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  • Ok, if you cant get back on the Poke Center then you can definitely enter as long as you send me a message. Sorry for the late reply.
    Its been very unactive lately so I postponed it until the summer where everyone has more time.
    That makes sense.

    Mic made it very clear that I was not welcome back on the forums when I left (you know, because of the shock image) but then when I checked this past week it seems like I can write on peoples' profiles as though I'm not banned and the quick reply box is also showing up for me, even in the Light House which I was room banned from.
    I noticed that Crashic got let out of jail too so I'm guessing it's just everyone who was banned when the forums switched software is now unbanned. I'll have to talk to Mic and ask him if he wants to ban me again but if he doesn't then I'll be sure to participate in the tournaments again. If not, well...maybe I'll go back to the Skype group? idk
    Ya, I had to go to bed since I woke up at 5 yesterday. I will interview you by just Private Messaging asking some questions and then you answer them and post 1 team that won the most.
    Ah, I understand that very well.

    And darn, I was going to get ACIII as well. Hmm, maybe I'll look up some reviews of it or something.
    I generally try to avoid SRK, not for any particular fanbase, but just the sheer amount of *****ing and moaning about stupid stuff.

    Probably also why I avoid just about every section of this site too though, haha.
    I'm definitely interested to see how she will turn out. She also has a mode change or something? I dunno.
    Ugh, that sucks. :< I kind of had the opposite problem where I was really overleveled, so it wasn't even remotely challenging.

    You should try the FG sometime though, I'm really liking it so far. :3
    The story, haha. At the end, Hazama and Relius are all, like, "Oh hey, Nu's body is growing in the cauldron" or whatever. Something like that anyway.
    Yeah man.
    Plus you don't make tacos
    and burritos and such. That's racist but yeah, that's it, yeah.
    Sorry bruh I've been taking a hiatus from the interwebs.

    I know that Mexicans are good at it. And that Korea lucked out and/or cheated.
    Kliff has ridiculous damage and stun. And, like, a bajillion infinites or something.
    Haha, yeah. She had godlike damage, mobility, and defense. I think she had the fastest running dash, as well as a triple airdash and triple jump. She also had really fast normals with ridiculous priority and range. And zero to death combos. :D

    She was banned from tournament play, but they're trying to re-balance her and Kliff this time around.
    Yeah, if I remember correctly, her walk speed was slowed, she can no longer dash, triple jump or airdash, her counter doesn't work on low attacks, and her damage was nerfed.
    Hmm, Justice was pretty has great everything, but she could zone with nitro bombs. She's going to have to be incredibly nerfed to be balanced though, so perhaps she'll play differently?
    I haven't been keeping up with it very much, but it sounds interesting.

    I wish I was good at Tekken. :I

    So, basically, they're not doing anything until TTT2 comes out? That sounds about right.
    The Tekken characters play interestingly enough, but the SF characters are pretty much exactly the same, haha.
    Haha, I dunno about that.

    I got a chance to try it today, and I don't think I'll buy it. It's not as bad as I expected it to be, but I don't think it's my thing.
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