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  • "Many of us have addressed the Wiimote issue by pointing out that you can softmod a Wii and allow it to boot to the disc or to the Homebrew Channel when it powers up, and this is a very simple procedure. "

    I have homebrew and bootmii. What am I missing that will allow this? Thanks in advance
    I've heard of Path of Exile, but I haven't played it. My time has been thoroughly absorbed by LoL >_>

    But perhaps I'd be down to try it out.
    That was incredible. Lol.

    Was that from The Princess and the Frog? I haven't seen that one yet. I probably should.
    I jacked it from Morrigan, one of the DR people. It was supposed to be part of a running gag. Like all good things, it came to an end, and I'm too damn lazy to swap it out.
    From what I can tell, it is. I saw a short review sheet for it the other day and it looked harder than my Abstract Algebra final. I've heard the grading is really strict too. I'm still not sure if I'm going to take it this year or not.
    Oh wow that will be loads of help! I would absolutely love to have you as a coach to help me understand things much more. Thanks very much Kal!
    So I remember in the theatre thread, you were talking about Into the Woods and liked the show.

    Guess what show I just scheduled an audition for? :3
    Would've responded in the thread, but it got locked... Just had to say that I loved the last couple sentences of this post.
    I wasn't planning on it, but now that you've told me not to, I really have no choice. Except she is a business major lolololol
    My girlfriend's going to UT Austin. She's the most obnoxious annoying little asian you ever met. But she's going into business not that math **** lolololol don't have sex with her
    I'm going to apply to UT Austin, because that is where I went for undergrad. Some people say it's a bad idea, but whatever. As for where in addition I want to apply, I'm meeting a graduate counselor to discuss. I plan on applying to a few schools with good algebraists, and then a couple of decent schools, and finally a fallback or two in case everyone is a hater.
    Any idea where you want to go to grad school? I'm not applying yet but it's definitely on the horizon.

    I've got this sweet algebra book from the 60s...one of those old school math books with no problems or examples (it's pretty ****ing obtuse, actually)
    So I've been wondering; are you a fan of Sweeney Todd, or did you just pic the avatar at random?
    Hey Kal, it been a while , hey I was thinking about to do a Tournament in Austin so all the smasher from all over the country can came by at the tournament( Like DBR Genesis and Pound 4) organize something like that right now I am just looking for followers that could help me make this tournament real I also going to talk with Hylian and see if he can help in the area or Brawl
    Hey - I moved to Austin a few months ago and I would be down for some smash. I'm not a pro level smasher. I would like to play casual matches and get coaching. Message me here or on Facebook. I live in the NE area near Braker.
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