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  • Cause I remember beating you at Ken's place and then you got really good. I need a goal, so give me a chance to go full circle. I just started playing seriously and a lot of the SB scene is getting into it. Basically I'm just getting you to play again.
    thanks so much connor, that means a lot to me. i hope that you weren't too salty about that set against me. but yeah, if you are really retiring for sure, then good luck with everything including life.

    one more thing: you ****!!!
    hmm ok that does make sense, seeing as you've been around for so long and all. i might feel the same way eventually, especially since the community does seem a bit stagnant now, but for now im all right with it since ive only been in the socal melee community for like a year lol. congrats on your progress though, you're too good connor :).

    ya im aiming higher, but im taking it one step at a time if that makes sense. like first i want to be as good as you, then as good as wes, etc. gotta have realistic goals, i dont want to aim to be as good as mccain right away. now if only the panelists would update the pr....they seem lazy right now...

    it was nice meeting u too, hopefully we'll meet/play again some time!
    That build is extremely trash, fyi =3. Any time you see someone speccing some utility on a carry and advocating meditation over utility mastery, it should throw up a red flag that you shouldn't take what they're saying seriously. I'll just post my thoughts on building Pirate in the LoL thread right now, k?
    lol wow thanks a bunch connor! that means a lot :)

    if u dont mind me asking, why are u quitting smash? im just curious, u can pm me if u want, or u dont need to tell me if u dont want to.

    imma take ur spot on the pr then ;) thats my goal atm haha
    I am eternally confused by you guys.
    lol uh well, I was planning to team with westballz, he said for sure a couple weeks ago (cause we've been teaming for a while now), but now he's sorta backing out and said he doesn't want to commit all of a sudden...

    so yeah, i dont know yet, haha...=/ hopefully wes still decides to team with me, we'd show em!
    hey connor who are you teaming with at genesis? just wondering, cause i heard you found a teammate already.
    Look in the Custom Music Hub for "MGD Sound Team", "Mayhem" and "Renard", that's most of my music right there :lick:
    Hey! I was the guy you were playing teams with at WGF (red shirt)
    I just thought i'd leave you a visitor message. (I suck at Melee cause I barely started playing and I need experience!)

    just to let you know

    you were my rival since i got decent enough to beat people worth mentioning lol

    so whether i play melee again or not im just letting you know you're the business. cuz like we have completely opposite styles, we have billions of secondaries and it's always fun playing you whether it's a 26 character crew battle or 10 $1 MMs

    and yea next time i play you ima **** youlol
    Connor, why didn't you tell all the kids at Bolsa
    that yoiu were ranked?

    and here I thought we all just sucked, lol
    Yo bro; there's a normal Peach bomber and a Smash Peach bomber, and the smash peach bomber is stronger.

    let me enter your tournament

    i wont go sheik at all

    but my secondaries are falco/marth/fox/peach/puff/ganon/pikachu/roy so i dont know who i'd use exactly
    So you are the one that got Zelgadis Specialed....****. Still that was almost a year ago. You could probably take Zelgadis on now actually.
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