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  • TF is pretty safe once you learn your spacing with him. I play him (AP Twisted Fate) like an assassin rather than a carry.. maybe that might work for you? Get solo mid if possible and start with 'pick a card' Then farm and harass with blue card. Try this out.

    Doran's Sheild + Health Potion
    Boots of Mobility
    Mejai's Soulstealer (If you are ******, otherwise skip)
    Guisoo's Rage Blade
    Lich Bane
    Banshee's Veil -or- Guardian Angel, depending on which is more dominant on the other team. you might end up getting both.

    Your attack passives + rage blade + Sheen will give you plenty of DPS. after finishing Lich Bane you've pretty much completed your core. After that focus on improving your Durability a bit.

    I'm pretty sure my best chars are Evelynn and Janna. But I'm getting pretty good with Kennen too. We should queue up soon =D
    She's best on teams that have amazing diversity. So if have have a team that's two tanks, caster, AD, eve is a good 5th. (and a jungler)

    My Favorite team to support Eve is Garen, Bliztcrank, Morgana/Anivia , Tristana/MF/Kog'Maw.

    You usually don't need to have the 'ideal' team in solo queue. Just be a complete scavenger and ABSOLUTELY do not initiate team fights. Eve goes down so fast it's hilarious.

    the good thing about Eve is that she can be built AD, AP, or Tank (Sunfire Eve) I can explain this alot better in person because I don't feel like typing and essay. but yeah..

    tl;dr - be a scavenger.
    Honestly i have no idea since the game i have is Stardust Accelerator >____>

    If its in there, look for Light of Destruction, it should have the lightsworn set which is mad good.
    Yea im Ophelia from GunZ :) umm yea i still play Brawl I guess, I more towards melee however, i still **** at brawl tho. Dont go to many tournies since Im college student whos pretty much broke xD
    If you have an R4 or a ton of time on your hand you should look into the Yugioh 5Ds Stardust Accelerator game for the DS. It has an extremely good online function, its what I use. The only problem is that the ban list doesnt update quickly enough(i think triple Plaugespreader is STILL legal LOL)
    X-Sabers gained alot of attention with the last format when they got alot more support like in the form of Saber Hole

    They can also still effectively run Synchro Cat strategies even with the limitation on Rescue Cat.
    Im actually kind of sad. I never really liked Blackwing but man I loved me some Lightsworn. Such a gay archtype. Also triple honest was legal for a while. That made everything amazing.

    BW mostly got hit by Stardust Road which is by far the most broken currently legal card out there.
    X-Sabers are the big thing right now, Zombies are still pretty higher tier. Blackwings and Lightsworn both took big hits in the last ban list i know that much. Frogs got a bit of a boost once someone figured out the FTK with it but they're still not quite top tier.
    If your CG is on point you can do FD. I prefer platforms though, and I like FoD for this matchup. He can't really laser camp effectively there and you get more edgeguard opportunities.
    LOL yea everyone is like that when they see it :laugh:

    Trust me its sooo good. What episode are you on?
    I haven't seen 5cm per second so I dunno.

    Action - Mai Hime/Code Geass
    Adventure - .... Gurren Lagann if that counts as adventure
    comedy/slice of life - Potemayo/School rumble

    I really recommend Higurashi though, its an amazing anime. Its kinda gorey though.
    Yeah, there's a shopping plaza nearby, as well as a Denny's and a few other restaurants around.
    ****, webb just going to hijack my teammate.

    Ct is going together but it should be around $40 round trip combined bus and train.
    Hmm I really don't know. I'd say bring $60... but I really don't know. I always bring way too much just in case something happens, and because one time I brought to little of money on a trip and went foodless. =(
    So that means you asked your mom and she said its okay to go, right?
    SWEET =D
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