends if you're using characters for match ups. You should generally go with a character you're very comfortable with and then judge it from there.

    The wall you hit is something everyone hits. My suggestion is take a step back maybe a break with your main somewhat and try again with a fresh mindset.
    I think at this point I may not be going for several reasons... =/ money and ride. I'm sorry =[
    Yeh, too bad it turns out you only get one.

    I've been running around looking like an idiot just biting people for no reason now. :<
    I use Avisynth (a script-based extension to VirtualDub) to edit. cropping & stuff is done through that for me.
    I just leave it capturing & edit it later. just put a piece of paper by your setup and have ppl write the set names, what characters & stages. & you'll have to ask AJP_Anton about putting sound over it. I don't do that.
    Try Ulead Video Studio. If that'd the software that comes with it or doesn't work, I think easycap works with movie maker if you're using XP. Other than that I couldn't tell you what would work with it, easycap is a really cheap product with compatibility issues. I recommend getting an ezgrabber2. It's what I use, like $15 on ebay.
    i ban FD, most people would agree on that too

    for me personally i just want plats for better recovery/ platform shenanigans
    It's exactly the same as smash di, only you're blocking.

    When you get hit (shielding or blocking) the hitter/hittee freeze for a bit. During that time, you can input directional commands with the control stick (NOT THE C-STICK). If you do so, your character moves a set distance for each directional input.

    This occurs before knockback. Moves that do more (%) damage incur more hitlag (which is what the pause is called).
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