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  • lol, yeah I'm a fan of all of em.. me and kdj have played em all together.. he is very very good.. I heard he's back too, lol at hating brawl.. many people do, we could play in melee sometime though..
    game and watch was anything but broken in this game, melee he was a lot harder to use, but I still liked him, maining G&W has its ups and downs.. I'm perfecting the glide toss as of now.. its a B-tch
    yeah man of course.. I love melee too, thats where I first met KDJ, playing melee with him in my dorms, times have changed but I still love it.. unfortunately my melee disc has seen wayy better days and it wont read on my wii anymore.. sad face
    Ahhh I see. Well then yeah it's a great vision to have. I would really like to see that myself.
    Hahaha you really like thinking about this. I would like to see it happen though. Those two guys are awesome when motivated.
    Well when I get to the level like the rest of those guys where I can read and adapt better, then I will believe it's possible for me lol. Until then, I will watch those crazy people do awesome things.

    I am kinda wondering what Mango and M2K would look like then....it would be a great rivalry I bet.
    Haha I still have a lot of thinking to do, but maybe I'll figure something out that could help me really soon.

    Whenever Mango legitimately loses, I am going to be amazed, especially if I somehow do it haha.
    My guess is Fox since it would have just won him the set vs Armada and he would have been feeling confident in it.

    Sheik dittos might have happened otherwise, but I have a hard time believing M2K would've done that with those circumstances.
    If M2K doesn't flip out when Hbox gets to about 60-75% and go Usmash crazy then yeah I agree lol.
    I'd really like to see what M2K does next time. He's very peculiar with his Marth and Fox shenanigans now.
    I would prefer that Mango did that too haha. I'm sure he'll get forced into it by the time later matches roll around.
    Lmao I don't think I want Falcon winning an international if I can help it though, you know?
    It would be kinda fun to say I beat Mango haha, but I'm definitely not counting him out. He's the best for a reason.
    If I don't get to play Shiz at CEO then I don't know if I'll ever play him lol.

    I definitely will watch Zhu vs Armada more very soon...that's such a helpful match haha.
    Amsah was whupping me in some friendlies, but I think I ended up figuring a lot of that matchup out by the end of them. Zhu vs amsah was educational as well, of course. I'm pretty anxious to play both him and Armada and see how it goes.
    I did. =)

    They were all tough matches though, and it wasn't necessarily by a lot when I won, but it was the majority.
    Those Hbox matches are very helpful for just that haha.

    Other matchups are somewhat slow, but they're getting better.

    I'm getting to play more and more Falco, so I think I'll have my confidence back in him soon enough.

    Ahh yeah I know what you mean man. Keep at it though, it's probably doing more than you think.
    That is a loaded question sir lol.

    On the smash front, I'm slightly frustrated buuuut I get my Twitch practice daily so that's working out well.
    I'm pretty sure ally has beaten M2K on bad Snake stages before.

    Either way, if it's gonna be allowed, then you have to learn to deal with it. You don't just knock the other guy for playing the system right.
    That's seriously disappointing.

    I also don't like how tempermental M2K is, but that's pretty bad of Ally to do for sure.

    Top level players shouldn't be acting that way at all.....
    That's pretty silly. Ally needs to man up about this stuff. I thought better of him.

    I don't think a good parallel can be drawn for Puff and MK like that other than people can't fight them very well, but even then I find that hard to believe since people have been getting off on MKs a good bit and even taking national wins from them.
    That is certainly true. I wish we could have kept better ties with those guys. Maybe Apex can get us back on track.
    That's honestly fantastic. Two separate smashing populations with completely different(at times) conceptions of the "right" way to play teaching each other through example. It's a great way to learn and to improve on both ends, and this really makes me wish I had taken advantage of the fact that those **** europeans were there at pound haha.

    Downside is, we get these discussions of who is the best but there's so little evidence all around and so much national bias. I really like the skills-for-discussion trade off though.
    I don't see it slowing down anytime soon with these new combos and playstyles everyone is showing us. Tournaments and attendance certainly aren't dwindling haha.

    Hahaha well I'll take your word for it then.
    Well, I don't really think I've been around long enough or know enough to answer this question to the fullest extent it could be answered, but I will say that I never looked at the game in terms of those three people. I saw people looking to combo/strategize better during Ken's area, and I saw more gimps and edgeguards and efficiency during M2K's and Mango's era, but really it all just started with M2K. I just think people will learn to be more efficient and precise or whatever their own style involves(I still believe personal style is better than anything done second hand like lots of autocanceled Bairs for Falcos because Mango does it for example), and I personally believe there is plenty of room for everyone(EVEN THE TOP PLAYERS) to improve on that.

    Is there a new direction of focus? I have no idea, but I'd love to see/invent it haha.

    I don't know why, but I don't feel like Armada fills that role of "King of Smash" well. He has a great smash attitude, but maybe that's part of the reason I don't see it lol. If Mango and M2K do back out of Melee though, then I could certainly see Armada dominating for a while until we learn to deal with him(or just get our Falcons to beat him I guess.....half joking, as I'm sure he'll be learning that Falcon matchup).

    As for me, I don't think I can do it. I don't have that natural talent, just the hard work. The people that go above me at this point(aside from a couple squanders I've had) have that talent AND hard work, so I'm outclassed.

    Who knows, I could prove myself wrong and find some new/better way to play and put myself in the upper tier of players, but right now I just take things slow and set lower goals like "beat Shiz and Zhu in tournament" or "rematch Lucky", stuff like that.
    Yeah, Mango's vices are probably gonna hit him hard soon. I'm not looking forward to Apex finals(if Mango even gets there) for that reason.

    I need to play them a looooot more so I can learn the intricacies of the matchup.
    I'm just glad Mango will keep our honor lol.

    M2K gets put under sooo much pressure now I doubt he could just have fun.

    Armada would beat me(I need to learn to fight Peach), and Amsah probably would as well, but I have a decent chance to win there I think.
    Eh, Mango just knows Zhu too well. I don't care about what he does to him.

    I do need to play Shiz and Zhu more often though. I learned a lot playing chops last October and zhu at Pound for a while, but it's not enough.

    I don't think Shiz will watch my matches, but it'd be cool if he did haha. He has his own way of doing things.
    He says Falco ditto is his "pride matchup" so I'd have to **** his Falco pretty hard to get the puff I guess. I'd like to learn from his puff, but mango and I both know I'm not ready for that.

    Based on some heresay, I heard that some Facebook update said that M2K was favoring Brawl more(likely because of his recent win+MLG money+unhappiness in Melee).
    There's an announcement about it hahaha, but basically it's because the new server can't handle the searching we did(hence the frequent, sporadic crashes we had there for a while), so searching was disabled until the problem is fixed.

    Not counting Mango, I can do that.
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