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  • Start E usually. Get Q or W depending on how harassy your lane is. Even spread between Q and W because the buff from W is too good not to have, but useless heals are pretty sad as well.
    Boring METAGAME support style; start with two faerie charms, a potion and a ward. One charm becomes a philo, sell the other one. Then a HoG, boots, and a lot of wards. So many.

    Usually my other real item is an Aegis, and after that I work on a Shurelya's.
    I don't have it I think he talks to PC when he comes down. We're not playing today cause PC got called in to work anyway.
    basically, it's just me and t.webb around poughkeepsie. There are a couple other people there, but i don't know if they are active anymore. Other than that, the closest people i know of are either in Newburgh or Hyde Park which are like 30 minutes or so away from where we are
    we got no peaches out here to practice on lol besides i was running on 3 hours of sleep

    I leave end of August. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to more of the tournies but both my rides are leaving soon, so we'll have to see haha.
    idk how to stop losing to falcons that move like that but i have a idea of what to do. there is always a next time
    I'm level 15 almost 16 atm. my LoL name is Connuh. feel free to add me but lmk who you are when I accept :p
    Hey man! Sorry it took me forever to respond lol. But for the most part, whenever I can't play with anyone else, I always either watch videos or just play by myself. I don't practice anything specific, I just do whatever I feel is fun at the moment. That could be just moving around with a bunch of different characters on different stages, going into training mode and try to string together combos, playing HRC/BTT/1p-mode stuff, pretty much just ANYTHING. I never do any sort of specific training, I just play :)

    My first AZ tournament was in early 2007. I made it out of pools, but I lost the next 2 sets I played lol. I wasn't good enough to be noticed in that tournament by anyone really. Ever since like mid 2008, I was pretty well known in the AZ scene. I didn't get anywhere near the forward/taj/wobbles level until late 2009/2010. My first big appearance outside of AZ was at Genesis in mid 2009, where I somehow ended up beating Jman lol. But I still didn't place all that high, but I still did pretty well. After that tournament is when I really started to become a threat to AZ's best players. I became the best in the state only like 3 months ago or so.

    So... yeah, that's my story :)
    lol...I'll demonstrate on wednesday (if you want to play), can't play tomorrow, got lab.
    sup man, hit euphoria at like 4 am yesterday.

    that side b instant recovery **** charlie was talking about is pretty sick ****.
    I'd be down for either if I can get there. But I haven't played melee since rom.. lol
    You want to come to my house and play friendlies instead? I could go to your house too.
    he's new but he knows how the game works/how to do everything. you'll def teach him but he'll probly pick up stuff and get better quick
    haha kwl, i'll add that one later, what level is it?. And yeah.. i'm a bit annoyed that I couldn't make No Johns. I would have won it haha. oh well, crew mate won, I'm fine with that.

    I also need to queue up with Prog more. His Zilean is maddd good.
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