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  • His overall skill level is confusing I understand what he's going for as a player lol.

    Yeah I'll check em out. post em here or pm them to me or something haha
    Ah, well that was nice of you to direct me to it then haha.

    Ice confuses me greatly after watching that haha. I've decided he's too unrefined but I also admit Aldwyn is certainly better than a lot of people seem to give him credit for(rightfully so as he was in BEAST 2 WFs!).
    We played on a setup with a computer and it looked like it said it was recording to me. Either it wasn't for some reason or it's one of Ankoku's videos that no one looked through(unlikely) or the guy that recorded it is super lazy/never going to upload lol.
    If Ice comes, I wanna play him haha.

    Want another Hbox and Armada rematch to end our respective scores, and beat Axe to make up for Pound 4 looooool.

    Friendlies.....probably a lot of the bigger WC names I don't ever get to play like Lucien or Pewpewu or something like that.
    You're telling me haha. Would've been sick. Oh well, maybe next time if I save right and get a few helpful donations haha.
    Same way I prepared last time(wgf). Study hard, train hard, get into it. I haven't been so focused as WGF and Pound 5 GFs in a while, so if I get back to that then I'll not have any regrets no matter what happens.

    Nah I usually don't feel too much pressure until like the day before or something.
    Pretty hyped, as I trained a little today and feel like I could be putting my full potential strategy together before Genesis possibly. =)

    I hope it's recorded too hahaha XD I'd hate to never see it again you know?
    btw...I like how m2k's supposed to be broken in marth dittos, yet switched to sheik the minute he lost one ditto.
    Umm, my puff matchup needs to be reworked some due to my new style, but I know puff the character well enough from Hbox. I played Mango's in teams and WGF like I said and made him switch off LOL.
    I wish I knew what it would look like if Axe played Zhu. That would tell me a lot about Axe's spacie game(I obviously have a lot from the Shiz/Jman matches but I need more Falco lol).
    Was Axe vs Hbox even close? I haven't seen it/heard about it.

    I kinda wanted that rematch myself =p but I wanted Hbox way more lol.
    It felt amazing and WC going OOOOOOO when I did stuff....I dunno all of it coming together felt incredible haha.
    Mango went puff on me in doubles and I whupped it. =p You can watch that for now I guess lol.

    I beat Mango's Falco game 5 of GFs after 3 close games when I was up 2-0 in GFs. Pretty hype lol but he's obviously still better than me so I can't consistently beat his Falco yet(I do better vs his Fox on average but even then it's definitely not **** or anything lol).
    Haha well I'll see what I can do man. I'll just have to do that much better now to prove myself.
    Yeah I'm serious >=o

    Thanks for the advice. When I get home from school tomorrow, I'll write you up some basics on playing Falco and Jiggs =D

    I wanna have more variety with my characters. I'd probably be better off picking up Sheik, but I always liked Marth. Especially after seeing MaNg0 **** in doubles with him (but I'm not gonna use him in doubles).
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