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  • Thanks!

    No Calle W and I never played. I watched him in tourney then we talked but he didn't seem too keen on playing he's not as into the game now.

    Ice never played me with Marth much at all in friendlies which was annoying. He's solid though.
    oh absolutely. I've been playing vs twitch's puff(not that bad) and I'm feeling great about Marth's potential in the matchup. more hope is required!
    well this can work vs any puff, but it needs to be mixed better. it's pretty standard and shallow right here. too much staying in one spot and not enough little movement/spacing tricks. notice when m2k moved a bit he got some good exchanges off.

    maybe I'll do it vs hbox. I've played him a few times with marth before with mixed success.
    Sort of, but those Ftilts and Dtilts rarely connected, so you need to work on different things from your aerials than what M2K did.

    This is also as effective as the Puff is aggressive.
    saw the first one, but the rest was OMFG since it was new hahaha

    very tight though, thanks for the share =)
    Lol I wouldn't have even have gone to Genesis knowing how sick I was except Yay bought my ticket(pound 5) and I couldn't waste his money like that(just now getting him paid off <.<).

    No johns is a great phrase but people are whack about how they use it sometimes lmao. It's okay I learned my lesson about playing while sick and if it happens again I'll just forfeit to people I don't think I can beat and see how far I can go....or not enter, ideally. People put 1000% faith in Youtube videos these days XD

    I'm just glad I finally moved past being mad about all of it. I was soooo ticked off for a long time haha. Now I just want to get better to come up and surprise everyone again. Plus I'm enjoying the game for the first time in a long time so right now that's more rewarding than all of the fickle fans haha.
    It's cause I don't ride myself like Mango does, I'm from NC, and Armada has a whole continent and character newness factor behind him. It's just funny people forget even though I post more than all of them. XD

    It's whatever though, all it means is I have to give em more reason to remember. I've learned to let em keep hatin and I'll do my own thing. Playin for respect is a dangerous game you can't win for long lol
    Mmmmm aight, sounds like a plan! Haters are already sleepin on me again, gotta fix that real quick. ;)
    haha hey thanks man, I really appreciate it! Hope I stick around for a while myself haha =p
    Aight....that's really awesome HAHA

    thanks for showing me that....what a cool birthday present XD
    Burning of your double jump unnecessarily, guessing on too many moves rather than trying to bait falco into them or attacking in safe ways that could also be correct guesses on his positioning, too much bad dash attack, specifically(use that move not right away but after a moment or out of a DD so it can catch lasers or spotdodges), uairs when above people, upsmashes on platforms, lots of odd move choices haha....

    against Falco you want to take platforms and WD OOS/powershield/take lasers and move so that you screw with Falco's spacing and counter his approaches well(not literally counter but you could). You're kind of jumping on a platform then running off of it immediately without reading the opponent or baiting him to come to you and otherwise doing a lot of dash attack. slow the match down for yourself and think about why you're doing each move you're doing. that should help a lot.
    do you have swift's #? if not ask him if you can go play with him tomorrow and or something
    eh hugs could get fired up again, I mean he's already quit at least once lol.

    plup is mad good though, but I have never played him and have barely seen him play.

    also my Marth is sex BUT ONLY SOMETIMES

    needs to be all the time =(
    it deleted my other post to you btw LOL but oh well I just said fox ***** and fumi is my secret first pro crush
    Hmmm maybe haha.

    One thing I'll always believe in though is Fox Mccliggins. That guy too good.

    Shame I'll never meet Fumi either btw, as he was the first "pro" I watched tons of videos of haha, even though I never could figure out Yoshi. XD Always had a small soft spot for that character because of it.
    Ahhhh good to know about kdj. I'd play any of his characters I don't think I had a favorite of his.

    Uhhh Captain Jack I guess, Bombsoldier would be super dream world wonderful but he's basically done with Melee cuz no one around him plays(found that out through a childhood friend of his I met at college).
    KDJ has been highest on my list when I actually remember him haha. He's under the radar so much I actually forget about him some LOL. But yes I'd absolutely love to play KDJ next.

    Ken would be insanely beast too but I don't think that's realistic unless alex Strife becomes all powerful for apex haha. I'm not getting greedy now.
    He played mostly spacies which made me sad =(

    But when I played his Marth it felt very fresh and.....thoughtful. It was like playing a very well refined version(or prototype of that version due to rustish things) of an older style of Marth that focused on really abusing Marth's range instead of fishing for that grab. I really enjoyed the mental battle it implied.

    He's no good vs modern falco stuff but most old school isn't. The Marth dittos were more interesting but I still wish they were closer haha. I'm almost positive he's gonna keep playing so we'll see how much closer it gets in the future. =)
    Oh well I was in no state to learn or win that apparently LOOOOL

    I just kinda write off all my Genesis matches as whatever.....makes them 400X easier to watch. XD I already learned some cool ICs stuff just watching the video casually. Some lookin to do for me lol.

    thanks man I really do appreciate it. Finally some ICs stuff.
    It works on Falco but it's gotten harder as Falcos have gotten better. If you start doing it you start absolutely destroying him though. The vs Falco metagame needs to catch up though lol.
    Noooo DEF not as good as m2k lmao but the potential is screaming in my face as I watch haha.

    Also yeah I'll check em out tomorrow hopefully haha.
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